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since the last time

been working my butt off. made what i am calling a gods/dess box putting daily prayers in cuz its hard to set up even a travel alter right now being homeless. I make offerings when i can but as of late that is hard and hard it seems. i have all kinds of ideas and plans for my business once we get an apartment i really      cant wait i think it will be wonderful.

as for the low life form. my soon to be ex husband, well the divorce has been filed waiting for papers to sign, he goes to…


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scott free

So got an update today jons case was dropped not sure why will get more tomorrow . but he is getting lable as a child abuser. after what he did he gets a slap on a wrist and told bad boy dont do it again now go home.

my husband destroyed my family while he had a place to live we have been couch surfing and now homeless for the second time. he has a car we dont. parents pay for everything bust my ass off just to get enough to care for my son nd feed us.

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my song

a whisper away from changing everything but is it safe to say such dangerous things.

when your hands tremble and im weak in the knees its times like these when the silence

means everything more then anything so fall when your ready baby let our kiss count

the moments and hearts set the pace ill be your love song and ill love you right off your

feet until you fall into me.

love aint a race…


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tougher then the rest

well its saturday night your alone and blue

ive been txtn you awhile2 and baby you been txtn me too....nd so somebody ran out and

left your heasrt in  mess. well if your looking

for love honey im tougherthen the rest somegirls they want a handsome dan or some good looking joe

on their arms a smooth talkin romeo. but round here baby i learned you get what

you can getget and if your lookin for love honey im tougher then the rest

oh your road is dark and its a thin thin…


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why does the pain feel like it never ends

dear universe why is life such a bitch and unable to get better, and only the rich get better

but those of us who scrimp scrap save to survive get spit on.

look at my family for instance. i had it all. life went aery and man swept me away with his silver tongue. then abandoned my children and i across the country penniless, homeless, alone while he lived in survive i gave up my daughter it wa…


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