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Profile Information

Relationship Status:
45 & not 45
Astrological Sign
Leo and Pisces
About Me:
We make art, write stuff and pretty much prefer to keep to ourselves. Our path has taken us both through quite a few twists and turns over the last couple of decades, including various traditions, teachings and forms of Wicca, most of which we've found superficial or unfulfilling. Any 'tradition' that makes a 24-year-old an 'elder' is a joke IMHO. These days we pursue our own path. At heart we're both independent agents of our unique personal Vision and Gnosis.
Favorite Books
Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires by Aaron Leitch (Tremendously well-done book that we highly recommend to anyone at all interested in the grimoiric traditions), The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck/Petter/Rand, Reiki Fire by Petter, Earthlight by R. J. Stewart (Incredible stuff, very accessible), Magical Ritual Methods & Inner Traditions of Magic by William Gray, Taking Up the Runes by Diana Paxson, The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron, Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak, The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon, Sane Occultism by Dion Fortune, My Life With the Spirits by Lon Milo Duquette, Butler's s little books on magick, the old Anna Riva booklets and our newest acquisition: The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton Kent...simply amazing stuff.
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Other Spirituality, Heathen
Other Beliefs/Practices
We've been studying, reading and playing with Tarot for nearly thirty years and we're both working on our own Tarot deck.

Our mutual interest in shamanism is more a matter of attempting to understand life experiences and not any sort of claim to the name which feels just plain stupid. We're not comfortable with people who go around claiming to be something like a shaman, especially those who are ripping off a culture or a people to which they do not belong nor have any right/claim to. As far as anyone being a functioning shaman, either they're actually doing the work of one and are so recognized via the fruits of their efforts, or they're making noise in order to sell something. Usually. And No, we don't take credit cards. At least not personally. We do accept donations of cash most happily.

We have both referred to ourselves as 'pagan,' but living in the city kind of blows that all to kingdom come. My wife and I consider ourselves Transitional Rustics. But even if and when we move out of the city, the term 'pagan' just seems a tad bit too frayed and worn around the edges. We're still looking for a more comfortable term.
We have a garden plot and my whole family loves to cook. You can't really do magick if you can't cook, as far as we're both concerned. We read a lot. We both like to walk in the woods away from all the noise and obnoxious monkeys and stinky cars...
All the magicians too busy actually doing magick to write books or give lectures. All the witches who practised their traditions instead of talking all about things they knew nothing about. Shamen who made a positive difference in the world and served their communities without anyone necessarily being any the wiser. Teachers who spark those oh so precious Aha! moments in people by their simplest honest actions more than any flowery words. Writers who write, artists who make art, and healers who are not F-ed up a**holes seeking to leech off of victims--I mean clients.
How did you find PaganSpace?
Oh sh*t; is that where we are?

You are the Hanged Man

Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound.

With the Hanged man there is often a sense of fatalism, waiting for something to happen. Or a fear of loss from a situation, rather than gain.

The Hanged Man is perhaps the most fascinating card in the deck. It reflects the story of Odin who offered himself as a sacrifice in order to gain knowledge. Hanging from the world tree, wounded by a spear, given no bread or mead, he hung for nine days. On the last day, he saw on the ground runes that had fallen from the tree, understood their meaning, and, coming down, scooped them up for his own. All knowledge is to be found in these runes.

The Hanged Man, in similar fashion, is a card about suspension, not life or death. It signifies selflessness, sacrifice and prophecy. You make yourself vulnerable and in doing so, gain illumination. You see the world differently, with almost mystical insights.

What Tarot Card are You?
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Something Difficult, Demanding and Done

Posted on November 19, 2009 at 4:05pm 0 Comments

After lingering and languishing for years, Sorrow's Son is now available as a free full-color, 10-page fairly large PDF via It is a work of experience and initiation unique unto itself. Make of it what you will.
Be Well.

Something Difficult, Demanding and Done

Posted on November 19, 2009 at 4:05pm 0 Comments

After lingering and languishing for years, Sorrow's Son is now available as a free full-color, 10-page fairly large PDF via It is a work of experience and initiation unique unto itself. Make of it what you will.
Be Well.

Samhain 2009

Posted on October 31, 2009 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Darkness obscures the desolation I feel and restless winds won't let me sleep. I feel Samhain coming in with a crashing sense of inevitability that drives all before it like so many falling leaves in the cold autumnal rain. The trees are blackened by the rain as they stand gaunt and skeletal before the sunrise bruising the Eastern sky. There is a scent of sweet decay in the air, a strange yet all too familiar October smell that combines the… Continue

Charge of the Crone

Posted on October 28, 2009 at 11:30pm 2 Comments

The Charge of the Crone

By Jim Garrison

Originally published in Llewellyn’s 1998 Magical Almanac

(This particular invocation seems to keep cropping up all over the internet...sometimes wrongfully attributed to the wrong author, or not attributed at all. I offer it here, once more, in order to set the record straight. By all means please do feel free to use this invocation, if you'd like to do so--we'd be honored.… Continue

Crossroads Rite at WitchVox

Posted on October 28, 2009 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

Our revised Crossroads Rite (version 11) is now available at Witchvox.

You can find one of our depictions of the goetic spirit BUNE on page 555 of The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema VII:10 now available via Hadean Press.

You can also find some of our artwork used in the Samhain issue of… Continue

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At 10:58am on May 9, 2009, JAGODA said…

At 1:52pm on May 5, 2009, WhiteOak said…
I am at shopit too. I just seen you are there also!!
At 11:29am on May 5, 2009, WhiteOak said…
Thank you for your comment. That would be great to link at zazzle, are you also at Squidoo?? If you are let me know I have several groups in there that may be of interest. If not let me know and I will send you a link to Squidoo.
At 11:55am on May 4, 2009, Studio Raziel said…
I have always been impressed with Freya Aswynn's no-bullshit intensity, integrity and pragmatism. Now that you've invoked her name here I will have to go check out her videos and probably re-read her book ... once I finish the one I'm right in the middle of currently. Thanks for reminding me of some good memories.
Be Well.
At 8:15am on May 4, 2009, tineke been said…
yes freya has also some good videos on utube you might wanna see.she does a rune reading.she used to be a witch,and had about the same background as i have really difficult life.and she saw that all the gods and godesses were from the east so she decided to call uppon the gods that were local and germanic.i also respect her and love to watch her videos.she is dutch like i am and she lives in scotland right now as i heard.blessed be.
At 12:17am on May 4, 2009, tineke been said…
hi you know freya aswynn? she is into runes as well and the tarot well i do that too.i have several decks.i hope you have a nice time on pagan space.cerridwen
At 4:28am on May 2, 2009, Louhi said…
Hello my friend! Have a nice weekend and lots of pancakes!
At 10:42am on May 1, 2009, Strega Nona said…

Thank you for adding me as a friend! It's very nice to 'meet' you...
I hope you enjoy your time here on PaganSpace. It is a great place!
At 12:19am on May 1, 2009, Willow said…

Stopping by to welcome you and wish you darkest blessings, Willow

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