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Joyous Solstice

season of change 

Kind wind, scent of Spring 

travels still extending 

Tingle of choice 

bound up in change 

Colors mingle, edge into 

mauves and teals, wisps of shade 

and Sun, moody, descending 

Eyes alert beneath flirtatious 


puppy-beg for Summer, 

whining to get out to…


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Summer solstice 2012: Longest day of year - how does daylight compare around the world?

If you’ve enjoyed these bright, sun-filled evenings for an outdoor barbecue or a neighborhood stroll, the summer solstice tonight marks the culmination of our long-lasting daylight.

At 7:09 p.m. (EDT) today, the sun will shine directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer while the North Pole reaches its maximum tilt towards the sun. For the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the…


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A Blessed Solstice to those who celebrate.

A Blessed Solstice to those who celebrate.


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Happy/Merry Litha!

A happy, safe and blessed Summer Solstice to you all...I don't know about you, but I think a reading of the Shakespeare classic should become part of this sabbat's traditions if it's not already…


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Heathenry and Feeling Lost

I've been looking into heathenry and Asatru, and Nordic gods//goddesses, and really all I've come upon is more of the same lost, lonely feeling. I can't seem to get myself moving in any direction; I keep stagnating, even on the brink of discovery, and find myself failing to get moving. I tell myself I need a teacher to keep moving, but that shouldn't be an excuse. How many pagans have taught themselves their own way? How many are forced to and persevere? But with religious freedom and the…


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For the Solstice

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"Congratulations Mr. Ritalin, you've won 10 million dollars from Publishers House Clearance!"

"Congratulations?", I say aloud into the ether as I pause and ponder the dramatic change in life style that could be unfolding before me.

My thoughts stream off in a thousand splinters, several directions establish priority and over power the noise storm in my mind.

I'm able to focus.

First off - it's Publishers Clearance House, not Publishers House Clearance. That can not be good.

Next I drag up the questions. They always show up at your door, don't they? Prize…


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Founding of the Asatru Alliance

June (Midsummer) 19th

Founding of the Asatru Alliance

On this date 2238 R.E. seven Kindreds of the former Asatru Free Assembly joined together by ratifying a set of By Laws to preserve and continue to promote the cause of the AFA and Asatru in Vinland. On this day reflect on just what YOU can do to preserve our Folk Ways.

On this day we in the Asatru Alliance honor the unselfish personal sacrifice and unswerving dedication to our Folk exemplified by the founders of…


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I left, I'm back

I left and I'm back.  I lost myself recently, we were moving things around, and I didn't realize how important having my altar set up in a good place was to me.  Now I can sit in front of it and read and chill, and meditate, it's a good place to be and it makes me smile.  I haven't been smiling very much lately,

I have depression, and anxiety, and bipolar... so those are fun to deal with.  It hurts.  It really hurts.  I try to find things to make it go away for a few minutes and it…


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pagan bilble qoutes

I know it will seem odd to people it even does to me, but I felt called in my heart as a christo pagan to begin a bible study at home and I actually have come across quotes that make me feel encouraged  int this point in my life and I would like to share them.

 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.…


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Gardening fun from the garden Fairy

We got the Garden done for the most part! Just neeed a few more raised beds.  It's really shaping up! Hubby even got invovled   ( will miracles seise)  Chopped and dried some of the first  herbs and  harvested soem of  Lettuce :) First harvest is awesome :) Yummmy! 

I and Dan kept seeing  1111  and other numbers it was funny.  


The  Squirrel came  up on the porch and gave me  a  come on Lady you feed the the Cat  ! Were's my  cracker lady  LOL! I was like what, am I…


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Monsters from the Id and the kind kind of weirdness

By Royal Hopper


What do you say when you are sitting 100 feet from the front doors of a prominent Las Vegas casino and someone walks up to you and asks in all seriousness…Do you have front doors ??????

“Yes,” I said pointing toward the fifteen or so shiny glass and brass doors 200 feet across about fifty or so feet away from where I was sitting.



