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About Me:
I'm Danny (I go by Aeden online, though, for undisclosed reasons). I am a gay Pagan. I'm not religious by any means, but I am extremely spiritual, and I try to incorporate my spiritual beliefs into every aspect of my life. I am often very random, switching from talking about something serious to something funny in the blink of an eye. Unlike most of the guys in this world, I'm not afraid to feel my emotions. I know that they are more healing to feel than to bottle up. The only way to grow emotionally is to feel your emotions. Only then can you rise above and learn the lessons Fate has in store for you. I like change. If there was no change, there would be no butterflies. I love life, even though I know it has to end one day. I love to make people smile. Even when I'm in a bad mood, I can sober myself up enough to make even the most lonely people feel loved. I don't like judgmental people. They have nothing to say to me that I haven't already let go in one ear and out the other. I don't believe that anyone should follow the footsteps of another. There's enough diversity to go around. I think we should all go out there and make the world a place worth living in instead of sitting on our lazy asses and allowing it to collect dust. I believe the Earth is our Mother, and should be respected as such. Without Her, there would be no life. I think love is the greatest gift that can be given. I don't mean love as in the gushy, lovey-dovey feeling that you have toward the person you want to spend your life (or in a lot of cases, the night) with, but instead the unconditional love that you feel toward your best friends and your family. Everyone should feel that love from everyone else, even if you dislike them. I think hatred is an absolutely stupid principle that should be purged from our vocabulary like chocolate birthday cake from a bulimic cheerleader's throat. It has no place in this world and cannot coexist with love. I wish the world could accept its people for who they are, without people having to put on a mask to please others. Everyone is individual, and everyone is beautiful, even if others say they are not. Let it show. I think beauty is so much more than skin deep. Some of the most beautiful people have some of the least desirable physical features, and vise versa. I don't think marriage should be reserved only for heterosexual couples. Marriage is a declaration of love, and love can be felt by anyone toward anyone else, regardless of gender (or species, for that matter, although that's not personally my thing). I think the world would be a much better place if life weren't so commercialized. Magazines, television shows, and movies broadcast that "this is how you should look and this is how you should act." Where do they get off telling you who to be? Be yourself, and don't let anyone tell you any different. I don't care if people don't like me. I am me, and if you don't like that, boo-friggin'-hoo. Get over it.
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Favorite Books
There are few books I don't like, but among my several favorites, here are the top five fictional books:
#1: "The Night World Series" by L. J. Smith
#2: "The Twilight Saga" by Stephanie Meyer
#3: "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer
#4: "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan
#5: "Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkein

Non-Fictional Top 5:
#1: "A Wiccan Bible" by A. J. Drew
#2: "Goth Craft" by Raven Digitalis
#3: "Shadow Magick Compendium" by Raven Digitalis
#4: "One Witch's Way" by Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson
#5: "The Unfinished Universe" by Louise B. Young
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch
Other Beliefs/Practices
I'm a witch, but I'm not the kind that randomly casts spells every other day. In fact, I haven't cast a spell in almost a year. I rely more on prayer and my own natural, informal magick that works just as well as the formal stuff (for me, at least). In my opinion, formal spells are a sort of final option, when all my other efforts don't pan out. I base my spiritual practices on a strange mixture of the knowledge of modern science (namely quantum theory) and the celebratory rites of the ancient Greeks, although I do tend to stray from the pantheon quite a bit. I have dedicated this year (2010) to the study of the Greek Apollo for reasons that might be obvious (if not, read up on both of us, and you'll get it). My spiritual beliefs, on the other hand, are based on my own personal experience, and don't really follow any of the structured religions or traditions. I am currently enduring a vow of celibacy scheduled to end on July first of 2010.
I'm a freelance author who has still never finished a single book, even though I've started writing about seventeen of them. Hehe. That's my favorite thing to do: write. I'm currently working on a series of books about vampires, witches, and shapeshifters (in the fictional sense), in which the "special" people's abilities are based in scientific discovery rather than simply explained as "magic." I don't know how it'll work out in the end, but it's the first book I've ever had a complete plotline for, so I'll probably finish it. Other than writing, I love to read. Anything. Everything. You could say I'm a huge bookworm, and you wouldn't be wrong at all. Also, I'm a bit of an X-Men nerd. I love X-Men. Other comics can kiss my butt, but X-Men rules.
CS3 Joshua Kory Walker, Missa Ewing, Monika Bitner, Raven Digitalis, and the honorable men and women of the US Military
How did you find PaganSpace?
Google. I was looking for male faerie pics and stumbled across it.

