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Find a Wiccan Teacher, or How to Piss Off a Newbie


Hi, everyone. You’ll find that I post a fair amount of articles that are designed for new seekers, but I only address “Finding a Teacher” every so often. And believe me, those of us who teach and who are writing about it on the web get approached a LOT. HOWEVER, most people who approach us end up pretty frustrated, and…


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OK, this might upset a lot of people, but what I say usually does, so I’m used to it. The reason not to buy a comprehensive library of “Wicca 101” books is because 98% of them are trash. Further, those who can really teach you tend to find you when the time is right. Sure, you won’t die if you mistakenly think that Cunningham is the…


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When the Gods Kick Your Ass...And They Will

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As we go into the dark part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, many Pagans “go inward” and do internal work with Self and Gods.  We get ready to honor our Ancestors at Samhain (if we are Wiccan or “Wiccish”) and to pay attention to the…


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Make Your Own Handfasting Cord

While it’s completely up to the people being handfasted as to what to use for a handfasting cord, I love the idea of making your own cord in sacred space as a spiritual and magical support for your union.  Here I’ll share two methods of creating a handfasting cord.  The first method is for a floss cord and the second involves braiding ribbons to make your…


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Imbolc Activities after the Ritual

The circle was cast, the Goddess and God were invoked, and the candles blazed through the night.  Imbolc came like a bright star in the winter chill and you’ve rested from your vigil.  What now?  Are you one of those Pagans who celebrate the Sabbat and forget about it until next time?  There’s so much more to do between circles…so many activities bring the energy of…


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Signature Oil Blends for Covens

Although it’s certainly not necessary, some covens like to have a special “coven oil” for various uses in ritual.  A working partner and I first created a signature oil blend for our home coven about 6 years ago as a Yule gift for the coven.  We created the blend by selecting an essential oil to represent each of our members and then rounded out the recipe by…


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Teaching at my First Con! Nerrrrvous! Show up Skyclad?

I took the plunge.  When I was sleepy in the morning without benefit of coffee to instill a little common sense into my mushy, uncaffeinated consciousness, I hit the send button and applied to teach a class at Paganicon in March. 

I'm not sure why I'm so nervous.  I've been teaching Craft classes for a while now.  And the subject matter, Crisis Intervention for Pagan Clergy, is something I know well.  I spent several years performing professional crisis interventions for a human…


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A True Fey Tale

One evening near dusk I went to retrieve the container in which I had left my customary Fey offering at my back yard Fey shrine.  This time, I had left a tiny bowl of agave nectar as my gift to the good people.  When I bent down to peer into the bowl, expecting the nectar to be gone (as my offerings are usually taken soon after I leave them), I saw an ant struggling in the…


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Honey and Cayenne Pepper for Skin Cancer

Just thought I'd share this kickass cure for common scaley skin cancer (the non-melanoma type)...honey mixed with cayenne pepper!  Simply use 2 parts honey to one part ground cayenne pepper, mix, and apply to the affected area, being careful not to get it on healthy surounding skin.  Place a bandage over the area and reapply every day, replacing bandage.  Within a few weeks,…


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Magickal Aphrodisiac Sun Tea. It's my Friend.

Today was a good day, my friends.  Vacation day...teenager with friends, hubby and I all alone.  We lounged, and while we lounged, we created a lovely potion.  And then we drank it.  And then we drank each other.  It's so delicious and works so well, we thought we'd share.  Here it is!

Aphrodisiac Sun Tea

Clear glass jar or pitcher

Water to fill 3/4…


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Down to Wiccan Brass Tacks: What does "Harm None" Mean?

As a beginning Craft student, I loved the Rede.  My tradition uses a long version, not just the 8 words, and to this day, I think it's a beautiful poem.  Most of us are familiar with "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an it harm none, do what ye will."  But what is harm?

At first, it's easy to think that we can follow this simple rule, bouncing happily through life,…


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One Wiccan's Experience with Vegetarianism and the Craft

I was a late bloomer in a lot of respects.  I came to my formal Wiccan path in my thirties, after years of knowing that I was "different," as many who read this also probably did.  I hadn't found the right fit, and read all of the "wrong" pagan books (for me), so I got a late start as a Wiccan.  It follows to reason then that I got a late start as a vegetarian, too. Leave it to me to take my time "landing" anywhere.  I am passionate about both of these aspects of my life, but…


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The Joy of Free Spirit Gathering

Not even a 17 hour drive from Minneapolis to Darlington, Maryland could dampen my spirits on June 15, 2011.  Many of my coven mates and Trad kinsmen had been telling me for years that Free Spirit Pagan Gathering was the best time they had ever had at a Pagan festival. 

My husband and I,…


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