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I have been busy with life and haven't gone on PaganSpace in a while. I will be trying to spend more time on PaganSpace. I also now have a blog at http://long-strangetrip.blogspot.com/ feel free to check it out to stay updated on my life.

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update on my life

My "brother" Joseph is still in California and I haven't had as much communication as I would like with him. Now for some good news, one of my good friends who graduated last year is coming to visit in 10 days. I have had more psychic experiences than usual recently and I don't know what to make of them. One of the experiences was dreaming about the girl Matt (the friend who is going to visit me) is dating before seeing what she looked like and having my mental image of her be fully accurate (I… Continue

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My life recently

Recently I have had a lot going on in my life. My aunt died on 29 December of cancer, she was only 44. I also believe I am falling in love with a girl who is in a different part of the country, she is in California and I am in Colorado. At least she likes girls (I tend to fall for gay guys and straight girls) and I think she likes me also. Thirdly, the person I am closest to, I consider him to be my brother and best friend and we have both adopted ourselves into each others families, is going… Continue

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President Obama and a beautiful day

Today I skipped French class to watch President Obama's Inauguration. It was amazing seeing the first African American president take the oath of office but that led me to thinking when will we have the first female president, the first Pagan president, the first gay/GLBTIQ/queer/[however said person self identifies] president... I also started to wonder what a Pagan president would take the oath of office on, it does not have to be a Bible but what could represent Paganism to the larger global… Continue

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to many people crossing over

On the 22nd my neighbour's girlfriend died of cancer at the age of 18. Also, my aunt went into hospice a little over a week ago and as of this evening it looks like she has 24-36 hours left on this plane. After I returned from the hospice I set up an alter to my aunt with photos of her and some gifts she has given me that have sentimental value. I felt like I had to write about this, and I have been talking to those close to me.

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It has been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had PaganSpace access much (I have been using a computer with a filter). I have been volunteering in my mum's first grade class (their last day was Friday). Also, one of my sisters came home from university Friday night and her flight was delayed and their was traffic coming home from the airport. Saturday morning, my aunt who has been battling cancer went to hospice where she still is; healing energies for her would be appreciated. Now, it is… Continue

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first snow

today was the first snow, there was about a 1/2 inch (1cm) this morning but most of the snow has melted now. The snow was about two weeks late (it usually comes around Samhain here). I am glad that the snow has finally come, it will be here off and on until May with days in the 70s (°F) in between (wacky Colorado weather).

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Blesséd Samhain everyone! Life here has been busy, my family visited me last week and I have more "family" (my soul brother's dad and sister) arriving from California later this evening. I have been busy with school work, clubs, holidays, and family. The past three weeks have been busy and the next three or so weeks will be as well. I had a family "Thanksgiving" two Sundays (almost three weeks) ago, last Wednesday there was a luncheon for my aunt who has cancer that I attended, last Saturday I… Continue

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Shopping for Witchy things

Yesterday I went to Isis (a local witchy shop) where I got a ring that is silver and Amethyst with a simi hidden triple moon and a hidden pentacle, I love Amethyst and love my new ring.

Today I went to a local thrift store and got: an incense burner for $0.99, an alter pentacle for $3.99, a wooden chalice for $1.49, and a decorated pyramid that caught my eye even though I have not studied Ancient Egypt much for $3.99. I have been building my alter and collection of tools over the… Continue

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almost Samhain

It is almost Samhain and is defiantly a typical Colorado winter. It has not snowed yet but there has been cold rain so snow is coming soon.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Partly Cloudy Clear Clear Clear Partly Cloudy

47° F | 25° F 52° F | 29° F 67° F | 34° F 70° F | 34° F 67° F | 36° F

8° C | -4° C 11° C | -2° C 19° C | 1° C 21° C | 1° C 19° C | 2° C

I decided to include my current 5 day forecast to show everyone what a "typical" week in mid to late… Continue

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Coming Out

Today my university had a campaign for National Coming Out Day (11 October). It was the I am/I will Campaign we (Queer Straight Alliance) had t-shirts printed that say I am_____ on the front and I will_____ on the back. I wrote I am bi I will be proud. I have been out to my university for about 14 hours. It was hard to do but I am glad to be out and glad I can be true to myself, it went well overall all the reactions I got were positive or neutral.

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wierd things happening

Yesterday I got a faerie ring at Isis Books (a local witchy shop). The feet of the faerie cut my finger, the second time it happened was at dinner today. I left the building where the dining hall is located planning on returning to my dorm room as it was chilly and drizzling. There is a Hawthorn tree close to the dining hall and I was drawn to it. I picked up a Hawthorn twig with berries and leaves on it and was compelled to leave it as an offering on my outdoor alter (in a huge Oak tree).… Continue

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reflections on the changing seasons

I have spent some time outside over the past several days. The weather is getting cooler, I wore a sweater this evening. The leaves are changing and starting to fall. You cannot walk under a crab apple tree without stepping on fallen crab apples. It is between Mabon and Samhain, the middle of the fall. The school year starts at the beginning of September for me and early September still feels like summer. Here in Colorado we have had some rain and cooler weather, the first snow is usually on… Continue

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