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This is an evening picture of my apartment in a town I lived for 10 years.... as you can see, there is many silver/grey orbs about the room. I knew they were Spirit and I also knew they were peaceful. They do/are showing me, peace, harmony and love.

I had many awakenings in that town, guess tis why I love it so much.. I was in the right…


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Witchcraft Books!!

I have been reading and taking notes for 3 days now. Loving every word and learning so much from this book..
Witchcraft - Theory and Practice by Ly De Angeles...
...have you read it? Your thoughts?

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Dysfunctional (1)

"Never underestimate my ability to make you laugh. I put the FUN in DYSFUNCTIONAL!" - Snowy Impressions

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The Deal's Off!

My heart goes out to the brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. I wish for a peaceful resolution and send peaceful vibes daily.

In my culture it has always been about Mother Earth and all the elements that sustain life on this earth. It is the reason I am following the Wiccan path..  Nature is my church!

Here is a video by a local gentlemen from a First Nations down the highway from me. He is now at Standing Rock and I am following his posts on Facebook. But I thought I would…


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Piling Up

"Its one of those days, where the haters gonna hate and the weird ones don't give a crap.. different day, same pile! And we all carry a shovel in our holsters. I hear the theme song to .. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, in the background. Ha! Winter is coming and there is a surge of words coming to the front of my wee brain, the cerebrum, which is responsible for, Movement, Body temperature, Touch, Vision ,Hearing ,Judgment, Reasoning, Problem solving , Emotions and Learning. S…


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My Ojibway Native Name

After many years I was finally given my native name and I am pretty proud of that. I was named by a Ojibway native elder, Mawla Shawana, who I talked with for almost a year, till he was able to place me.

I love and take pride in my native culture.



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Solitary Witch

I have been so busy as of late, with moving into a bottom floor apartment and making it a home. As well as summer events, weddings, babies being born, grandchildren wanting to spend nights with me and squeezing in a tad of home decorating, as well as setting my alter. It is taking time to round up all I need and want for my alter but I am taking pleasure at how it is unfolding. I did get into the city recently and went to Chapters, to find a book to help me put an identity to the person I…


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Dance Dance Dance!!!

I love this and would love to attend this celebration some year.!!!

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Dead Batteries

I have 3 battery operated wall clocks in my apartment. No matter the quality of battery I put in them, there is always at least 2 that stop working within a month's time.

Now I know I am surrounded by spirit, I did a 3 night smudge not long ago. And a couple years ago, I had a medium spend the night, when she got up the next morning, she told me that was the worse sleep she ever because there is so much spirit, energy, again, around me.

So with that I…


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I have no words

It says it all...

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I created my first TREE OF LIFE today!

It is 12 inches in diameter. I used assorted gems and will use different colors in others as well. I am going to have to buy small link chain to hang them. I see imperfections within this one, yet that is what will make it an original.. like myself. :)…


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My Alter

As I said in another blog, I am creating my alter, for the first time.

From what I have read it is to consist of items from my journey thus far, correct?

I am adding to it from comments I read, that inspire me, like.. KIVA... a square space made round and items, as well as.. : Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Can you share any points of interest with me, on how to make this all it can be for myself.

It is set on an antique chest of drawers, which was my Mothers (RIP) I…


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To Believe Or Not To Believe?

I was a mess back in 2006, but that lady was just at the beginning of a long journey, that will never end, now I realize this.. 10 years later.

However it is how I see life on this journey, how I see others and most importantly, perfecting my coping skills and becoming all I can be..

I found such peace of mind over the past couple years and now practicing what I read. I am putting together my alter, I am creating a huge, Tree Of Life, to hang in my window. I am learning about…


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My Future In A Stick

I started storing my unedited book, some poetry, a few short stories on a new stick. It's full and I need to pick up a couple more sticks. I have done some researching about Kindle online books and think I will put my 1st book there to see how it goes. I have my fingers crossed and hope its a hit! If it does become a hit, well I can only be inspired to keep on with a…


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Cleaning Negatives.

I will be doing this on Sunday.. cleaning windows..When you're doing your spring cleaning this season. In the produce section at the grocery store, you will see sage leaves in plastic containers, buy a package, put a few leaves in your window and or household spray cleaner, allowing to sit for a couple days…


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Single For 11 Yrs. Is This Why??

Great article by Paul Hudson...

There was once a time when men used to be real men. When they dressed with style, when they had a certain honor code they followed that involved treating not only their elders and each other with respect, but women alike. Unfortunately, those days are far- gone — a thing of the past. What we have now is… to be quite honest, I'm…


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3 Day Smudge

"It does not take much to feel good about life or about yourself. All you need to do is rid yourself of negatives, whether that be toxic relationships or maybe as simple as cleaning your house of heavy spirit, and purging your home of excess material items. My 3 evening smudge of home and self, has left me feeling so much lighter in mind, body and spirit. Of course a great deal with the self is lead by the mind, so getting your mind in a good place is a must. Do a smudge, take more walks…


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I have made it no secret what a real man is to me. That does not mean I am right.  This is my post of what I think a real man will own, not so much material goods, but the strength of personality described below.

 a man of great strength lives by a code of ethics.


Native American Code Of Ethics

Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often.

The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.


Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path.…


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Smudging For Peace

After a rough couple weeks & praying to Mom-Dad-Joey, Mom come through someone else and told me what I had to do. with the help of a sister in law's guidance, I smudged a feast plate, myself and my entire apartment,(for 3 nights) with windows wide open and a fresh breeze coming in..I hung another dreamcatcher.. relaxing now with a fresh cup of coffee & thankful for so many people and things in my life.... Always speak to The Creator and those loved ones who have passed over,…


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So happy to contribute the little part I did once again for this published author, Gordon Bois. To read the manuscript and then give a jacket quote is always a delight! Here is link to view all the books on Gordon's shelf. Which you will see my thoughts on a few of those book jackets. ;)

Gordon's Book Shelf

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