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Interpreting Dreams and Dream Symbols

It was Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and contemporary of Edgar Cayce's, who found convincing evidence for a deep level to the unconscious mind. This profound depth, Jung felt, came from a genuine spiritual reality that hadn't been acknowledged by Freud. Jung called this level the "collective unconscious." Here all minds could communicate through the use of universal symbols—images which seem to have a common meaning among people all over the world. For example, a symbol such as a lion or a…


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Love Spells and Influencing Other Peoples’ Will .... A blog From The A Witchy Life

Love spells are one of those things that are popular, greatly discussed yet secretive, and one of the most misunderstood and stereotypical topics.  In general, I think most people don’t like to talk about love magick (especially in America, where most of us are prudes and sex is a dirty topic) but want to find information about it nonetheless.

Does this mean I’m going to give you love spells?  Hells no.  And while I might share some ideas for love magick later on, I will not be giving…


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The garden, is that what it's all about?

I dig so many holes on my property it's occurred to me that it might be my hobby.

I dig trenches for drainage in spring. I dig out blocked culverts before winter. I dig out massive snow drifts down a hundred yards of lane once the snow flies. I dig new garden beds and I dig to plant trees in the orchard.

The orchard is proof positive that I have more faith in this place than it does in me. I question myself with the doubt of living long enough to ever pick my first…


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The Sultana Disaster most terrible steamboat disaster in history.

The most terrible steamboat disaster in history was probably the loss of the Sultana in 1865. Some 1,700 returning Union Veterans died... yet the

tragedy got very few headlines. Late in April of 1865, the Mississippi

stood at flood stage. Four years of war had ruined many levees and

dikes, and in the lower reaches of the river the foaming water was over

the banks for miles. But in the towns and cities of the lower valley the

high water was…

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Roswell UFO museum

"Anyone want to help out as an extra?" The old lady hollared. I ignored her and concentrated on taking photos of the displays. "Oh c'mon hon, at least you're dressed perfectly for a sci fi festival!"

Jeebus, really?

So...Jason and I got roped into a film shoot...

Some guy who was in season 3 of Breaking Bad as a cop was there helping a local film crew shoot a short film in the UFO museum for…


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Palmistry and Lucid dreaming.

I used to study palmistry years ago and forgot most of it. I promised myself I'd get back into it this summer, though.

I'm also looking fr a good book on lucid dreaming. Ive had lucid dreams in the past so I think I'd be good at it.

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Offering a couple of free readings for horse lovers...

Photo: As most of you know I love horses, and have been a student of natural horsemanship for many years. Perhaps because I know so many horse people, and they know more horse people, and a lot of my clients find me by word of mouth - I seem to do a lot of readings for people who love their horses. This is an area I would like to explore more fully. Since relationships with animals hasn't been the main focus of my reading work so far, I freely admit that I'm testing the waters of what is possible with this.That's why I am offering some FREE READINGS! These will be oracle readings, not horsemanship advice, but since the joys and challenges and language of horsemanship are things I understand, I have a good chance of understanding where you're coming from and of conveying the reading in a useful form. At least I hope so! In order to find out how well this is going to work, I'm offering a free reading to a few people via this page. Areas of focus that I think would be well served by one of my readings would be the relationship between you and a specific horse, questions about the place of horses in your life or career, and concerns about your confidence or motivation. I don't think that it is appropriate for me to read on specific training or behaviour issues, or on mystery ailments/lameness. There will be no charge for these readings, but you must be willing to give me feedback within a few days of the reading, discuss with me what you think you will do differently as a result, and then give me feedback again, within a mutually agreed time frame, on whether it was useful. Please use the MESSAGE button on this page to contact me if you're interested. - Kris
As most of you know I love horses, and have been a student of natural horsemanship…

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hello to all

hope everyone is doing well and hope every one had a great weekend and i super great upcoming week

Added by Nina on June 17, 2012 at 12:43pm — 1 Comment

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