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I am a major herbalist and when I find a new recipe I usually end up testing it on myself. So if anyone has a recipe or something that they can contribute to the experimental process that would be great.

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Quick blog post

Well I thought that I would make a quick blog since my work hours are going to be crazy for the net two days . I have been doing alot of studying on the egyptian temple system and the temple teachings . When I get sometime I well be bloging on it and thee are servel other topics that have come to me like the moon in ancient egyptian religion well life calls…


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vel Magi

vel Magi…


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On the Background of Magick & Ritual

Draíocht na Muintir…


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Respect All Faiths

No-one can choose your path for you or tell you when and how to follow it...

It's yours alone to discover at your own pace and time.

Promote Religous Tolerance

)0( Autumn…


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The Invitation

En Lachek <> I Am Another Yourself

♥ I'd Like To Meet .. .

Souls Who Walk Through Life Seemingly Untouched By The Confusion & Drama.

Shining With A Light.. That, For A Second....Makes Something Deep Inside

You Remember!

Souls Who Are Not Afraid To Bare…


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New Englanders

Forget Rednecks is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about New Englanders...

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you live in New England.

If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they…

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Once-borns and Christian honesty

Every once in a while, something takes me by complete suprise. Yesterday, I was talking with one of my Christian schoolmates, a woman whom I have spoken to only a few times, said something that took me aback: "...that once-born gets on my nerves." I had never heard a Christian, or for that matter, a non-pagan, use that term, especially so derisively. And to top it off, I have no doubt that she was right about this man. His eyes were shallow and cold, which seems to be a common issue with…


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suggestions please?

So my parents forbade me from burning candles in the house or they said they'll kick me out. i live in a trailer park so there's not alot of room around. i'm very interested in candle magick but i can't do it at home anymore. my parents don't know what i believe but if they did, i'd be in for a lecture since i was raised Christian and my whole family is Christian for the most part. i'm also having a very difficult time finding a place to put an altar, my room is quite small. i've just been… Continue

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A touching story regarding the British soldiers

This is a story I read this morning. It shows that this is a wide spread problem not only with our soldiers but with the British as well. They are being treated like the Vietnam vets had been when they come home.

Seems we haven't learned.

oveacupofcoffee (mothermoth@ wrote:)

The sun, one of our national newspapers, and not a terribly well- regarded one in many quarters(!) but a paper which i read daily because of its virtues - it campaigns brilliantly…


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Thanks for the comment pics

Just wanted to thank everyone who's left such gorgeous comment pics here on my page...........I'm still trying to figure out just how to do them here! Now where is that help section, LOL?

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22 Pagan video clips

Here's a link to a collection of 22 Pagan videos, which includes music from Inkubus Sukkubus and much more:

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Interesting video clip on Wicca from National Geographic

A short but interesting video on Wicca in England can be seen here:

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The Tools of a Magus

The focus of this article is to illustrate the effective items and focals that are the main driving force in high-magick. These components each serve their own purpose, and when effectively, methodically and seamlessly combine, the true potential of the practitioner can be fully realized.

The Psyche

The most important element in Magick is the psyche of the practitioner. The psyche is made up of three different parts: The Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the… Continue

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The Law – Our Time of Liberation

I am not a Thelemite, however, I am a follower of the Law of Thelema in principle. It’s said that an extraordinary phenomenon takes place every 2000 to 5000 years where a universal change in human unconsciousness unfolds.

The Aeon of Isis: This was a period where women were worshipped as Gods. They were honored and respected for their gift of birth and their mothering. Women were viewed as strong warriors and great hunters. They were the Queens of their tribes. It was a time… Continue

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Learning Magick

I have been involved in magick one way or another since I was 19; I am now 33. I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds when it comes to learning magick: self-taught and with guidance. I have benefited greatly from both, and still do. The first thing you will discover about magick is there is no end to learning.

I have been openly active in the discussion of magick for about 4 years. I currently run an online community that focuses on the occult and I actively practice magick… Continue

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Self Realization

I will need to edit this, since I rambled through a first draft. But I felt the need to express myself. So here goes.

Self Realization

Self realization is not a New Age concept. Discovering the true self dates back to the dawn of spirituality and you do not have to look far to discover its various form and versions. Ceremonial magick is but one of many methods of achieving the rebirth of the self.

When I took a serious approach to learning Ceremonial magick... the… Continue

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Merry Meet tp all.

I'm Thinking of starting a new forum,
I'm going to call it unleash,
from all of you and my friends,
Please tell me what you think this forum should be about and what should
be added to the forum, like to know what my friends think.
Contact me at

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Our Pagan Soldiers

I have added some pics of our brave Pagan Soldiers in Iraq celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats. If you have any pics please email me I will post them.

Thank you
Co-Founder Pagan Troop Support

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My Zodiac Signs

Name: Brittany Wolf

August 26 1988

7:15 AM Time Zone is PDT

Las Vegas, NV

Rising Sign is in 16 Degrees Virgo

You tend to be very shy and not very self-assertive. You are supercritical about how you appear to others. Even though you may think you are uninteresting and dull, you are actually quite soft- spoken, orderly, neat and very likable. You are a perfectionist with high standards, and at times you can be quite tactless in pointing out the faults of…


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