i understand that throughout history magick wielders have at various times had to hide what they were but im sure you all realise this is (at least in most western countries) no longer the that each one can declare thier divergance from the "norm" and fing and work with others like them are we going to behave like those who are NOT us?...are we going to form little cliques of non acceptance like THEY do?...just because i was subjected to the utter stupidity of this way of thinking…


Added by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on April 3, 2015 at 12:54am — 8 Comments

again...just my "opinion"

 People ask me if I “believe” in GOD…my understanding of the thing that caused me to “be” is far different from most others concepts yet at the same time is a culmination of all the available information….some of it not easily obtained…that I have found to have demonstrable validity…I see its truth everywhere I look… I know that in “my” reality there is a force or energy that IS ALL things….an ALL pervasive “thing”… it’s the words I’m writing…my…


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many pardons

i didnt mean to come off as elitest or anything like that...its just that i didnt know there were "levels" to magick until i encountered the O.T.O. and they shunned me because things that i had been doing since early childhood were "higher" forms of magick than they practice...i didnt even know what i was doing WAS magick ...i thought EVERYONE did those things...over the course of my life i have found that the "universe" has blessed me with an amazing life including anything i really…


Added by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on March 6, 2015 at 3:28pm — 9 Comments

not friending back?

i find it very interesting that on a site like this so pitifully few have seen fit to friend ME...the last time i encountered such from a group of avowed wielders was the O.T.O....they cowered from me because my magick is in my blood and is higher than their highest should all REALLY consider what i am doing on this planet as we speak...JOY PANDEMIC is a thing whose time is come...happy people are free people...i only want the best for ALL of humanity and EVERYONE on the planet…


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Unfortunately I have a feeling these words may drive many of u away from JOY PANDEMIC…I hope not…%)There’s so much I feel the need to express im not sure where to start…ok…”near death” experiences…every one ive ever heard of was basically the same …the person having the experience saw a brilliant white light…now as some of u may know the name “Lucifer” means “bringer of light” or “light bearer”…ive often wondered (after seeing how nearly everyone ive encountered here treats each other)…


Added by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on February 28, 2015 at 6:32am — 2 Comments

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