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Dragonstar Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ. Serving the Pagan community since 2004. Located on the NW corner of Val Vista and Southern. Dragons, Faeries, Candles, Crystals, Incense, Herbs, White Sage, Jewelry, Books, CDs and more! 480-985-1308

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Interesting News Around the Web
Our Scoops from around the web via
I have not scooped news this week so this is a repeat :)
Vatican and Bodleian libraries launch online archive of ancient religious texts  Click Here
Canal, pit houses from up to 4,000 years ago found under planned Marana outlet mall site. Click Here
3,300-Year-Old Tomb with Pyramid Entrance Discovered in Egypt  Click Here
Oldest Footprints in Europe Discovered on Coast! Date back between 800,000 to 1 million years ago! Click Here

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May 13, 2014
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Top Content And Great Topics TO CHECK OUT!

Patron Gods and Goddess: Who is your patron God/Goddess? How did they speak to you and choose you? Or did you choose them?
Our progeny and beliefs - The ongoing struggle and joy for parents like us: A great discussion about our children and our spirituality and giving our children the choices of their beliefs.
Name a Strange Fact about yourself This discussion is both interesting and amusing. Well worth checking out!
A Language of Power or a Means to Express Power? Do you feel that language has a part to play in the way you practice your religion or craft? Chime in and discuss your thoughts.
Land Spirits Do you have knowledge of "Land Spirits"? If so, chime in. If not, check out this discussion for some great information.
Do you believe an Item can be Haunted? Share your insight and experiences on this topic!
Gardens our outdoor Rooms: How do you value your garden-is it an extention of you and yours, somewhere to grow food, or a place of beauty with flowers? This discussion is fantastic and informative as well!
Superstorms and Freak Weather Systems Cosmic associated consequences and fingerpointing on "groups" to blame galore among some religious types with mass media capable of exploiting costly aftermaths.
Sweden's Atlantis? If you find discoveries and archaeology fascinating you may want to check out this topic posted by Jason about an 11,000 year old settlement that's been found in the Baltic Sea

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PaganSpace Sponsored Announcements

Coph Nia 2014

Registration for Coph Nia: A Mystical Gathering for Gay and Bi Men ends June 30, 2014! Coph Nia is a 5 day outdoor Pagan festival for gay, bi, queer and questioning men. Coph Nia is being held at 4 Quarters in Artemas, PA and features exciting workshops, moving rituals, fun social events, talented performers and nightly drumming and dancing around a bonfire. Featured guests include Steve Kenson, Co-founder Temple of Witchcraft; Mel Mystery, host of the Male Mysteries podcast; and Gaffer, That Harp Guy. Don't miss it! For more information, visit

Dragonstar Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ. Serving the Pagan community since 2004. Located on the NW corner of Val Vista and Southern. Dragons, Faeries, Candles, Crystals, Incense, Herbs, White Sage, Jewelry, Books, CDs and more! 480-985-1308


The Magical Works of Margaret Hefferman Part of my life’s vision is to create books and art that inspire others. Please be sure to check out my books for Children and Preteens: Bedtime Treasures, The Mysterious Door, and The Crystal Grove. And my large collection of beautiful, inspired Animal Totem art.





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PaganSpace Announcements
Chat Issues: I know arguments arise from time-to-time but it is not acceptable when it turns into harassing behavior. If you cannot police your own behavior like an adult in chat then tick the green button, log off and cool off because I will not allow abusive behavior to go on in there any more than I will allow it on the other areas of the site. So, think before you type because I do not want to remove people simply because they cannot keep a cool head in a chat room. If you do not like someone then USE THE IGNORE feature, it's there for a reason.
Another issue that I need to address is PM'ing people (women and men) to basically hit on them. I'm not saying that if you like someone you can't talk to them but I am saying that if your only motivation on this site is to constantly PM all the people you find attractive and make unwarranted advances on them you will be gone. Last week, I removed a member from the site based on this type of activity and other issues.If this is taking place then please contact me via my Message Box and send me all the details, including screen captures,
Profile Image Issues:
If you're having an issue uploading a profile image there's a notice in the top center on your profile page, it reads: If you are having an issue changing your profile pic then use the Firefox Browser. It appears the latest IE (Internet Explorer) update is causing issues with profile picture uploads.

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