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The 12th House In Astrology

In a horoscope, the 12th house is traditionally looked upon with some bias as a “problem” house, which is true, but only because it reflects what is true about human nature. The 12th house in the natal horoscope is in my opinion one's “personal underworld”. It represents the shadow side of our personality, but it also represents where our treasure is hidden. The following hermetic axiom represents the idea of the 12th house and the underworld journey beautifully............ …


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HOLIDAY SALE! Online Class Discount

The Temple of Underworld Studies is offering a 20% discount on the enrollment for the Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic Class between November 1st and December 31st.   The regular price is $358.95 for an entire year of online access and the facebook class group forum.  With 20% the cost reduces to $287.16.  You save 71 dollars and change if you enroll between now and the end of the year.  

This is an intensive beginning magic class with lessons each month provided on a drip…


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Ask Auntie Witch

Occult advice column. You can write in with any questions you have about your experiences, practices in magic or whatever you need some advice on. This is your opportunity to cash in on some free assistance and guidance. The best questions will be featured in my "Ask Auntie Witch" Blog category on my main website. All other questions will be addressed via personal email even if they don't make the blog on my website. If your question is featured in the blog, you will be informed by…


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SNEAK PEAK! Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic, "The Meaning of the Ceremonial Circle, Lesson 2 / LECTURE ONE.

I'm giving everyone a complementary sneak peak at this video lecture which is part of the first month's installment of lectures. There are 5 other lectures in the first month series that follow this one. So here is your teaser. (And if you are wondering what the sound in the background is, it's a fan... it was boiling in the room the night I…


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The Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic Online Class

Getting back to basics is your fastest way to advance in your own magical practice.  This class offers a unique opportunity for a beginner to learn some solid fundamentals about a variety of topics that are applicable to Western magical theory.  It also offers already practicing Wiccans a chance to get a deeper understanding of fundamental topics then you may have had before.  This is not a "how to practice Wicca " class.  That comes later.  This is a year long, mandatory pre-requisite class…


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The Astrology Of Donald Trump: 12th House Pluto

After observing the intensity of national and potentially global phenomena as a result of Trump assuming office, I decided it was time to take a closer look at the astrology of the man who is to be at the forefront of our lives for a minimum of the next four years. Having specialized in underworld mythology it is no wonder that the topic of Pluto in Donald Trumps natal 12th house became of particular interest and concern for me.

All astrological patterns have positive and…


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Religious & Cult Abuse

Sadly there is no shortage of self proclaimed gurus in any religious tradition, who would exploit you and your vulnerabilities for their own personal gain. The arena of occultism is certainly no exception.

For beginners on the path of occultism it is vitally important to be well informed about the signs and the red flags that you may run into in the course of your occult education. One of my very favorites quotes over the years comes to us from Dion Fortune who once said that "there…


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The Discovery Of The Underworld

In 1962 a notable discovery was made at Baia in Southern Italy by a budding rebel archaelogist named Robert Paget. Robert Paget was an American Naval officer who retired in Baia Italy in 1958. He took up archaelogy as a hobby. Paget partnered up with another man by the name of Keith Jones, who took an equally obsessive interest in ancient antiquities, and together the two of them set out on a quest to search for an ancient wonder. They set out to search for the entrance of the underworld,…


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