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The old Icelandic viking religion Ásatrú

Introduction to Asatru

What is Asatru? Asatru is a religion. It is the pre-Christian religion of Northern Europe. Its earliest forms were practiced by wandering tribes thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. How is Asatru different from Christianity? It differs in many ways. Christianity believes there is only one God. This kind of belief is called monotheism. Asatru…


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"Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art"

The "Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art"


let me tell you that this information is not teaching you how to

Conjure up a Spirit.... it is simply shedding some light on one of the

tools used in the Art. So do not write me and try to correct me as to

what crap you have read or believe. My knowledge comes from Experience

and from a different plane of…

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Walking the Red Road

We shall not fail . . . to nourish your hearts . . . about the renewal of our amity and the

brightening of the Chain of Friendship . . .



On This Date in Native American History

November 5, 2000: Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke continued their cam-paign to secure the positions

of president and vice-president of the United States of America under the Green Party ticket.

LaDuke, a member of the Mississippi Band of… Continue

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What Are You Practicing?

This was a piece I wrote some weeks back when posed the question by a fellow pagan, of somewhat divergent ritual, "What exactly do you practice?" In meeting so many people, of late, who are either finding their way to a more 'pagan faith' of sorts, and in talking to those who are now long established within the community and culture of 'paganism', (and I use the word paganism loosely as an all encompassing term in reference to any earth based faith by any name), I still often… Continue

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is there really true love

i am just wondering if there is really true love ? i have been in many relationships and i thought i was in love only to find out i was not. i had guys walk out on me and i have thrown guys out for things. i understand i am a very complicated lady i got 2 kids and i am into thing many dont know or understand . i dont push my religion on anyone if they ask i will talk freely but many find out and poof they are gone.. i would love to be able to meet a guy who is interested in the same thing that… Continue

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Nano-- National Novel Writing Month

This is my first time participating in the nanowrimo thing-- 50K words by November 30th, or as close to that amount as I can manage. I began writing my novel today [yeah I know, a few days late and thus behind on the daily word count] after explaining to myself why it is that I have to get started. Much to my amazement, it is not the kind of novel I thought I would write. If I am not blogging regularly for this month or visiting your blogs much, that is why. I am naturally… Continue

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the new found place to be

I have found a new place to be that is here. I have met a lot of nice people here. I feel as if every one has something to offer. We have all got a commin thing. we all love mouther earth. I have shared a lot about my self and wish to sare more. It is hard for me in the town I live in. The hole town is on a god kick. I have ben seen doing rituals in my yard and got shund. The people here just are not open minded. Thay look at me as if I have a dissees. I am just so happy that I have found a… Continue

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I have a dilemma. First, some background. My stepmother left my dad after 25 years of marriage and moved out of state. Since she's been gone, she keeps stringing him along, saying that she still has feelings for him, but she wants to be friends and she wants to move on. Every time she calls, he gets very upset. There is little I can do for him but listen as he is all the way across the country from me, but the stress is starting to get to me. He is coming to visit me next week and is staying… Continue

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My Dark and Lonely Street

My Dark and Lonely Street

Innocence lost..,

the truth be given.

Torn from a soul..,

Now very well hidden.

That spark of youthful zeal..,

A new adventure.

Replaced now...,

With fear and trepidation.

A meandering traveler..,

Lost upon life's…


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merry meet & blessings

merry meet,

I'm new here.A friend of mine in myspace just told me about & I thought I'd check it out.
I look forward to making some new friends,sharing stuff & learning more.
brightest blessings

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An Inspiring Message from George Carlin ~ sadly, too true

A Message by George Carlin:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.



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Newest Obsession...

So...those of you that know anything about me know that Music speaks to me. It's in my heart and flows through my veins. I have had many people stop by and appreciate the music I display and change sometimes on a daily basis. To those people, I thank you. I thank you for taking tha time to appreciate something that means a lot to me. The music you will see…


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Illness and Death

Merry Meet to all,

I am sorry I haven't been sending out comments to everyone or even been able to respond to those people have sent me. But my whole family has had a really bad cold. It started with my husband, then my son, then myself. And of course this all happened on my favorite holiday, Samhain. My son did get to go trick or treating, but it was short lived. And truth be told, we were all tired and happy to get home and go to bed.

But then the day after Samhain,…


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Had Another Ghosty Visit

I feel like the Fricken Ghost Whisperer all of a while James was running some erands...I was just sitting around having some me time....I am not much of a story teller so this is kinda hard for me to explain...I Zoned out again but not like when i meditate and am oblivious to everything around me....more like some one just walked into the room and started talking to me...but speaking in Names and Pictures...not really an ongoing conversation....this one was a guy… Continue

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Prayer for friends

Dear eternal parents, I know that you are the mother and father of all creation. I know that we are all one family. I thank you for my friends, who are my brother and sisters in your love. Please protect them and watch over then while we are apart.

So Mote It be.

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Nature Sounds

I have begun a project in class. A professional style psychology research project. How do humans react to natural sounds like insect song. Many studies have been done on how we react to music, but recently I heard some very powerful reactions to hearing insect song and I wanted to test it out. I'm using an anxiety scale for the results. I'll let y'all know how it's going as it progresses, but right now I'm trying to gather research in a field where there has been nothing done! If anyone knows… Continue

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Helloo! Im neww!

my names kellie

and im new to this so i think some people should comment me or somethingg. :]

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The Magician -Sonnets of the Tarot

Manifestation of potent power

Magickal wand in a masterful hand

Seeing beyond the illusion is grand

Fool that climbed the unclimbable tower

The magician sleeps with one eye open,

Guarding the prestige with a wicked smile,

Slip of the hand and a masculine guile,

Focus is clear and spirit unbroken.

This master of sparks swallows the flame,

Alchemical proof evolving inside

Where absolute truth can no longer hide

Never revealing the tricks of… Continue

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Drunken Surrender

Wine bottle full of my heart and my soul,

Indulge in a glass filled up to the rim

Intoxicant nectar comes from within,

Sip...oh-so-slowly...and let yourself go,

Heaven-sent wine of inebriant sin.

Fruit of the spirit that's part of the whole

Beauty is found in the eyes that behold

Savor the taste of what's under the skin.

Aged to perfection by karmic events.

Magic elixir a potion of truth,

Akashic love and absinthe,



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hey there ..

I just thought that i drop a line or 2 to see how everyone was .. i am going to be busy today babysitting my nephew so i wont be on much today .. i have to find something to do with my time now that i am not working .. it sucks ya know .. i cant seem to sleep because i feel so guilty that i am not at work .. well apparently the doctors have other things in mind for me .. i have to go and see a speacialist on friday to see what all he can do for my back ... anyway .. i will write later about… Continue

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