PaganSpace Newsletter 7/16/14

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More Interesting News
From Around the Web
Civilization of Tiny People Uncovered in America

AUSTIN, TEXAS—Timothy Pugh of Queens College in New York announced at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology that his team had unearthed a 700-year-old council house, constructed with two colonnaded halls that stood side by side, at the Chaken Itza Maya site of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ in Guatemala.
Buyers are snapping up Haunted Properties

Traditionally buyers tend to avoid purchasing houses in which someone has died or in which there has been a history of strange occurrences, yet real estate agents have recently seen a surge of interest in the buying of such properties due to their potentially haunted nature.

Neanderthal Trait Found in Early Human Skull in China

Recent micro-CT scans of a 100,000-year-old human skull unearthed in Northern China in the 1970s have revealed the interior configuration of a temporal bone thought only to occur in Neanderthals.

World's Most Haunted Forests

Scheming demons, lovelorn ghosts, and energy vortexes make these forests seriously spooky.

July 16, 2014
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What kind of Temple/Altar do you have? This is a great topic, people are sharing information and pictures. Join the discussion here.

Enchanted Milk Bath: Skye has some really great how to blogs, check this one out for a great Milk Bath Recipe! Chack out Skye's Blog!
Activating Statues? This topic has revived and it's an interesting topic. Join the convo!
What's your Summerisle Name? There's something odd about the residents of Summerisle (in The Wicker Man)...  No, it's not what you're thinking.   It's their names.  :)

Join another fun and popular topic by Nephele (Our local anagram specialist!) What is your Smmerisle name? Hit the topic to find out!
Nightmare involving a member's children: Are you able to interpret dreams? If so, or if you may have some insight on this occurrence please chime in and lend some assistance.
The Hebrew Goddess in Judaism Asherah (Part 1) 
This topic has recently been revived from 2008 and it's a really interesting subject so be sure to check it out here.

Do you have insight on Papa Legba? If so check out this topic and lend your knowledge.
Interesting News From Around the Web
The Skeletons of Jebel Sahaba
LONDON, ENGLAND—New technology has detected dozens of additional wounds on skeletons excavated from a 13,000-year-old cemetery on the east bank of the Nile River in northern Sudan. Click here to read the story
Archaeologists Investigate a Massive Ancient Mycenaean Citadel A team of archaeologists is surveying and excavating the remains of a major ancient Mycenaean citadel—an archaeological site featuring ruins that are turning out to be much more extensive than what meets the naked eye.
Read all about it here

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PaganSpace Announcements
You guys have been so fantastic the past few months that I don't really have anything to gripe about but I'll touch on a few topics anyway...LOL
All beliefs are welcome on the site: I know some have recently aired their issues with me for allowing Christians on the site but let me just say this, ALL beliefs are welcome and that is not going to change; it's the purpose of the site; bringing people of all beliefs together, instead of dividing people into their own corners. And there has never been a time that a Christian has hindered anyone from carrying on a Pagan Topic.
Chat Issues: I know arguments arise from time-to-time but it is not acceptable when it turns into harassing behavior. If you cannot police your own behavior like an adult in chat then tick the green button, log off and cool off because I will not allow abusive behavior to go on in there any more than I will allow it on the other areas of the site. So, think before you type because I do not want to remove people simply because they cannot keep a cool head in a chat room. If you do not like someone then USE THE IGNORE feature, it's there for a reason.
Profile Image Issues:
If you're having an issue uploading a profile image there's a notice in the top center on your profile page, it reads: If you are having an issue changing your profile pic then use the Firefox Browser. It appears the latest IE (Internet Explorer) update is causing issues with profile picture uploads.

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