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I could use a bit of help with pronunciations.

I'm familiar with the gods, their halls, the worlds and quite a few other things that can be found in the Prose/Poetic Edda. The issue is t…

Started by Nicholas Vasquez

2 Mar 22, 2011
Reply by Nicholas Vasquez

12 Days of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 21stFirst night of Yule - Mother NightSacred to Frigga, Fraya and the Desir"T…

Started by Vincent Enlund

4 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Vincent Enlund

Feast of the Einherjar

Fogmoon, Blotmonath, Frermanudhr (November) 11thFeast of the EinherjarIn Norse religion, the Einherjar (Old Norse "lone fighters") are spir…

Started by Vincent Enlund

0 Nov 10, 2010


Hail! Are there any other Asatruars who practice magic here and if so what kind of magical workings do you do and why? 

Started by Bryan

2 Sep 20, 2010
Reply by Bryan

nevada prison ministry

Is there a prison ministry in nevada.  My foster son is going back for a stretch.  I am looking for someone to visit him while he is in Las…

Started by granny bkyrdwtch

5 Sep 8, 2010
Reply by granny bkyrdwtch

Something I made in honor of Loki.

Loki God of Tricks Tricky and malicious, wise and cunning Loki God of Tricks is the face of many things He is as cruel as he is kind. A rem…

Started by Tiana Stirewalt

5 Aug 13, 2010
Reply by Viðarr Ulfvaldr Oðinsson

Personal Disclaimer on the monthly Holiday postings

As some you know I post my ideas on many of the Asatru holidays that are a part of many heathen calendars. I always have people complain ab…

Started by Vincent Enlund

2 Jun 26, 2010
Reply by Vincent Enlund

Pagan space

I am guessing by the lack of response, that there is not a lot of Odinist on here.

Started by Viðarr Ulfvaldr Oðinsson

34 Jun 24, 2010
Reply by Rachel

Which Norse Rune(s) Do You Feel A Strong Connection With?

  I've felt a strong connection at one point to Thurisaz because I was in a bad relationship(I didnt know it at the time until after my rea…

Started by Rachel

1 Jun 24, 2010
Reply by Spider Witch

The Book of Blotar

Hail brothers! I’m going to post this in few different groups, ‘cause I really need an answer. Is there any great difference between The…

Started by Radogost

1 Jan 30, 2010
Reply by Uruzz Tyrburr


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