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I have to apologize; even though I'm almost positive that no one has missed me on here yet, I have to admit that I forgot about this account for a little bit. But all is well, and I thank you all for such a warm welcoming. I hope to be on here much more often, speaking to my kin of soul. But guess what all? I will be attending Sacramento State University in the fall, and will be in a place of my own, along with my dear love Sam. <3 We have been planning this for a while, and have been… Continue

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FAN FICTION--any one else enjoy this?

Hey all, so I am looking to connect/talk to people who also enjoy writing fan fiction. Or even just reading it. Please message me if you'd like to talk, because it is a passion of mine and its hard to find people who also love the style.


Blessings love and light!


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As I write this, my heart is saddened.  My dear friend from high school died unexpectedly on Friday evening.  I could count on her no matter what I got into.  She was a cousin to my second husband.  Even after we divorced, she accepted my Facebook friendship and planned to visit with me in real life.  She kept so many of my secrets.  She was very open minded.  She taught me how to enjoy life.   Like the night she came to invite me to spend the night with her, only to find she brought her…


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Wrecking Our Society

A bit rainy here, Mother have pity on those in Minot and China, Thank You!

I'm trying to understand the logic of people throughout the world. They claim to have grave concerns about the future of their children but act in a self centered manner. For example:…


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Trip to Kings Island.

We went to Kings Island  it was alot of Fun I rode a few Roller s coasters and  we played in the water park.

I think the Water park was okay.   I did love that one ride Toilet bowl ride it was alot of fun.

The weahter was a bit cold.. I really wanted ot go on that ride though...   It was worth the climb I  screamed the whole way down. 

Dan and Tomas just chilled out at the beach there.


 We caught the train back and we went  back to the Park and we ate our…


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Until Love Is =

  Sharing a post from a Facebook that I am supporting, it is called Boycott Holland Until Love Is =. 



Please join or share and help us?

Raison d'être…


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i am in need of a chant to invoke Hecate..does anyone have any please..:)

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3rd Update - The New Breed: The Unemployed

Good afternoon everyone.  It has been a bright hot sunny days lately, but enjoying it. 


To all the one's that have prayed for us, my husband has a job. Hurray.  He likes the new job, just the way he is getting paid.  Hopefully, he will be hired on instead of…


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Moving Forward

Well friends, looks like the gods have intervened on behalf of my family.  I've been praying for a long time now for a better situation for us.  At first I thought those prayers had been answered in the form of a job my husband was offered and took a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this job keeps him away from home all week (He drives an 18 wheeler) and we've been lucky…


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Perspectives from the velutinous lagomorph

So here's the deal from where we stand, we the softer sided ones.


We keep it light, fun, effervescent!


If you've an affinity for darkness and feel that garnering a special place in that realm for yourself is important then by all means; enjoy it with full and Florentian blessings from the fluffy side of the Kingdom of the hare. 


Walking locked step with totalitarian or fundamentalist rigidity of what is acceptable to a nation of pagans who have…


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Lost Touch With the Goddess

I fear i have lost touch with my spiritual side lately... :( I hate to use "christian" terms, but i feel like a backslider... Goddess where have you gone? I no longer feel u with me and I feel alone and scared :( Please come back to me soon. ---Love, Abby

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The Metal Zodiac


Aquarius is so awesome.

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The "fluffy bunny"

It's not a term I use often but it is a term I have been called recently and I've seen a few people use it. I've been trying to figure out why we would have this term. For the more New Age people I'd just say "white lighters" and though some of them have funny beliefs, they seem to be ok people. Like I said some of their beliefs I disagree with and I will not cater to their Romantic fantasies, but they're usually pretty harmless.


I don't respect the people who don't think for…


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whats this about

Hi.. I have this huge gut feeling that my family (partner and children) have a close affinity with particular animals.. Ok.. My whole life, I have been drawn some what to the brown bear.. Im not American.. or Alaskan.. or Russian for that matter and I have only ever seen one real one (caged:-(!!!).. but have always identified with this animal.. the way it lives and protects, attacks and moves. Now, Im not a big fat bloke.. so one would say.. how do you identify with a large bear??.. but its…


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The Purple Castle: A Dream of the Otherworld

 I flew. Where I flew, I did not know. Who was I, anyway? Something on the edge of my mind prodded at me. Memories. I could almost remember something, but what, I did not know. A life, maybe. Yes, it felt like a life full of memories waiting to be punctured, waiting for the sensations, the sights, smells, feelings, to rush back into my mind.…


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James Arthur Ray and the Coffee Shop

Back in 2009 I noticed a young woman in a coffee shop. She had a laptop and seemed very distraught. When I spoke to her she told me about the story she was working on. She told me the things she had written and then told me the things she had left out. Should she settle on the article she has on the screen and press the "send" button? She was a wreck. Finally she hit send.


The following morning I read about James Arthur Ray in the AP article.


Over the last few…


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Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

it has been 2 years ago today that we lost one of the most talented and beloved singers of all time, Michael Jackson. Michael was known for having a voice of an angel, and known for making people feel better about themselves, especially when you are feeling down and neglected, and known for touching and inspiring people's lives all over the world.


a man worthy of being loved, respected and honored, and to this day, is still loved and missed. Rest in peace michael Jackson. You…


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You know those silly personality tests...

Well, I was procrastinating so I took a few of these little tests. If interested, all the links should be included....



How Old Is Your Soul?
Your Result: Old…

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Tarot Ethics - The Caustic Side of the Internet

When we speak well of others, we speak well of ourselves.



Professional Ethics…


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