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My Body is a Temple: Health, Faith, and Magick

My body is a temple where my soul is enshrined.

This is one of my mantras. I use it to help me when I find being healthy to be particularly difficult or cumbersome. It's a concept that most on a pagan path, or honestly most religious paths, are familiar with. "Our bodies are gifts from the gods.", "Everything in the world is sacred, the forests, the oceans, even ourselves." So if this is true, and I hold…


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Religious Development in the Ancient Middle East

I have for a long time wanted to write a series of novels on the ancient Middle East; about the historical development of religious ideas from polytheism and henotheism to monotheism, and the people who lived in the area during the time; who were affected by these religious changes. I think it was around 2005 that I first started to think about writing on this topic; but then, I have so many things I want to write about, and I still think I know way too little about this. Perhaps I know a…


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Great cat picture for Caturday!

This is the BEST picture I've ever seen of a cat in MY LIFE!!!

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Good to be back...

It has been a long time since I've been on here, so much has changed! I've changed. My life has changed. My life is STILL changing. For someone who isn't too keen on change, eh, it's knocking at my door. Silver lining? Its changing for the better!

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Hungry Pueblo People of Ancient Chaco Canyon

The Pueblo people of Ancient Chaco Canyon in New Mexico faced some very serious problems when their population grew too large for the available resources in the canyon. At one point between 850 and 1250 C.E. the population was estimated to have reached in the thousands. Recent studies have shown the canyon environment could not support this number.

Researchers at Chaco Canyon have carried out a detailed analysis of the climate and hydrology of the Chaco area and have found that its…


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Labyrinth of Volunteerism: Walking the Path of Service

The imagery of walking a single path by candle glow with a smoldering cauldron waiting in the center to reveal a message from a higher source or a revered ancestor is a powerful image to behold. Science tells us that walking the labyrinth can enhance right brain activity. Labyrinths can open you up to allow for a deep plumbing of your inner depths giving us a deeper understanding of the world within us and how it relates to the world around us. Now you’re asking yourself what does any of…


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The Myth of Apollo?

What is the myth of Apollo?
Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis. Seen as the…

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Trū Hybrid Shaman

I am a Hybrid Shaman (Lone Wolf) meaning  I absorb the knowledge from the first and oldest practice known to mankind. 12,000 years in Fact. And that is Shamanism"

I heal in the way of my own Soul. Souls are endless.

When you use your Soul to help someone, your Soul will replenish. It is everlasting. So don't be afraid to spread your Soul around to others who need healing.

Everyone has this ability, they just have to completely open their minds. Then… Continue

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On Course Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life

Currently in college this is my Journal entry assignment and answer

Describe an important course correction you have made in the past. Explain how you, became aware that you were off course, what you did to change course, and how your efforts turned out. Most important, what did you learn from this experience.…


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Embarking on a personal growth journey

I believe a spiritual check is due in my life. I am beginning to set up the ability to take something of a hiatus from school from January-August of next year, but why not get started now!? I have begun a life regression to study my own youth, and will expand to past life analysis. I love science, but there are shadowy realms that I cannot reach by dedicating my time to my scientific research. Time to get all metaphysical up in this b. Hope everyone on their own personal journey find the…


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Beach Magick

This week, the Spiral Dance is just a Day at the Beach! We'll start with the Charge of the Sea Goddess and we'll explore the role that Water has always had in religion.


From there we'll look at a few Sea Gods and Goddesses. Then I want to share a story. This is a spoken word peice presented by Mara Freeman. It's called, The Selkie!


Finally, we'll get right down to the shore and do some actual beach magick!

Be we. Do good. Enjoy the show!…


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Revised - July 2019

I am including here a list of the GRIMOIRES that I've read along the years and tested.

And I am offering a bit of what I've found out.…


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Donating Money to the Poor

You can donate money here:--

Practice compassion for the poor. Practice rational and logical thinking.

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Independence Day and the Goddess Columbia

This week we celebrate our nation's Independence from Mother Britain by recognising our very own Goddess, the Lady Columbia!


Columbia is a historical and poetic name used for the United States of America and is also the name of its female personification.


What would the Goddess Columbia's attributes be? Democracy for one - you know; I don't think the Greeks had a Goddess of Democracy- so this is an original! Certainly, Liberty and Justice. The Romans had the…


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Long Time No See :D

Are you enjoying

"The Show"…


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An insight and Teaching

The God that you are referring to comes from the bible the hebrew word Elohim ( pardon if misspelled. ) Elohim meaning gods or magistrates derived from Semitic, eloah, Ugaritic ihm, The Canaanites El root usually derived from a meaning to be strong or to be in front of.

It is a genderless term from my understanding of it. The gender associated with the biblical deity is…


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My Altar To The Dark Goddess

I've been rather uncomfortable with people going into the room where my altar to Lilith is set up. Not that I'm ashamed but rather the fact that they aren't worthy to see it. They'd question or judge my creation and that takes away from the spiritual aspect of the altar. I found a way today to fix my altar in a separate space, in a discreet location. My space is secure, away from the prying eyes of the unwashed (my domestic situation is someone intolerant). Nobody will be able to see my…


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Giving the homeless Peanuts

So I have started a tradition in downtown buffalo- Peanuts a 1:00 a bag from local Arabic man and some water. Helped several people out, homeless thirsty etc types are really rampant in downtown buffalo sometimes/

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