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Vatican and Bodleian libraries launch online archive of ancient religious texts  Click Here
Canal, pit houses from up to 4,000 years ago found under planned Marana outlet mall site. Click Here
3,300-Year-Old Tomb with Pyramid Entrance Discovered in Egypt  Click Here
Oldest Footprints in Europe Discovered on Coast! Date back between 800,000 to 1 million years ago! Click Here

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April 22, 2014
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Top Content And Great Topics TO CHECK OUT!

Your Tarot Name: Nephele is at it again with another fun topic! She's been continuing to hold onto one of the top spots for quite a while with her cool forum topics. Get over there and get your Tarot Name Anagram! She's really good at it!
Do Nice Guys Finish Last? This topic seems to be pretty hot this week! Chime in and give Paul your thoughts!
Left Hand Path Do you have some insight on the Left Hand Path, if so we have a member with some questions. Check out this topic and add your feedback!
Day to Day Witchcraft: The Art of Being & Doing  Celticlass has another hot topic on the forums and wants your input. What is your path and way of being a witch?
Any Clairvoyants Out there? Are you a Clairvoyant? If so, join the discussion about your abilities and how you came to know you had gifts!
Do you believe an Item can be Haunted? Share your insight and experiences on this topic!
Sweden's Atlantis? If you find discoveries and archaeology fascinating you may want to check out this topic posted by Jason about an 11,000 year old settlement that's been found in the Baltic Sea

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Last Month's Winner was Alaska Rayne! She sent me this awesome note when she received her Spirit Board and Goodies (I always throw in goodies!)

Got my handmade Spirit Board and a few more goodies from Oracle NC today. YAY!!! OMGs, Pictures do it no justice. Everything is so much more beautiful in person. I can not even come close to explaining how good the room spray smells. (one bottle is not nearly enough) Thank you so much Starr, you are simply AWESOME

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Dragonstar Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ. Serving the Pagan community since 2004. Located on the NW corner of Val Vista and Southern. Dragons, Faeries, Candles, Crystals, Incense, Herbs, White Sage, Jewelry, Books, CDs and more! 480-985-1308


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About PaganSpace
When I started PaganSpace over 6 years ago, I received heat from some for wanting to create a place where "all beliefs" could come together. Personally, I think creating division is a large part of the problem facing all beliefs and division is a powerful tool to keep people at odds.

How can people of differing beliefs begin to understand each other if we're all stuck in our own corners never interacting, sharing or learning about each other? You can only learn so much while looking in from the outside or drawing conclusions based on hearsay.

I believed then as I do now, that interaction of all beliefs is a step in the right direction. Will everyone always get along? No, definitely not but the many who do can possibly help others understand that beliefs are about following your own path, whatever that may be; and if it changes the perceptions of just one person, it's all worth it.

In truth, we're all just people on different journeys looking for what fulfills us inwardly, some have Gods, some Goddesses and some no face at all. I have dear friends of all beliefs and I can say with confidence that their religion or beliefs doesn't make them any different than anyone else.

I may be an eternal optimist but I'd rather be hopeful and work towards something I feel is positive, rather than give up and become a pessimist.

Much Love & Big Hugs! Starr Price
Thank you so much for being a part of PaganSpace!


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