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ECT 2013 Registration is Open!

The East Coast Thing is an Asatru community-building event in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. It was established in 1999 and is a family-friendly place where Asatruar gather in fridh to honor the Aesir and Vanir, exchange ideas in classes and workshops and renew the bonds between kindreds and individuals. While the event is open to all individuals, the focus is on Asatru and the Northeast Asatru community. August 21 - 25 in Raymounskill, PA. …


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Open Letter to Paganspace

At some point there is is breakdown in communication that is intentional.  "Paganspace is a meeting place for the Occult community.", so it says on the front page and every one thereafter.  So when folks post away with things like they are "not spiritual" and "non-religious" it certainly raises an eyebrow on a site like this.  Of course, if that came from a newbie or an atheist/agnostic type of individual this might be par for the course.  But when said…


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Freyfaxi Blot Report

This is a difficult time of year. The Summer is ending and the Fall is

just making itself felt. Everyone is scrambling with the last of the

summer preparations for a winter.

We had a quite a healthy showing for Rick's place near Boston. Lots of

new and old friends came to celebrate with us. The discussion was

lively ranging over the function of the harvest holiday and the place of

Frey as the god of growth and the burial mound.

The ritual went… Continue

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Religious Discrimination on Paganspace

"Personally, I find the Wiccan creation myth appalling. I also see nothing about the Goddess that is worthy of worship and many good reasons to denounce her. In my view The Goddess is much worse than… Continue

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Thor Blot and musings on the "Heron of Mindlessness"

Heilsa All,

RKN held our monthly Blot ritual at a the home of a friend of the kindred. We celebrated and honored Thor, wielder of Mjollnir, protector of Midgard and all around fine god.

One of the friends of the kindred was more then a little tipsy. There were some extenuating circumstances, so asking him to leave was not an option. Now there was plenty of alcohol at the event (as with all our events). In particular, our kindred has a number of brewers so lots of seriously… Continue

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Midsummer Blot

I have been totally remiss in blowing the blog off... I have still been getting to all the monthly Blot and ritual stuff but I am getting really tired of running around and 4 hrs to see my wife...

(ahem) Anywho - Midsummer with Raven Kindred North:

This went down in Maine. I traveled with my kinswoman up on Friday after a short pit stop with more kin. The Saterday morning was spent honoring the Landvattir (which one way of saying lots of yard and farm work). We moved ten… Continue

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Honoring the Female Family Spirits; The Disir

If the connection to our Gods as our eldest kin are important to us

then should not our connection to our family be as important? We

celibrate our ancestors, always. But our bond, to those in our direct

family, have to evoke a stirring in our breast. The Disir - the

grand-mothers, the fountainhead of our family luck and strength of our


The Disir are important to us because of their immediacy to us. We are

the last incarnation of what they… Continue

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Skathi Blot in Maine

Well, this was our first Blot in the new place. The place certainly felt pretty awesome.

My wife does an annual Skathi Blot and this year was no exception. On the contrary, the further North, the better.

The area was resplendent with animals: Darting Blue Jay males with plump females in tow, a giant possum, circling hawks, scurrying farm cats and a friendly dog. The "backyard" had a grove of white birch and pine. Words just can't describe how much emotion those white… Continue

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Yule at Raven Kindred North

Heilsa All!

We do a few rituals at Yule:

Farewell to Sunna at dusk, the Main Ritual, a Wild Hunt Blot at Midnight and a Welcome back at dawn. And yes, we stay up all night to await her at dawn.

Of course, we did get over a foot of snow over the weekend...

The Odin Blot we did standing upon giant "inscribed" (ok, tread path) Sunwheel in the snow. Really nice.

This is my write-up about the Main Blot I did for the gathered… Continue

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Einjahar Blot

Raven Kindred North had it's annual blot to the, honored dead, the Chosen Slain of Freyja and Odin; the Einjahar.

(Details and Blot report at http://www.ravennorth.org/)

My take: it was Awesome. (Go figure.) Awe defined in the old fashion; to inspire and make you think.

