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Summer Time, Experiments, Persecution, and Practicing our Faith

Summer time has been a time of immense activity for us. We gave our internet provider the kickeroo and started a social experiment on what our lives would look like if we only used free sources. The experiment ended recently, when I had to accept that school work and workwork were being made very difficult without internet in-home.

However, like many people before who have cut down their internet access (or cell phones or other digital technology), I found certain real world…


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Mommy Crack

I was rooting around the internet trying to avoid the work I set for myself when the children are away when I stumbled upon a video. I could tell immediately the video would likely be amusing with a small chance of boring.

I laughed. Then harder. Annnnnd harder. Till tears actually squeezed out of my scrunched up giggling eyes and down my painfully laugh squished cheeks. Until I had to make my self stop laughing because I was actually getting naseus from the act and seriously thought…


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Spokes on a Wheel

The wheel has a place in many philosophies, spiritual or no, and an honored place in many pagan philosophies. 

I often see our type of eclectic paganism as a sort of unravelled DNA shape. If you were to look down on it, straight down through the would look like spokes inside a wheel.

We are earth based, and

that leads to respect for that which nurtures us,…


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Winter: Changing Seasons in a Modern Frenzy

I appreciate the seasons--they are a piece of who we are as a family of pagans with an earth based bent. The seasons that we experience serve to create rich history and mythology as well as influence culture and the way we nurture our bodies. 

As part of our eclecticism we learn about many paths even if we don't practice or agree with them. One thing that becomes clear is that even for those who don't claim the mantle of season, this earth based bent creeps in like the aroma of soil,…


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Paganing and Parenting: Early Mornings

I do not do well in the mornings. Because of this my ex-husband comes to pick up the kids for school. He doesn't do well with timing, so the kids are frequently late to school. In the past, I have held the kids late for school or missed school for pagan-related activities, myself. This is in part because many of the school breaks do not quite coincide with our needs. I don't do it terribly often but it has happened...

...much to the horrified gall of my ex-husband. He cannot imagine…


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Integrating the Pagan Space in Me

I left Facebook over a year ago due to privacy concerns. At the time I had a large network of people I had never met, but knew quite a bit about and had grown close to. I missed the daily updating, but didn't missed the 2nd life at the expense of RL. I have been part of Pagan Space for a while as well, but given my misgivings about Myspace and Facebook, I was hesitant to entrench in another online community. I use Pagan Space as a surfer quite a bit, but don't announce my online presence in…


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