The Yule log brings warmth and light on this Yule Eve, and represents
the birth of a new solar year on the Winter Solstice. Burning the
Yule Log is one of the oldest magical rituals. You can make and burn
this Yule Log with your family and friends.

You will need a beeswax candle, an oak, cedar, or birch log, a
fireplace or woodstove, cedar, holly, and pine branches, and green,
red, and white ribbon. Begin by drawing a magic circle around the
room and fireplace or woodstove, and then call in the elements.
Next, light the candle, dedicating it to the Mother Goddess and
Father God. Tie the cedar, holly, and pine branches around the log
with the green, red, and white ribbon.

As you do this, say: Blessed Yule Log of plenty,
Bring us good luck and good health
And divine prosperity, blessed be!

Now Dip some of the wax from the candle on the log. As you do,
repeat: Blessed Yule Log of plenty,
Bring us good luck and good health
And divine prosperity, blessed be!

Before putting the log into the fire, place your hands over the Yule
log and say this prayer: Dear Goddess and God
On this Eve of Yule, I pray you
Please grant us the gifts
Of good health and good luck
And divine prosperity.
May the divine spirit shine brightly
With each new year and every day
In the Lady and Lord's name, Blessed be!

Enjoy the warmth and light of the Yule fire. Before you go to sleep,
thank the Goddess and God, bid farewell to the elements, and close
the circle.Tomorrow morning, take some of the ashes from your
fireplace or wood stove, and scatter them clockwise around the
outside of your home, including your front and back doors, to bring
you and your family good luck, good health, and prosperity. Offer the
remains of the beeswax candle to the Earth.

(Author Unknown)

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Here's how to actually make a Yule log:

Supplies: metal tea candle cups, a bunch of white tea candles to go into the candle cups, your choice of herbs, preferably ones associated with Yule like evergreens, pine, wintergreen, ivy, myrrh, mistletoe, etc. You will also need some ribbons in your choice of colors, glitter, and a knife. Finally the last thing you will need is a log. Yule logs are usually made of oak, ash, and pine, but you can use any kind of log that you want to.

1. First lay the log on a flat surface. With the knife carve into the surface of the log any number of holes that you want in the log.

2. Insert the metal tea cups into the holes. Make sure that the holders fit into the holes nice and tightly. Make sure its sturdy. Once this is done, place the candles into the cups.

3. Now decorate the log anyway you want. You can tie the ribbons to the log. You can sprinkle the glitter over the top of the log. You can put little Yule charms or trinkets on the log as well. You can also surround the log with fake mistletoe and holly as well. Just go all out and be as creative as you can.

4. On Yule, separate or as part of your Yule celebration, light the candles and then sprinkle the herbs on top of the surface of the log. Make sure not to sprinkle any of the herbs onto the flames of the candles directly! Be careful!

5. Have a fun Yule sabbat!
Thank you for sharing this info, Moon!

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Such awesome links, thank you! The bird feeder recipe/craft is a plan :o)
lol...when I saw this - went straight for the cake idea...lol.

Great link, thank you again, Moon :o)


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