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The infinite universe my mind bellows by set factors governed at points of self invention,attention to mysterious subjectivity nothing has true definition station to panel mechanisms we exist within solar rotation state the obvious offer a translation,flesh blood bacterium you riddled truth as a fashion it must have a reason to awaken persistence of vision mass deviation to be objective a religion praise to revelation believing in future intervention there standing like statues surrounded by…


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To be alive that question of being a living form the sun a energy,some river light meandering through power of atomic fusion spider manifestation no kidding tentacle threading spinal ignition,i know nothing it is what keeps the heart beating cynic food combustion creation ha ha rendition to pray in monk like devotion me the hypocrite christ was a mystic origins of this planet time traveling fantastic and there to focus on nothing total revulsion action reaction persistence of vision eventual…


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A time of year the trees are falling monuments to this spiral equation an ever decreasing circle the rot begins,so to my sin an oblivion convex vision  the horizon calling to distinguish what makes up a person a planet shifting in orbit making the seasons equinox and testing my belief in being alive we all got problems some worse than others but why is it that good always has to be overwhelmed by futile repetition,a contradiction i pray to the creator then turn round to find myself infested…


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At dawn the trees calling a sound communication in homage to all creation,utter silence ten years of online self observation which i shall end in a few weeks and go back to just telephone text messages so i say a final goodbye to this oneness hapless uttering,so many years another year older getting closer the eventual answer there it is as sunlight decoded dream fracture being honest pray to the celestial master it controls all of nature,so the light that fuels the sun what is it where does…


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Cows can sleep while standing up but only dream lying down then prophetically cross their arms like praying,pieces of eight it is too late the final circle this planet has existed nine times before quartz ticking seconds out generations clock work mechanisms destiny runs out eventually universal light is interpreted a the same constant energy bound by mechanisms of thought two tribes green and red frequency according to individual species,those third eye sciences seeds that sparks a vessel…


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Just then life began the vacuums formed lines shedding color across the universe,moving spheres into motion fragmented into crystal formations,the very existence of evolution within each dimension limitations of movement order of planetary mechanisms,governed by relative position within the solar panel of each to make up the cosmic plan ,the heart of our very motion all entwining through universal planes of existence,coloring each fabric of vibration set into it appointed sphere of…


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Act a monument platform accord crystal rock formation that the ancients considered magical to build pyramids masters of the universe we are god as giants the planet was being formed existing when there was no trees illuminating web that anchor dreams the universal force to regenerate a static field heart beat drum sum of our parts stage arena a corridor so familiar too crowded factors variant elements historical existences conditional buoyancy aspect ratio vanity fractions of destiny bound…


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Cartoonists word of mouth story tellers remember a time of giants here gods are the first living form fashioned from rock formation from common verse set test theme memory calculation critical observation for those a part of creation forgotten as solemn emotion gravity eroding what remains of humanity familiar liar futile territory mundane physical rebounding reactions a altered monument self protection spoils of childhood arguments philosophical mystery it is where the soul dwells…


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Animation spider

The wonder of creation to answer questions why does rose quartz form a calcium skin,or what is radiation a paradox vision fear and revelation living rock formations inklings of native mythology latent memories that tower of Babel creatures that transformed into what exactly this song is from the album Animation by Jon Anderson about newly born children and ancient dances when we all died Asterism is what they call crystals that form stars really…

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The full moon calling,gravity warning tides of change and shallow reasoning,so the soul is a point of light created when dreaming it reaches out to the earth's magnetic envelope then channels energy back into the body regenerating,in a perfect world of no problems undisturbed sleep and healthy intentions then why is it always a battle of good and evil,in petitioning the Cosmic,turns the consciousness inward instead of directing the plea to a distant external entity or power. The…


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Sweet inspiration a bold rendition to see a light that illuminates our souls find it glowing a human being,love that shines from heaven your a person not some labeled item to see good in everything being alive requires effort towards any given purpose,yeah the soul exists it really does it is what keeps our hearts beating a machine mechanism,i give on trusting that friendships exists to the sun i shall pray forever more and say that my life was of purpose not some emotional circus as…


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Polite conversation void subjectivity contradiction fundamental preoccupied counter reactions,erratic majestic tangible communication eternal arguments beyond understanding,cast lots dividing garments sneering saying save yourself that point we travel within a dream the chosen one invisible entity,thou shall not kill now it reads unless for consumption astral race resounding creatures life's fountain,prejudice evil peculiar genetic providence a stricken…


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Here is some scriptures about  dual souls.the Ray Children (Children of the Breath) were Breathed Forth from the Very Breath of God, in order to serve the Father-Mother God and their younger Brethren, they did not Manifest on the Earth Plane. Their Home being on the Heights of Atlantis, within the Divine Spheres.Dhuman Adamic means those who ARE Twice ~ Born; Once from the Very Breath of God ~ known as a Ray Child ~ and then Birth (incarnation) within a dense physical body on Planet Earth.…

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Sociable cosmetics oil painting to reflect cast molding.lagoon of still water that boundary is crossed black crystal teared lamp light at the edge of the world,heard in the wind that rings to a chime of magic to dance among the trees and to stop in a field which is guarded by nine ghostly animals,the dancers begin to fly the sun now joins in with the dance,awoken the moon appears to add the stars to the dance,the wind is the music,the dancers are all the life dawn breaks the birds…


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Time the illusion conscience transition space is unstable to witness creation a life form crying for existence,philosophy understanding what happens is written by trees they know and remember there is answer,celestial conjunctions a still atmosphere as everything stops at the alter where there is us controlling eternity forever in battle trying to convince of mercy to be a better person dead beat mechanism shielding believing in other than oblivion a self sanctuary avoiding depending…


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Atlantis when to consider the further you back in time there was less people until you reach that island of giants,a protective instinct similar to that native american ghost dance everything about this planet has been forgotten,a principal of factual values mysterious quartz binary energies life blood monuments whispers ancient purpose to be alive, scientists say is organic combustion distance gravity of individual species as buoyant reflex …


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The cross over point of human origins utter silence something so amazing yet of ghostly origin a kind of haunting journey from the cradle to the cemetery scared of our own mortality a disease stricken mass of reproduction a flesh and blood person,part of a minority that still exist today,god has no compassion it is a force of chance variation and numeral logical averages life is what you make it,action and reaction cause and effect are all laws of nature argument was will the Earth…


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Cosmic strings

The vessel a soul galleon that very eye solar ship of worship a micro black light sphere illuminates as it reaches this atmosphere creative idea mass variation sets movement gravity of individual species forever promises, may the guardians awaken reverse the evil upon our lands divine parents forsake me cry to eternity body being cut to pieces by razor sharp edges,an infinity there conscience to face your demons if they win you become an animal no more…


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Spider web

Planetary factory reproduction replacing the core of nature haunted mental abilities bowing of a ship heavy water woven mortal fabric vessels versus nationality gravity silent virtue a paddling puzzle waiting praying healing the night passing unclear obscure forever an adventurer galleon of lost souls and salvation. those that never found harbor hanging normal savage recital the portal this gravity universe to be eliminated sinking circuit kinetic creator a…


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Reciprocal 2

Soul synthetic sphere of fabric it began to travel as you all do furthering into the sleep sequence stopped in fear holy mountain a volcano fragments invasion a horizon light petrifies everything logical imagination the Earth's foundation this was as a teenager it does not mean the same as getting older where it takes a miracle just to stay alive strength of character to think one day it be over,a circular accelerated gravity field escaping by photosynthesis into the Earth's magnet…


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