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A Warning to my Co-worker for her Mean Spirited Actions

To thee who tries to bring me down,

woe to you, brave one,

my ferocity shall make you undone

Negative is always a bad thing,

even when pointed away from thee,

excuses, excuses,

thee shall be the one in a bad light

When the deed is done,

and you have gone on,

to your pathetic life,

and your small world,

and I shine on


for my meaning does not lie here,

within useless work and useless tasks,

mundane and… Continue

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Uncoiling the Snake

Went to a counselor yesterday for the first time in my life. As I have mentioned I have been struggling with my health for quite some time now. Well, I went to the counselor in the hopes that it will help me deal with the stress and pain of my current health situation, while continuing to participate fully in my life, which includes planning my wedding that is 4 months away.

I didn't come right out and say "I'm a witch" to my counselor, partly because I'm not sure how she would take… Continue

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AEttir Year Cast - First Cast on Runecloth!

Well, I have written a couple of posts about my rune cloth which I am embroidering. Well, it's nearly finished, and because Tuesday was the solstice, and an auspicious one at that, I decided it would be a good time to look ahead to the future, and to use my rune cloth for the first time!

Well, it was a bit awkward the way I set it up, so next time I won't do it that way. I was trying to find a good surface for placing the cloth, and I thought that the top of the piano would be good,… Continue

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Empath and Panic Attacks/Anxiety Attacks: Is Magic Making Me Sick?

As I have written in my blog of late, I have been having health problems. Well, lately these problems have actually improved through a combination of medication and strict adherence to a special diet. Digestion aside, I am having problems with anxiety sometimes. It's something that runs in my family, my mother and grandmother both have anxiety problems, and I think it's extremely likely that I do too.

I don't know why I'm even worried about all kinds of things really, since they are… Continue

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Rune Cloth

Well, I have been working on my rune cloth a lot lately, and it's really looking great! I have most of the outlining done for the symbolic representations of the different sections of the cloth that are connected to the worlds of Norse mythology, the worlds supported on different levels of the world tree, Yggdrasil. I am pretty sure I've totally butchered the spelling there, but if you're familiar with the worlds I'm talking about, you get the idea.

At any rate, the symbolic… Continue

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Time: Another of Life's Questions

I often think about time, and what I think it is defined by, what makes

it tick, literally. The thing is, time is really just us marking down

the movement of objects in space, and applying all these lines of

measurement to it. It's really funny measurements too, they aren't even

at all, for example, the number of days in a year is actually an

estimate, and to keep it from getting too off they created the leap


So I guess that's the first thing… Continue

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