Marina's Groups (30)

  • Ocean Meditation

    77 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2017

    My purpose is to share with you the technique of Ocean Meditation, and in this way enable you to make some deep-seated, transformative changes in…

  • The Primordial Tarot

    223 members Latest Activity: Sep 27, 2018

    This tarot card oracle uses card definitions that not only match the pictures on the cards, but have been honed and perfected over the years to…

  • Pagan Space Chatters

    29 members Latest Activity: Jan 14, 2018 Has that little "ding" of the chat brought you a smile? Does the thought of talking to the "regulars" make your heart beat a little faster? Well…

  • West Virginia Pagans

    135 members Latest Activity: May 16 This group is for pagans in WV, so that they can actually find each other. Since West Viriginia is not very freindly towards pagans.

  • lonely hearty fire circle

    51 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2018 here is a place where broken hearted and lonely people meet share warm fire of with other mend the broken heart and find new one to share your…


    137 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017 This is not for the timid heart . everybody as a shadow self a darker side some enjoy that side and sometime we embrace that side with art poetry…

  • job seeking pagans

    46 members Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2018 time is tuff and there is a lot of us are unemployed this group for support to help job hunting doing resumes or way out stress out of hunting want…

  • the chalice and athame pub

    60 members Latest Activity: Jul 24 here a place where singles and who ever wants to meet and flirt you know the rest ale is fresh and cold the mutton tender and the people good…

  • Badger's virtial magickal forrest

    46 members Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2015 Welcome to depth of forrest Here is a magickal place for of those heart and soul into nature a place where you can express yourself and share nature…

  • Pagan Clergy

    82 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2017 For clergy of any tradition and path to come together and discuss anything: becoming ordained, trading rituals and rites, etc. Open to anyone…

  • Pagan Film Makers

    26 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 Pagan film makers unite! Intended to be a forum for film makers to share ideas, resources, and support one another.

  • Kentuckiana Pagans

    29 members Latest Activity: Jun 24, 2018 This is a group for Pagans in the Louisville, KY - Southern Indiana area to organize get togethers or just to chat.

  • the Greek and Roman Pantheon

    97 members Latest Activity: Apr 12 For anyone who worships under the names of Hera, Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Vesta, Pluto, Jupiter... and isn't afraid to show it! :)

  • Astral and Other Teachings

    274 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2018 for new learners and old teachers .. with a new format welcome all that have the desire to learn or uplift with its own meditation room

  • Hellenic Paganism

    166 members Latest Activity: Apr 12 This is a Group for those who worship the Greek Gods. Recons, Eclectics, Hellenic Wiccans, Soiltaries, members of Hellenion, Neokori and the like,…

  • Pagans with Disabilities

    104 members Latest Activity: Aug 1

  • Powerful Witches and Pagans

    36 members Latest Activity: Nov 21, 2017 Group for powerful Witches, Pagans, etc.

  • Professional Dream Analysis

    431 members Latest Activity: Mar 10, 2018

    Dreams are the most important messages we ever receive. Without exception, dreams are emanations of the most enlightened layer of our lives, and…

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