So I was reading, I can't remember which book (I usually work on a couple at a time), and it said that in Asatru the 'elements' are: Ice, Water, Fire, and Air, and that 'Earth' is looked at as the whole of all of these elements combined. Any ideas?

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Well the Sagas and Eddas are a good place to start. :)
Any suggestions as to where I would start looking in them?

I am BattleWolf - A warrior-Runr. I have been working with the 9 elements put forth in Runelore by Edred Thorsson. It lays out as:

N - Ice - complete contraction, (frozen energy)

E - Formlessness, (expanding space)

S - Fire - Total Expansion, (excited energy)

W - Water - Stillness, (fluid conformity)

Center - All Potential/Manifestation - (Final Elemental Synthesis)

NE - Salt - Absorptive, (electrolytic and drying)

SE - Iron - Primary Synthesis - (dynamically penetrating)

SW - Venom - Latent Dissolution, (corrosiveness)

NW - Yeast - Organic Development, (dynamic growth)


This has just been a starting point. I have been experimenting with it for years and find it much more dynamic and satisfying in place of the most used 4 elements. Try it out and give me your thoughts on it.

Some of the above are my own interpretations. The book can give further background.


Live Hard Die Well!



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