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A Few Basic Questions

I am considering the way of Asatru after recieving guidance from Odin. I was never one to be interested in this folkway (I never felt it ca…

Started by Pixie Fables

27 Aug 6, 2018
Reply by Joshua Peters-Pleasant

Jormungandr, anyone?

Wondering if anyone here follows Jormungandr or has had contact with him. I know there's a few of us out there.

Started by Ikkthu

5 Dec 24, 2017
Reply by Raphael Hadrien Coradin

Any devotees of Fenrir?

Are there any devotees of Fenrir out there? Opinions and thoughts on his worship?In the Eddas, we see his imprisonment, release, and slayin…

Started by Bone White

26 May 31, 2017
Reply by Michael Ashby

Finding my path

Hi everyone. I am new to learning Heathenry. My entire life I've been soul searching. I've studied Kabbala, rosecrucianism, Christianity an…

Started by RavenWise

1 Aug 31, 2016
Reply by Zaria Acacia

Facing Death: A Personal Journey

I recently, for a second time in 2 years, had surgery. It was routine and no complications were expected. Even so, the hospital required "W…

Started by Richard Bey

7 Jan 10, 2013
Reply by Úlfrek McCarty Kromhout

Where do you stand?

just wondering where people feel they are: New to all of this, learning, teaching, etc. As I've said I've been in the community for awhile…

Started by Hildigunna

11 Apr 23, 2012
Reply by Einherjar

Who claims to be the folkish one?

So  who is the folkish one? Is it a brother who comes from Scandinavia? Or Scandinavia and Germany? What about brothers from British Isl…

Started by Radogost

11 Nov 28, 2011

Uncertain about a few things... could use some clarifications and help

Not really sure where to start, so I thought I would kind of jump into it.   Asatru and Odinism seem very interesting and promising, and I…

Started by John Bertrum Ford

10 Nov 1, 2011
Reply by Jeremy Baer

The 'Elements'

So I was reading, I can't remember which book (I usually work on a couple at a time), and it said that in Asatru the 'elements' are: Ice, W…

Started by LivingTemptation

15 May 22, 2011
Reply by Richard Bey

How many of you Asatru, Heathens, or Odinists out there practice martial arts.

A lot of people in my kindred are also into martial arts and I was wondering if this is a common thing.  Part of the Code/Virtues is to kno…

Started by Herauk Ullrsson

15 May 22, 2011
Reply by Wild Boar


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