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Due to on going harassment and the general attitude of certain other Pagan groups it seems to me that Wiccans are not safe on Pagan Space. We are constantly bashed and lies are told about what we believe. Insinuations are made with out the perpetrators knowing anything about the belief. Very little is done to protect the Wiccans from persecution here on PS.

Maybe you think we're an easy target because of the " An Harm None" aspect of our beliefs. I'm here to tell you right here and… Continue

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Lunar Madness

I have come to the conclusion that yesterdays happenings were directly related to the fact that the moon is almost full. I’m back at my favorite study spot today, and so far I’ve been accosted with a request to look up whether Heinz Hall is hiring or not (by a little lady with multiple scarves and two knit caps), had the gentleman at the next table loudly discourse on the fact that the phrase “whatever works for you” doesn’t work for him, and finally, a man who came in, stood in front of the… Continue

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Healthcare Workers Chart the Darndest Things

The following statements are said to have been written by various health care professionals, and found on patient’s charts during a recent review of medical records.

“The baby was delivered, the cord clamped and cut, and handed to the pediatrician, who breathed and cried immediately.”

“The skin was moist and dry.”

“The patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.”

“I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical… Continue

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The Penny Trail

So, here I am once again at the 61c cafe, studying. Typically, nothing very interesting happens here. Customers come and go with their coffee and their textbooks and laptops in a steady stream of humanity. But tonight I saw something so intriguing that I had to stop and blog!

I had just gone out to stretch my legs and give my poor soggy brain some air when a man walked past with an enormous black garbage bag that jingled with each stride he took. And from a small hole somewhere in… Continue

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i love vintage earrings

When many trends become fresh and old, vintage earrings own true staying power. garnet and turquoise earrings

Gracing the runways for the fall shows, vintage earrings are a great way to dress up everything from A-line cocktail dresses to casual chic T-shirts.

Vintage jewelry is always more expensive when compared to contemporary items. This is because of their age.

Weight is something that will let you understand the real…


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It's snowing!!

A beautiful soft and fluffy snow!

...only 1.5 hours to go until my birthday. There is always snow on my birthday.

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Holiday Musings

Witchy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Everyone is talking about Black Friday. So many are going to get up early, brave the weather, brave the crowds, and brave the interest rates in order to save a few bucks (sometimes a lot of bucks) on gifts for the holiday season. Some poor soul got trampled to death last year. Imagine going to work the day after Thanksgiving knowing it would be a… Continue

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Quick Note: Alucard's Glove in Theban?

Ok, I'm a huge Hellsing fan (the anime/manga, main character is Alucard). And I was watching a trailer just now for an OVA I've not seen yet, and I just realized something. There's a close up shot of his glove. The glove has a pentacle in a circle, no surprise there. It has some english written in the circle itself. What I didn't notice until just now is that the writing outside of this isn't just some artsy gobbledygook, but it's Theban!

I translated part of it. Of course, a problem… Continue

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Walking the Red Road November 25

Walking the Red Road November 25

You said you would enlarge the fire... add more fuel to make it brighter.


A Native to Know

Canassatego was chief of the Onondaga Nation, one of the tribes unified as the Five Nations. The Native Confederacy was greatly admired by many of America's Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, and it was Canassatego who advised the colonistds to unite on a Haudenosaunee model… Continue

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Pagan Lore for Today, November 25

Windmill Blessing Day. In days of old, many millers in Holland would bless their windmills on or around this date each year by throwing a handful or two of flour into the wind as an offering to appease the mischievous invisible entities known as the Windmill Spirits.

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~crone wisdom~

A finger points at the moon,

but the moon is not at the tip of the finger.

Words point at the truth,

but the truth is not in words.

To seek illumination through words is to get

lost in the web of words and not see the truth.…


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MCNN - live streaming video powered by Livestream-AIM WEST

MCNN - live streaming video powered by Livestream-AIM WEST Conference-​​SF-​​CA

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Day of offerings to Sekhmet

9th day of Tybi 5109 (24th November 2009)

Day of offerings to Sekhmet

As the gates of temple house opened the procession of Pharaoh Barry & his court made their way along the rout to the Mother temples great gates. The rout was lined with followers of the temple of Sekhmet who had travelled from the Federationtion temple around the world to share this great day with each other here at the heart of the Federation in the presence of the Goddess & her representatives here on… Continue

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The virtuous Mind Games.

Introduction, Motivation and Epilogue all in one:

I am always surprised when I notice that folks are actually reading my blog. Often it is inspired by things that happen not within Pagan Space, on rare occasion they do, such as this one. You see a thread and it shines like the sun. Yay, Insight! The promise of knowledge on a silver plate, and all I have to do is to get it on and sacrifice my input. A Sphinx must be approached with nothing but veracity. Now a Sphinx remains a… Continue

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a poem: Escape from Within

Here is one of the poems I wrote when I was in high school. I wrote this poem while I was feeling lost and alone before I made the choice to be pagan.

~ Escape From Within~

The world writhes around me,

so much, that I cannot see those next to me.

This nightmare cages my mind and I cannot break free.

Death begins to dance her beautiful ballet, ensnaring me.

She tempts me, and like all desperate hearts, I answer.

In this vortex of human… Continue

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weight loss

I've had problems with my weight my entire life and now i've decided to do it the healthy way and it's working i went form 257 to 252 in on day! I'm counting calories and making sure i eat every two hours to keep my motabalisim up. wish me luck my goal weight is 155 by my bday on sept 7

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Child denied YULE and must use sick day

we were denied to take the day off in school since NJ does not recgonize wicca and its holidays we are asking anyone fro Nj to write in and help out!
NJ Department of Education
PO Box 500
Trenton, NJ 08625-0500... See More

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Blue moon Peace working Dec. 31,2009

Hello my fellow Pagans and Witches. This December 31'st we will see a Blue Moon. Let us take advantage of this by holding a World-Wide Casting for Peace. I know most are familiar with the National Day of Prayer. Let we Pagans do the same thing in our own way. On the night of the Blue Moon Cast to bring about World-Wide Peace for our Mothers Children. The Blue Moon holds Great Power so let us harness this Power for the Good of All.

Many here are Members at other Sites. Share this with the… Continue

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It is a single moment

Frozen in time

Embracing an emotion

Capturing it to call upon

its beauty

Like a butterfly

caught in a hungry net

Its a mixture of happiness,

Nostalgia and regret

A reminder of better times

Perhaps a small token

of all that remains

Your only wish is to return

and do it over again

But the entity of time

is not compassionate

It allows no room for second chances

It is unforgiving

The… Continue

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I, Like, Totally Need a Cloak!

So I *was* sitting here thinking of some "very serious business". I've been wanting to write or make another video, and was pouring out some brainstew over it. Then I got to thinking about my anonymity, and was looking up some good video editting software to maybe cartoonify myself or such.

All of the sudden, evil britney popped into my head saying, "I, like, totally need a… Continue

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