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Sagittarius / Metal Rooster
About Me:
My name is Ravenari, I'm also moonvoice @ Livejournal. I run the website www.wildspeak.com which has a forum on shamanism, and have been practicing shamanism myself for over 10 years.

While I am currently taking a break from my work in soul retrieval and depossession, I still occasionally do psychopomping and regularly draw totems, deities and spiritual artwork as part of my service to the gods.

I used to be very active in the online pagan community, administrating and moderating several pagan and shamanic forums; but these days I admin my own forum, and moderate a couple of livejournal groups, and that's about it.

You can find my Art Portfolio here.

Outside of my spirituality, I live in Western Australia, with my animal companions and a partner. I am currently waiting on a few things to fall into place so I can go back to university and gain a PhD in media analysis. I enjoy bushwalking, wildflower identification, studying animals and animal behaviour, and working in animal rehab (both wild and domestic; though I'm currently focused on rescue domestic animals).
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I have a history of 2.5 years in an Alexandrian Wiccan Coven in Western Australia, and loosely practiced witchcraft/hedgecraft for a while.

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Ravenari's Blog

A Wounded Shaman(ist)

Posted on June 15, 2010 at 8:07pm 1 Comment

In neo-shamanism, it has been bandied out - mistakenly - that a

shamanist must experience illness, sickness or even death in order to be

a shamanist or shaman. This has been bred out of the fact that in some

(but not all) Indigenous cultures, a shaman could occasionally be

hall-marked by the shaman's sickness, which could be mental or physical

in origin; or the shaman's death. The idea being that should a shaman

walk so close to the lands of the dead (or… Continue

Soul Healing and the Shaman

Posted on June 13, 2010 at 8:50pm 0 Comments

Another one I wrote a while back (for the Axis Mundi e-zine actually), but it's short (for me), and I liked it. Also seems relevant, as Brearley Arn started a discussion on the main forum about the relevance of titles, and I touch on that (at least as it specifically pertains to shamanism) here.


One of the primary jobs of many contemporary shamans, is to encompass all aspects of soul healing. In these practices it is commonly

held that the soul is transient entity.… Continue

About the Vilturj Pantheon/Gods

Posted on June 11, 2010 at 7:42pm 0 Comments

My goodness, it's hard to believe; really hard to believe I wrote this four years ago. I found myself reading over it again recently, and decided to post this here. These sorts of things never lose their relevance:

The gods of Vilturj are diverse. They exist in the physical world and the three otherworlds. They are planets, weather phenomena, animals and

states of mind. Some are distinctly male or female, while others blur

the… Continue

When Practicality and a Moon God Collide.

Posted on June 10, 2010 at 8:47pm 3 Comments

I have been working with, for, (insert religiously appropriate saying

there) D'miezak'r for some time now. In Vilturj, our moon is male, and

the sun is female (Karijiana). D'miezak'r is the narwhal, and Karijiana

is the white beluga. I actually work with both, though I swing more

commonly to D'miezak'r.

Once one starts doing serious work with D'miezak'r, it becomes forbidden, in Vilturj, to do any sort of ritual

or healing work on the days of the full moon.… Continue

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At 9:35am on June 22, 2010, Smilingsun said…
Hi Ravenari, Just popping in to wish you a fun filled day! hope your weekend went well. Mines better noe that the kids are out of school, LOL. So many things to ponder here on this site, it'll be a great adventure1 have a good one!BB~
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~Magickal Graphics~
At 3:45pm on June 13, 2010, Amber Strickland gave Ravenari a gift
At 8:07pm on June 12, 2010, CrystalRain said…
Ye I hope so too..if you hear anything let me know. I'm usually around here or you can tell Wings and he'll get to me ..we talk all the time outside of here..
At 7:25pm on June 12, 2010, CrystalRain said…
Oh my that's not good :( Is there any other way or anyone else who knows him that we can try to reach. I just want to be sure he is ok you know.
At 3:33pm on June 12, 2010, CrystalRain said…
Is there a way to get in touch with Torey outside of there? I'd really like to talk to him.
At 11:46pm on June 11, 2010, CrystalRain said…
Haha yep so what have you been up to besides joining an Alexandrian group?

You know that place was a hole and the truth hurt...they banned me countless times for being honest..mind you I still get in every time since they have no real way to get rid of anyone LOL Just because I can ;)
All they ever wanted was money anyway.

Did Tori ever finish his Tarot card set he was doing?
At 9:29pm on June 11, 2010, CrystalRain said…
Welcome stranger I'm curious if you remember me :)
At 8:27am on June 11, 2010, Laureth said…
Welcome to PS. :) I just wanted to say your artwork is amazing and truely inspiring. Im not sure if I've ever seen anything like it, but its very moving. Anyway welcome again, great to have you as an addition to our little community.
At 10:42pm on June 10, 2010, Smilingsun gave Ravenari a gift
Thank you for your friendship!
At 8:37pm on June 10, 2010, pagani gave Ravenari a gift
thank you for joining rainy day pagans,ravenari.

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