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Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Astrological Sign
About Me:
Philosopher,Model,Musician,Writter,Poet,Artist..My goal in life is to spread messages from the Masters of philosophy & the Creator from the other realm of existance to Society to help prevent the distruction of the Universe and save Humanity from their own demise..Giving it my best shot anyway..Im a bit of a comedian,no thats an understatement,Let me tell you a portion of myself then,In all honesty,despite the image,and what people may think of my picture's here,my life is a empty can,I may have a philosophy degree but my head is filled with only the sound of my own voice,insane ramblings of a made for TV character,for which I have foolishly traded all.A hollow bargain which netted me many of my most abundant treasures,amoung these are:loneliness,manic despiration(not depression) and of course my wonderful collection of emotional & phychological issues,which include such gems as an obsessive compulsive disorder being a constant thirst for blood & gore & Heavy Metal music,manic aggressiveness(pissed off with Religion)uncontrollable,unfounded emotional attacks(I feel not only my own,but others pains,as I am a empathic Raven person,a messenger,a healer of mankind)which are a beautiful site to behold,as they contain extreme fits of sobbing,screaming & curseing obsenities at GOD,circle walking and phrase repetition,inflictions of flagillation & cutting,makeing me,for lack of a better term,"far beyond driven"(No Pantera pun intended)which causes me to work incessently,climb,crawl,jump,run and do inhuman amounts of physical work and tasks for as many as 5 days continuosly no sleep,(Insomnia) unable to stop,day after day,over and over to the point of exhaustion.A disorder ADD Im told,who fucken knows, described as one compelled to 'go & go' and never stop,because stopping means death!or worse,like realizing unfathonable loss's and self despisition,fear of the most horrific fate of all,becoming aware of ones sin,sorrow and the selfishness purveyed unto everyone and everything to ever have had the misfortune of crossing paths with that monster which hides its uglyness inpure and unequitable lost soul such as mine,.....the worst and most horrific part -the only known cure is....TO BURN IN HELL!!! OR MAYBE THIS WORLD IS ANOTHER PLANETS HELL!! anyway enough bragging & ramblings over how fantastic my life is,are you thinking,OMG hes insane...Oooooh I hope so,be afraid,be very afraid,Nah Im a softy on the inside,just this carcass has a Darkside....~Vlada~aka Rayvhenwing...
Favorite Books
Matt Laurence - 'Like a Splinter in your mind,The philosophy'
William Irwin - 'The Matrix & Philosophy'
David Eddings - ' The Redemption of Athalas'
Beliefs / Practices
Spiritual but not Religious, Shaman, Other Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
Raven Person,Indigo Child,Lightworker,Starseed..
Musician guitarist/singer,lyricist,writting,entertaining,attending Heavy Metal Music gigs & concerts,Cyber Goth Industrial Dance,Martial arts,Offroad Rallying,Motor sports,Outdoor persuits,extreme sports,Photography,Art,Nature watcher..
Kurt Cobain,Johnny Depp,Patrick Swayze,John Cleace,Billy Connolly,All Philosophers..Heaps more..
How did you find PaganSpace?
Personally invited via a existing member,Rayvhen Syn..

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