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SAVE THE WORLD!!! (and/or die)

Posted on January 16, 2010 at 6:23am 0 Comments

Okay, I know you've read thousands of blog posts on the new movie "Avatar," but I don't care. The movie was AWESOME!!! Not only was it visually GORGEOUS, it was an amazing love story, AND it had some major Pagan undertones. In my opinion, it was not some science fiction story about some strange undiscovered planet. No, I think it was a metaphor for the way that we, as humans, are currently treating our own planet. I won't go any further than that, for those of you that haven't seen it, because… Continue


Posted on January 11, 2010 at 7:25am 0 Comments

Hey, blog buddies. I AM FEELING REALLY HYPER TODAY!!! I had WAY too much coffee this morning, and it's awesome. Hehe. Okay, so today's topic of discussion is motivation. Yes, I know this is similar to yesterday's topic, but it's not the same. Being inspired to do something is the first step, but without the motivation to do it, it's just a dream that you aren't making come true.

The dictionary definition of motivate is this: "to provide with, or affect as, a motive; incite";… Continue


Posted on January 10, 2010 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Hi, guys. And girls. Mostly girls. Hehe. It's Aeden. You may have noticed the name change. Xandhoniox has been my pseudonym since fifth grade, and it's gotten rather old. (My real name is Danny, in case you're wondering.) Thus, I have changed it to fit more with my current personality. Aeden is my own variation of the name Aiden, which means "little fire." Not only does it describe my personality, it also sounds great, doesn't it? But enough about that. On to the actual blog.

I have… Continue


Posted on January 6, 2010 at 6:30am 0 Comments

Today, I had a revelation. I don't have much alone time. That's really no secret. I work twelve hours a day, and I go to school full time. The little time I do have to myself is usually spent in bed asleep. But my life is fulfilling. The beauty isn't just that alone time. It's every breath I take. It's the moments between the breaths. It's the smiles on the faces of the stressed out moms renting a jacuzzi room for the night. It's the little girl who can't quit laughing as her dad falls on his… Continue

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At 8:47pm on April 25, 2012, Ianna gave Aeden Alexander a gift
Hey Aeden! You don't know me but wanted to wish you a happy birthday anyway! Blessings, Ianna:)
At 11:25pm on January 14, 2010, Myrddin Mac Art said…
Merry Meet and Blessed Be!
I post this here to welcome thee.

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At 2:21pm on January 11, 2010, Jordan Allen Muerte said…
Okay, love...

#1 WHY would you give up something as holy as sex for any amount of time? That is just sacrilegious and not at all queer ;-D

#2 WHY would you spend new years with a persuasive mother?! Not a smart move, you're correct...LOL
At 1:38pm on January 11, 2010, Jordan Allen Muerte said…
Wow only 4 years ago? LOL

I was done with high school like 2 years ago ;)

My weekend was very good. I was a naughty boy, as usual, and it felt so freaking right!!! ^_^ Right now I'm a nerd and playing wow, hehehehe
At 12:18pm on January 11, 2010, Jordan Allen Muerte said…
Thank you! I think :) Sorry, I haven't been called 'cool' since high school. But I'll take it.

How was your weekend, Aeden?
At 9:24pm on January 8, 2010, Dhoni, the binary star elemental said…

At 2:08pm on January 3, 2010, Jordan Allen Muerte said…
Hi there gorgeous :)
At 10:55pm on May 22, 2009, Beldame said…
At 9:16pm on April 25, 2009, Indiigo said…
At 7:08pm on April 25, 2009, Lleied Arth said…


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