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Raising A Pagan Child?

It's going to be so strange when my child is born. I was raised Christian, as were many others around me. I saw many children my age being raised Christian. I didn't get on this path on my own until I was in 4th grade, and I don't even remember how I found out about Wicca. I was bullied and ridiculed for years. Children can be cruel when your different. 

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I can't help but wonder what kind of life my…


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Boston- Poem- Fear

My heart goes out to those in Boston. Warmest blessings to everyone from there, and to everyone who is in fear because of it. It will be alright. Just try not to panic and give in to fear. I know it's hard, especially when 9/11 doesn't seem like it's so far away. I've lit a candle for those lost. I have friends who have family in Boston, and I will light a candle for them as well. We will get through this everyone. 

A bomb of…


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Herbal Garden

I've started some lavender and sage inside. I can't wait to see them sprout! Any advice for how much I should water the lavender? I got pretty decent instructions for the sage, but any advice for either would help. I'm really excited. When it gets warm enough I'll give it some hours outside as well, but will probably bring it in for the night so it wont be eaten by bugs. Warmest blessings everyone! =) 

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Looking to get a new administrator for Wiccan facebook page

I have 3 other administrators that are not as active as I would like them to be. Would anyone like to become one for my page? I'd like someone who's willing to post several things a day. Lately it has been only me running my page, and I need the help. Anyone interested? 

Here's my page:

It has grown…


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Baby <3

So today I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. What an incredible blessing. First my life almost ends during a car crash, when a car hits me on my bike, then I find out I have life within me. The doctors said the baby is healthy, and has a good strong heart beat. This child was meant to be born. There is a reason I survived that car…

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Got hit by a car

Got hit by a car this morning that half ran me over. He was pulling out really fast from the driveway of Hardees. I didn't think he's go because I was right in front of him, and cars were coming up to quick for him to go. Of course he tried going as fast as he could to beat the cars and didn't notice me. He didn't even stop when he first hit me til I screamed. I was halfway under his car and he backed up moving me and my bike with him. Almost got my leg crushed from the car moving my…


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Tradition Martial Arts (Capoeira)

So I'm thinking of taking a capoeira class this summer. It's a real workout, and it combines fighting and dance together. It helps you form peace of mind, sort of like physical meditation. I've watched videos of it, and it's very beautiful. It was used in the 1700s in Brazil by people trying to protect themselves and their families from being taken into slavery. They were…


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Greek Classicism

     Greek culture has many examples of classicism, especially in the arts. They were a very original culture in their way of life. A good example is the Parthenon. It towers in height with it's beautifully elegant and simple design. It served as a shrine to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. Many people visit it each year for it's history and unique structure. It had a…


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New Facebook page for Wicca- Looking for new admins and new fans =) This is the page, I'm looking for people to help me run it and to help gain likes, so that it can become a living page, filled with conversation. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone would like this, or would help me out running it. If your interesting message me, I'd like to hear what you all have to say. Warmest blessings everyone. )O(

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Landscape Painting


Pay what you think it's worth

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New Amulet!!

I got this from my sister for Yule. It is so beautiful! Here is where she got it! The page tells you all about it. It also came with a free bracelet! This is probably the most thoughtful gift I've ever received! …


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Happy Yuletide to all!

Today is a very special and magical day. May all of yours be blessed with the warmth of the divine.

Blessed be everyone! 

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New Pet Bearded Dragon!!!

So me and Tyler got a bearded dragon. We've named her Athena, and she is already full grown, and is 5 years old. She let me pick her up once, even climbed on my shoulder and licked water from my hand, but since then she gets really stressed when I pick her up and starts hissing at me. Maybe it will just take time. I'm just worried that because she hasn't been really handled…


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Update on the Djab situation...

So I didn't get any help on my last blog post. There were many people that were being judgmental. I mean, I appreciate the honesty, but come on. I wasn't asking for a "you don't know what your talking about, and this is crazy go back to reality". I'm asking for help. 

Anyway, me and another member are now breaking away from the rest of the coven to get away from all  the negativity. We are going to have a separation ritual. 

We will always be in the light of the god and…


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Need help to get away from a Djab

Me and some people joined together in a circle. One of the girls made a deal with a Djab before it and didn't tell anyone until now. So now we are all connected. She even tried having a baby with anther member to pass it down to her child (The other member didn't know). Her fetus died. If she's willing to this to her own child I don't know what she would do to the rest of us. It wont leave her alone until she fulfills her promise to take her own life, or the life of another. The fetus wasn't…


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Had a dream where me and my sister, who really was a stranger and not my sister, were sitting down with this women with deformed arms. I realized that I had seen her in the library of the area, and knew that once her deformed arms were 4 arms, 2 holding the other in the picture.

The person accompanying her was also in her book, he was just as big as he was now, only blue, kind of like a blue Hulk. 

I asked her to excuse me to the bathroom, knowing very well who she was, the…


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Hand Fasting

Had a wonderful hand fasting yesterday for Hallie, followed by a fertility ritual, with the coven. It was so beautiful. The marriage isn't legal or anything, but was made by two adults who love each other, witnessed through the eyes of good friends, and the eyes of the god and goddess. During the fertility ritual we made a wish candle. We made wishes for the mother and child on pieces of paper, burned the paper into ashes while saying, "And shall I will it, so shall it be". The fire was… Continue

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Dream or Spirit Journey?

I was in a jungle of sorts surrounded by swamp. There were these giant crocodiles in the swamp, they looked wayyyy bigger then they do in read life. I was jumping from tree to tree so I wouldn't fall into the swamp. There were leaves on the trees and I ate some of them. 

Soon I saw a little hut like place, and in the midst of it, an owl. I climbed up to the owl who then claimed to be a servant of Nyx. It was morning and the owl was fully awake. She wore a heart necklace which the…


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Need Help- Tricky Spirit

I'm not sure where the spirit that came into my home is but I think it is hiding in the mirrors. Tyler, my boyfriend, got scratched by it today while I was at work. He got the scratches all on the back of his neck. I've got something similar on my hand. I can't sense this one as well as I can sense the others. I sense it for moment when it makes itself known, especially in the middle of the night... I hope to figure it out soon. I've got it trapped and at bay in the mirrors. I hope this…


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Rough Night, But Staying Positive

So Samhain passed and my new coven went off with a hit. We all connected really well and I feel like I can be myself around them all. It's a good feeling. I feel more alive in a group then I did solitary. It's a whole new experience. Part of me is insecure, like having negative thoughts like, "What if I'm not what they were looking for"?

But they seem to like me as much as I like them. I hope to meet with them again soon, for I want us to all bond more as a coven. I feel that in this…


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