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Iam a: BTICH!!!! A dreamer, strong, bit of a show off, occasional dizziness’, avenge full, gentle, kind, spiritual, generous, sociable, romantic, sensitive, creative, down to earth,alluring, critical, cold, particle, positive, destructive,quick and response to situations, loving, strong, passion,cruel, forgetful, mysterious, wise, strong will, rebellious,open minded, faithful, psycho, strange, fun, funny, depressed, happy, cat like, curious, brave, determined, Stubborn, believe that everyone has a right, a shoulder to cry on, flexible, Selfless, polite, never stay the same way for very long, always adapting feelings to the situations, responsible,
great intuition, values of harmony, always trying to make the right choice, sometimes a perfectionists, love to help,strong sense of justice, points out the wrongs or cruelties of others' actions, sometimes organization and keeping track of things, Knows how to console others, generous, egoistic,Take high pride of oneself, Brave, love music, easily distracted, outgoing personality, takes risks, likes talking and singing, loves to be loved, Hates not being trusted, but don’t trust easily, can be easy to get along with and talk to, childish, play full.
I prefer to keep to myself. I’m secretive and don't open up and usually keep thoughts in my head. I’m excellent at keeping secrets, though not big on talking or performing.
My strength lies inward,as shy thinker who would rather contemplate before rushing out. I look before I leap unless I won’t to for knowledge, love to learn and find out new things whenever I can. This makes me very versatile when out of my shell, which is a tough task.Some people like me are also good at balancing their activities and often end up with success in their lives.
Sometimes I can be lazy and would rather sit around than get out in the world and do something, though not slackers by definition because I have active mind. I can be sarcastic or unkind, even selfish, but these times are rare as I do not like expressing my feelings towards others without a good cause. I have trouble understanding some people and often feel a bit left out, though more often than not I don't care. I try not to get in anyone's way, and that's fine by me.
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I LOVE just about all books out there
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Pagan, Witch, Other Spirituality
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At 2:34pm on October 14, 2010, Zohara gave Cynthia Dollar a gift
At 10:01pm on May 18, 2009, DEVI RAVEN SAGE said…

At 1:38pm on May 14, 2009, Moon Goddess said…
I love the friends thing you sent me, I am currently going to be offline for probably a long time, and I am on the Library computer as I speak, but when I get back, I will send you something nice I promise.!!

~Moon Goddess~
At 3:03am on May 12, 2009, DEVI RAVEN SAGE said…

At 11:43pm on April 27, 2009, Sheenstar said…
At 12:00am on April 10, 2009, Sheenstar said…
hahaha, I get your meaning. I am an avid reader, I love to read, and I love to get that feeling that you are being sucked into a novel. I'm glad that the twilight stories did that for you, they just defiently did NOT do that for me. I would thouroughly recommend checking out the works of other vampire authors I mentioned though...if you want to be sucked into different worlds while awaiting the return of Bella and Edward, I'm sure you won't be disapointed.

For starters:
*The "Night World" and "Vampire Diaries" series' from L.J. Smith
*The "Den of Shadows" and "Keisha Ra'" series' from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

May stars shine within you,
At 4:32am on April 9, 2009, DEVI RAVEN SAGE said…

At 12:10am on April 9, 2009, Sheenstar said…
In regards to my hatred of the Twilight novels: For one you have not made me angry in the slightest, I in fact LOVE to have this conversation with people, but sometimes I can get carried away, so I will try my best to be "short and sweet" about it. First off, I have read ALL of the novels, and even seen the movie, so I'm not just one of those crazies who hate it on principle. I kept reading the books (even though I hated them) because I hoped that something better was going to happen.... but then nothing actually did. Meyer's is a TERRIBLE writer, her modest Morman upbringing pigeon-holded her idealologies to the point that her views on core vampire themes (i.e. love, sex, death, danger, rage, bloodlust) are extremely adolescent and under developed. Some people say that Meyers brings a fresh look to vampire lore, but in reality she is actually just ripping off ideas from better vampire authors (i.e. Anne Rice, L. J Smith, Laurell K Hamilton, and Amelia Atwater- Rhodes) who have had their works published for alot longer. The only "fresh" idea she incorperates is the fact that vampires in her world "sparkle" in the sun... which honestly is ridiculous, and again extremely adolescent (which probably explains why her target fanbase is of teen age) There is so much more I could say... and don't even get me started on the "waste of 2 hours of my life" that was the film..... but I will end here, with respect for your own opinions on the series, and appretiation for your asking my opinion on the subject! :D

May stars shine within you,
At 8:10pm on April 5, 2009, DEVI RAVEN SAGE said…

At 9:16pm on April 4, 2009, Spiders Charm said…

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