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The cold hand of death is but a warm touch to my soul

I am Azrael. The Angel of Death. I do not possess many of the traits of my resplendent 'brothers.' I am not beautiful in the way that Michael is, nor do I have a crown of light. My wings are not as light as air, nor are they translucent like Raphael's. I am the darkest angel. I eclipse all that is light. My eyes are a deep black sea sparked occasionally with amethyst, yet very few can look me straight on. In my gaze there is a terrible power. I've reflected images stored in even the most casual glance that could blind the mightiest angel with madness! I've no common face or form like the others. My cloak is as black as the night sky before the stars were cast out into it. The outline of my form merges with giant, raven wings that when unfurled, make the other angels swoon. I am the 'tallest' of my familiars, and as strong as Michael without any weapon. I make no proclamations for melancholy is my stead, and I speak in my silence only through psychic gestures issued from mind to mind, and soul to soul. When my wings are fully spread, all light is extinguished exept for the pale, blue corona that is my very life and serves to frame my form against the shadows. I am the eclipse of all life. This natural symbol is the most accurate expression of my station. If you can understand this phenomena of nature, you will better understand me. I am the most feared of all the Ancients, yet not the most fearsome! My symbolic 'heart' is cold and still...yet it burns with a passion beyond human imagination. I am the proverbial 'harvester' of souls, gathering my crop throughout the universe and resowing the seeds of each faded bloom onto other soils. I am the Autumn of creation, and the twilight of time. I straddle two seperate shores in the performance of my purpose. Making certain that each spirit reaches the right shore, and that those who are lost between worlds find their way to being reunited with their homelands

Don’t you just hate it when everything starts to go wrong? One thing after another, your little world falls apart. Like a flood wall over time. Little cracks here and there. No problem I can fix that you say. It’s just a little crack. I’ll get to it later when I have time. The water slams into your pretty wall over and over taking all the shine and glamour off. Now it is starting to look like a dirty old wall. The cracks grow in numbers and grow in size as you decide to try and fix it. Over here and over there cracks start forming faster then you can fix them. You star to panic, thinking oh god what if it breaks and floods everything and what will I do? How much time do I have until it gives out? You start making for your escape as you look out the window and water starts shooting from the flood wall and everyone is panicking and running for there lives. You start to loose it thinking “I will be ok. I will just ride this out and still survive unlike everyone else who ran”. The water is now bursting through the cracks and over the top of the wall. You see people pilling up just to get out like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Then you get the greatest idea to get this horrible mess you got your self in. You go to get explosives and plant them all over your stupid little wall. You just start laughing away as you step aside blowing the wall. The water is rushing though your little world drowning everything and slamming in to the people trying to escape. Look at the little rats running like cowards. Die you stupid rats die. Wash this place clean. As you start spitting up water from your lungs you feel the pain of death. Oh god I'm drowning but how I’m not in the water. But you are, you just let the wall of life be destroyed allowing the flood to droned you in your on evil. The dirty rats where your thoughts and memories. Now they are all gone and soon you will be to. The sky starts to go black as you choke and gag for air. Collapsing to the ground and getting cold. All you can see is one person still left down the hill as he makes his way towards you. No it can’t be, not him, anyone but him. The black cloaked figure reaches your feet wraps his cold dead hand around your leg. He laughs at you as he calls for you to go with him to your eternal doom. “Your soul is doomed to relive this day until I see fit. That is my judgment upon you for those who end there live will relive there death” He starts dragging your body to where your wall once stood. Your body racked with pain and torment of death. You want to scream from the pain but the figure won’t let you. He slowly disappears as you reach your wall noticing you have a little cracks here and there…………………..

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Well I can be very morbid and evil, yet silly and nice all at the same time. Life is always kinda funny, you always want it to throw you a bone but if you dont watch your ass you will choke on it like a dog.
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At 9:26pm on September 11, 2011, Linda said…
Happy Birthday!  Wishing you blessings of love, light and laughter.
At 8:57am on September 11, 2011, Terry said…
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Blessings, Wellness and Great Big Hugs to you,
Have a Wonderfully Safe Awesome
"Ooooooo La-la" Weekend.
At 7:22am on December 30, 2009, Celticwitch said…

I hope New Years is great for you and the 31st is a wonderful night as the blue moon lights a new year in and Magick fills the air. Blessed be Celticwitch



At 8:14am on December 21, 2009, Celticwitch said…
Yule Comments & Graphics

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Yule Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~
Merry Yule, may our Goddess's blessing be with you and yours this season. Blessed be Celticwitch
At 10:20pm on September 11, 2009, Erica Ryann Frye said…

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos' />


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