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Years ago Witch balls hung in the windows of many homes. These were glass balls similar to the gazing balls you see today in many gardens.

The purpose of these balls was to repel the evil eye. Here's how you can make your own.
Purchase clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments from a craft store, along with bottles of liquid gold and silver
metallic craft paints. You can also purchase other colors of paint-it's up to you. Next, remove the wire loop at the top of the ornament.

Squeeze small amounts of the paint on to the ornament, in pleasing combinations of colors. Swirl the ornament around, so the paints blend and coat the interior of the ornament. Leave it to dry overnight.
the next day, replace the wire loops at the top of the ornament and charge it with your magical intent. Hang it with a pretty cord in your window or on a holiday tree.
The pattern made by the paints will trap
and hold any negative energy.

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this sounds lovely!
What a lovely idea, my children could make one each also for their rooms. Thank you. xx

here's a similar how to with pics.
Marbelous Ornaments
sounds nice(and easy and cheap whoohoo!)
they turned out beautiful! Adding the ribbon and bow really tops them off. Think I'll try to make a couple tonight, ( gonna try a combination of silver, gold and a pearly white )
Those are gorgeous!

Great crafty project, YAY!

Thank you for posting pictures of the project and the possible outcomes!
Totally cool, tytyty


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