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why be two yet one person?

why have powers yet to be unlocked and no one willing to help?

why join countless pagan and wiccan communities and be ignored?

everything i asked has…


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Life is a hidden world

before everything even started, everyone had a hidden truth to themselves and secrets they feared. I, no I on the other hand embraced my truth and my secrets only to get fed medications and lies brought upon us by the social cliches if you well. werewolves, vampires, witches, fairies, etc go into hiding as mortals, they lose their powers... that…


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yesterdays twisted humor

i was walking out towards the road in and i fell my right ankle went to the right and it pinched a tendon, well i was on the phone with AT&T and i did want they said to check my internet, my phone lost signal and when i was on the side of the road i was in the grass and i fell to my hands and knees and my ankle did the same thing again but this time i almost got hit by a car that was in both lanes. when i was walking back…


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My near death exps

well i was in like middle school when my mom died, but this is way before she did.

i was like a little girl eating one of those fat hotdogs and i started to choke, my family just sat and watched as a gasp for air and gagged. i finally spit the hotdog out and my dad said: "you dont have to…


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