Einjahar is made-up whole cloth. While we do have plenty of toasts to the Ancestors in the lore, a specific Blot to the chosen of the Gods... Not so much.… Continue

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Hof and Dedicated Pagan Land in Maine

So, it looks like my wife and I will be Maine bound, approximately Springtime next year.

The location is fantastic and comes with Asatru neigbors (notably my kinsman).
And most specificly a well-laid concrete slab.

It's just screaming to made into a hall ready for the worship of the Gods.
With luck and work we can do this.

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The End of a Homestead

Heilsa All,

Last weekend, I helped my kinswoman move out from her home. It was a quite a mixed feeling occasion. It was a fantasticly excellent idea for her to get out and move with the change doing a lot of good for her. But this was a place that has seen many Blots and offerings given over the almost ten years there. The Landwights have been very, very good to Raven Kindred North.

A final thanking those helpful wights and inviting them into her new place. There were… Continue

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Freyfaxi Blot Report

This year we tried to have folks bring a small aspect of the harvest holiday to the Blot. Specificly, my wife's excellent idea was to have folks bring vegetarian meals to the Blot. With the hope to get people thinking about the land, even before the Blot. (Of course we did have a few meat products at the meal, as we are Heathens...)

Before the Blot, the wife and I managed to make an unintentional blood sacrifice in the form gardening. Apparently, after five years thorn bushes become… Continue

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Tyr Blot

Not surprisingly, the RKN Tyr Blot is always really something special for me. I live my job with the law. It's a 24/7 vocation. When my clients succeed or fail, I have to share in that - whether I like it or not. My cell phone is on usually around the clock for my clients. Most of them are in dire straits and need sound advice. The wrong actions can easily result in families being sundered. For our ancestors, the legal fight was an attempt at substituting and alleviating the physical fight.… Continue

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International Asatru Summer Camp and Germany

Heilsa All,

I've been home since Sunday, back from a 2.5 week tour through Germany culminating in less then a week at the International Asatru Summer Camp in Denmark before heading home via Dublin. I had an awesome and relaxing time in Germany.

From a spiritual only perspective, this was the skinny -

I declined going to the opening ritual as a result of philosophical differences. I was uncomfortable with the preamble explanation of what the ritual was about. In… Continue

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Trothmoot Postscript

Heilsa All,

Trothmoot was a great time. I was pretty impressed by almost all of those who I met. Trothers are hard working folks that really have something to give back to the greater community.

I arrived late on Thursday at Midnight and was welcomed with a horn of mead by Steerswoman Patty L. I was given an entire cabin reputedly alone. My roomates were a Luna Moth and a pair of baby birds inside the cabin. They did manage to keep me up much of the night.… Continue

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Midsummer Blot Write-up

Heilsa All,

This is the write-up I did for our kindred's Midsummer Blot. Enjoy.

Midsummer is one of our most holiest of days. There is just so much potential at this time. The weather accommodated us nicely with sun, as it has been raining over much of the Northeast for a week and in Maine for two weeks previous.

Jon offered up one of his roosters to the Gods and for the dinner for those gathered. Little fanfare was made of it, and little was required. With a… Continue

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Prayers for Idunna this Saterday

Heilsa All,

The Troth this year is having their annual Idunna Blot this Saturday, June 13, 2009. But this year we are asking folks who can not attend for something different. We are simply asking the Heathen and Asatru community to think about Idunna this Saturday. We hope that, for just a moment, that people will take some time from their day to send a good thought, a prayer, perhaps even go so far as have a ritual. While all of us should be mindful about our place in the universe… Continue

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Neglected Blog, Life Update and Ravencast Podcast Future Insight


I am going to try to catch up with what's been going on with my life over the last few months, so I'm going to be Bloggy McBlog Blog before this day ends.


Did not pass the Maine Bar (again), so the longer term plan is to move to Boston-ish. Not what the wife and I wanted.

I will be going to Trothmoot in June. (Anyone want a ride?)

I will be going to the International Asatru Summer Camp in Demark and hanging out in Germany in Hamburg… Continue

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Asatru Witch - Video Title

Heilsa All,

This is a cool 10 minute video with Freyja Aswynn.
She is reading runes and doing her thing. It's very cute and cool.


I can't embed it but I can post this.

Wes Thu Hal

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