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The Haunted Wind Cries by Sage

The Haunted Wind Cries

Green eyes staring blinded through tear-warped agony,

Silken celtic tresses cling to rosepink, stained lips bitten

and swollen,

Quiet cries uttered silently still....


Opaque, white curtains billow through abandoned windows as

howling winds breathe coldly down tomb-like corridors,

Searching for souls that once loved throughout,

Wayward moonbeams strike across the forgotten photo,

curled up as in sleep,

a… Continue

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Hauntings and Sightings.

In this section, I will write about my personal experiences with
hauntings and sightings. Feel free to add yours if you like!!

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Saudis Executes Egyptian for Practising "WitchCraft"....

Saudi Executes Egyptian for Practising "WitchCraft"....
Saudi Executes Egyptian for Practising "WitchCraft".... magnify

Saudi executes…


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well heleew

Just thought i wud say hello to you all ! so...hello! Im 29, live in ireland, and am a solitary kitchen/hedgwitch. look forward to getting to know you all...
bright blessings

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Blah let’s try this again in a proper font that everyone can see I HOPES!!

October 30 Feast of Clothing Anubis.

October 31…


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Life throws you a curve ball sometimes

I went to the doctor thursday. I have not been in a long time to see a doctor, well not since leaving LA. in 2005. Life has been busy, starting over in a new state and town. Starting over when you have lost everything to a natural disaster, helping to take care of my Mom and Dad, then losing dad this past August.Well life has just been very busy to say the least. But I hate going to doctors because they never seem to give you any good news, it's like they take a vow when they get out of med…


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Busy morning trying to,put things a way that are out side putting up plastic.i made my meat sauce,meat balls,for supper for to night.baked a ginger bread cake makes the house smell

good. taking a break more to do.have a great weekend.

hugs Julia…


Added by JULIA on November 3, 2007 at 3:28pm — No Comments


Magickal: Picked at noon when the sun is at it's hottest and strongest it will strenghten and comfort the heart.

Garlands of marigolds strung on the doorposts stop evil from entering the house.

Powers: Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters, Pyschic Powers

Medicinal: Marigold has anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties and is also antibacterial and antifungal. It makes an excellent ointment for soothing…


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Rainbow Principles

Buddha Said .. . "On life's journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If One lives a pure life, nothing can destroy them."

I Live & Walk My Life According To These Principles, Treat Beings The Way You Want To Be Treated Yourself & Your Walk Will Be Powerful & Majestic, No Thing Will Stand In The Way Of Your Personal Peace. So Mote It…


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New here!

Hello everyone, and Merry Meet! I'm glad I've found this place. I do hope I can find some people on here to talk to, as I'm always looking for the next step in my path. I combine a gloriously confused mix of Hebrew mysticism, Erisian Discordianism, Native American shamanism and kitchen witch earthiness. I'm glad to meet you all and to have someplace to rant.

Added by Michael on November 3, 2007 at 1:38pm — 1 Comment

two lovers

Subject: Two Lovers
Body: Two Lovers.

Savory thoughts of you waiting in my arms

Ignite the furnace of passion in me

My hands tremble before your charms

As I dwell on the waiting exstacy

You gaze at me with no questions

And I come to you with no lies

You surrender…

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Just Random Thoughts

Merry Meet My Friends,

Well Oct came in & went out as fast as it came. I have a very hard time durning the next couple of months.

I find it very hard not having all the family around. Plus not having the funds to treat myself to anything either. Plus…


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Went I was a little girl I knew that something was different with myself. i thought it was just being a weird kid and going thought what kids usually go thought, but when I got a little older I started drawing pentacle for no good reason. Plus when my grandma die I was about nine or ten I knew that she was going to die about week before. Then I just went through life like normal then I married, about year into my marriage I started to research the idea of wiccan and witchcraft… Continue

Added by Trish on November 3, 2007 at 10:57am — 1 Comment

Calling The Dragon

This ritual is for exactly what it states calling the Dragon or Dragons


project their presence with such clarity that there is no question of


that they are here. A greater reason for calling a Dragon into stronger


is the stronger the auric vibrations of such a creature within the

circle the

stronger the ritual and power sent into your motivation for the ritual.

When you

use the Dragon call and feel the… Continue

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yahoo anyone?

Hey if anyone has yahoo messenger my screen name is tampadevil2003

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A Creed To Live By


undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.

It is because we

are different that each of us are special. Don't set your goals by what

other people deem important. Only do what is best…


Added by Whispr on November 3, 2007 at 9:50am — 1 Comment

AFR baby!!!

If you can't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them!!!!

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A little bit about me......

I'm not sure if i put this on my first blog or not,but,i will go ahead and put it here.If there is a duplicate,than ignore the first one.

So,let's begin:

"All about me"

I am a witch of the Wicca religion.I have been on this path for about over a year now,and yes,still learning.I call myself a Nocturnal Witch B/C of the fact that i am dark.I am a dark soul,but follow the Wicca laws and religion.To be a dark witch,it doesn't mean that you are a satanist,etc.


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My frist Blog entry

Well here I am with a hot cup of coffee in my hand coffee I believe is the drink of the gods I know it puts me in a better mood . well What can I say about myself Well I am an egyptian priestess I have been walking the path for 10 years Iam married to a druid it's an odd mix and you should here some of the debates that we get in to . I co host a pod cast with my husband and two of are very…


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little bout me

well i am 31 yrs old. i have 2 great kids , i think i have always thought i was different. growing up i thought i was crazy and i was loosing my mind cuz i would hear and see thing that were not there. i always believed that there were ghosts and other things. my mom was always willing to let me live the way i believed and believe what i needed. when i turned 16 yrs old she then told me she dabbled witch craft when she was younger and she knew what i was going through . i do believe in ghosts… Continue

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