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55 yrs old
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About Me:
Hi :)

I am a practicing Sorceress, Necromancer and Crone, following the Path of the Old Magic.
Born with the "gifts" and none of them learnt from this life.
Am also an Anthropologist (cultural), I knit (scarves), sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch and crochet.
I consider myself a book worm, for a book is always in my hands when not doing my beloved crafts.
Am a mom of 2 adult children, a boy and a girl, and a grandmother of 2 little boys :)
Love to travel and shopping :)
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Favorite Books
Magic, Spells, Fiction (by Contemporary Women Authors and some men authors as well), Anthropology, Cultures, Thriller Mysteries, Crime Mysteries (especially, British Mysteries), Drama.
Beliefs / Practices
Shaman, Christian, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
Beside being born Sorceress, I am also a born Necromancer, Spell Weaver and Spell Caster.

Medium and Healer.

I know I was "different" since the age of 9 yrs old.

About 25 yrs ago, during a deep meditation, I was surprised to be given the Path of Celtic Witchcraft and Druidic Witchcraft, and was "told" that my Goddess Guardian was the Celtic Goddess Druantia, also known as the Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann.
I was, and am, Her daughter.
Goddess Druantia is not as well known as the other Goddesses in the various Pantheons of magic, but in a nutshell, She is the Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann and also of passion, sex and a warrior Goddess.
I have been Blessed by her and am a daughter to Her.

About 23 yrs ago, a Native Canadian Shaman, of the Mowak Nation from Ontario, Canada, sent me a message through a friend of mine, telling me that it was time for me to embrace the Wolf that walked with me and that it was time also to embrace my Path as a Shaman and use Animal Totem Medicine to help people.
And so I did.
I walk with Wolf Medicine and have used my Shaman Path to help others, when is necessary, and called for, with Animal Medicine.
And I Shapeshift into Wolf when the necessity for such thing occurs.

I am known as Sorceress/Necromancer Wolf Eyes, for my magic is through my eyes.

About 18 yrs ago, in another deep meditation, I encountered my Dragon Guide and was told by Her that I had to embrace the Path of Dragon Magic for I was Dragon Mistress which came with me from other past lives.
Ever since that time, and after sheer shock, I accepted and embraced such task very seriously ... and have met 2 other Sorceresses that were also called to be Dragon Mistresses and we form a trio which defies any other connection with other Sorceresses and Witches we have.

I read Tarot, practice Angel Magic, Faery Magic, Natural Magic, Incantations, Dragon Magic, Totem Magic, Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, Herbal Magic, Gypsy Magic and Moon Magic.

I feel better and more in my element when near the Ocean or in a Forest.

Being a Necromancer, I have connected and communicate with the Dead, often helping to bring forth the soul of a departed that is lost and needs to "come home", or if he/she has been murdered and needs guidance to "come home".
I also communicate with the dead (raise their energy) in order to seek answers to family members that need to know things or need closure of some form or another.

Since I was little, after the age of 9 yrs old, I simply knew what to do and what to say to speak with the dead.
Is as if the "magical formulary/incantations" are stepped inside of me and came with me from other past lives.

With Necromancy it includes Blood Magic.
But I NEVER EVER once used any animal blood and I abhor people who use animal blood, unless is a steak from the supermarket or a chicken from the supermarket.

If needed be, and is called for, guided by my "guides" I will use some drops of my own blood to reinforce a spell or to Weave some spell of my creation.

And finally, I need to share that I am an Animal lover and defender, and I am always, pro-actively, defending them by being a member of various organizations.

I have 3 four legged babies, a Wolf Dog that is my best friend, companion and my baby through and through (and I am the only Wolf Mommy he ever met), have a Chihuahua (that thinks he is the Rotweiller of the neigbourhood, LoL :) and have a girl cat that is too spoiled for words ... and she is such a character, daughter of Goddess Bast for sure ;)
Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery, Cross-Stitch, Crochet, and of course, reading.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; Mother Teresa; Nelson Mandela; Rumi; Gibran Khalil Gibran; Doreen Valiente; Clarice Lispector; Louise Hay; Buddha; The Bronte Sisters; Jane Austen; Lord Byron; Louis de Camoes; and so many more.... :)
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At 2:12pm on December 30, 2016, shadowdance said…

Just a fast note to say hello to you. I have been missing for a bit and I am really sorry about that. Life just got in the way for awhile in my emotions and just about everything else. It is good to be back.

Love and light,


At 9:38pm on April 7, 2014, shadowdance said…

Boy you sure will have quite the journey when you go back home.  I am so glad that your children are already there. Oh I hope that you will make it there for the birth of your grand child. Aren't they just wonderful?  When I held my son Joey's boy for the first time I cried. I could see Joey all over again.  He lives in Montana with his mom and I haven't seen him in over 3 years. I miss him so much.  Yea, Renee was blue the other night and posted on Face book how much she misses her dad and how much it hurts not to have him walk her down the aisle. I just cried reading it.  Both my parents are passed too. it is so hard.. When my mom passed she waited for me to get to her house first. I told her it was ok to go and that I loved her. She couldn't talk but a tear went down her cheek. I can still see that tear and it has been fourteen years on the 12th. My dad and my ex died the same summer. My dad in June, My cat Misty who was 14 in july, and my ex in August. what a summer that was.. Phew...that was 2006. And I had to actually pull Renee away from her dads body. That was the hardest part was my childrens pain.  but I know he is better off they all are.

I hope that you have a wonderful day.. LOL I can see you at Mcdonalds now... Big Mac, lots of fries.. a soft drink and just enjoying it again.

love and blessings to you,



At 5:29pm on April 6, 2014, shadowdance said…

I can imagine you will be so happy to get back to Canada.. How long of a journey is it from where you are?  The hard part too about Renees wedding is that her dad passed away in 2006 and she is so upset that he will not be able to walk her down the aisle.  So her brother Joey is going to. Joey also bought her a necklace that she can put her dads ashes in and she is going to where that, on her wedding day. It is very bitter sweet. Renee don't like to show her emotions so when she does it really upsets me. But I know it will be a great day.. Does your daughter live by you? Will she be in Canada also? I hope so.

I can hardly wait to start writing you!! will be so much fun.

Love and blessings your way,



At 2:58pm on April 5, 2014, shadowdance said…

Sure sounds like you are really busy hon. I will be so glad when you get back to Canada and we can write thru the mail. That will be so much fun. Gosh I remember when my friends and I at 10 would send pens to each other thru the mail and it was allowed for only 5 cents postage. Now it has to be able to go thru the machines or they charge more. Crazy isn't it?  It is so pretty today. The sun is shining and it is a little windy out today. Went wedding dress shopping yesterday with my oldest daughter Renee she looks so beautiful in the dress she has chosen. It was so hard not to cry when I seen her. Argh.. here come the tears again.. LOL.

Well have a wonderful day hon.

Love and light to you always,



At 10:35pm on April 3, 2014, shadowdance said…

Good to hear from you. I too am from a generation where we wrote letters thru the postal service.  And I really enjoyed that. Especially the little things that you would receive in the letters and be able to send and surprise the person. I am looking forward to corresponding with you.

In love and light always,



At 12:29pm on April 3, 2014, shadowdance said…

Good morning!! and welcome to the pen sisters group!!! I am so excited that you joined. Please make yourself at home and join in the daily discussion we have going and if you wish add your address to the discussion group and even look up some pen sisters to write.

May the Goddess bless you,



At 10:24am on April 2, 2014, Rebecca Jane Roche said…

welcome :-)

At 1:04pm on April 1, 2014, Ajani1love said…


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