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  • The Wiccan Forge

    2 members Latest Activity: Feb 4, 2014

    This is about forging or crafting ritual items or gear. 

    More soon.

    Wiccaforge.org was going to be a site for it however I haven't…

  • The Incubus and Succubus spirits

    1 member Latest Activity: Feb 1, 2014

     This group is about the Incubus and Succubus Spirits and how to be in a relationship with them. Their are horror myths about these spirits and…

  • A fellowship of witches

    1 member Latest Activity: Nov 12, 2013

    1. A fellowship of witches , a place of healing , learning and growth. We gather every other week with these…

  • Satan's homies

    1 member Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2013

     This group is for spiritual satanists,luciferians and laveyan satanists to converse about their beliefs,practices and to just conversate for…

  • Sacred Bridges Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

    1 member Latest Activity: Sep 15, 2013

    This group is called the Sacred Bridges chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs) and is a nationally recognized group…

  • Unicorns Grove

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug 25, 2013 for the unicorn lovers of the magic community! and those who work with unicorn energies, totem animals, and meditations.

  • Pagan Masons

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 23, 2013

    A group for Freemasons of the pagan persuasion. 

  • Pagan Warriors

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 31, 2013

    Pagan Warriors is an international network of people dedicated to helping pagans, nature worshipers, and practitioners of magick…

  • Paranormal Research

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2013

    Place for paranormal enthusiasts to come together and discuss haunted locations around the world, your own experiences, legends, and your favorite…

  • European Pagan Religions and Witchcraft

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2013

    Discuss indigenous European deities, beliefs, and magical practices. Also a place for research into European pagan demonology that also welcomes…

  • Desert Witches

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2013

     For witches who live in the desert to talk about desert life,how we use and what we use in our environment for magical work. Witches of other…

  • Tennessee Heathens

    1 member Latest Activity: Jun 25, 2013

    A group for Heathens, Asatruar, Odinists, etc in Tennessee

  • Metal

    1 member Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2013

    For anyone who like any kind of metal to do whatever you want.

  • PWFO

    1 member Latest Activity: May 20, 2013

    PWFO stands for Pagans, Wiccans for Obama. We also are a nonviolence and non judgmental group. We don't encourage hate either on any type of…

  • satan network and vampirerave

    1 member Latest Activity: May 9, 2013

    for my circle of family!!!

  • Croatian asatru

    1 member Latest Activity: May 2, 2013

    This is a group I started for Croatian Asatru beleivers. I hope that you will join the group so that we can compile as much data on the religon we…

  • Queer Space

    1 member Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2013

    Welcome to Queer Space. We are an all male group. We welcome all spiritual paths regardless of background. We meet monthly for meet and greet…

  • Gay Coven

    1 member Latest Activity: Apr 18, 2013

    The male mysteries have been obscured from history.  Many people even think that they do not exist.  However, Wicca is a spiritual path of balance…

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