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new tunes my music

I just added a to my page , I hope you like it as much as I do . I love all all kinds of music from clasical to heavy rock but i generaly like easy listening music soo fel free to put your feet up , kick back and relax oh and if you like what you are listening to why not drop me a wee comment

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I am now a Grandad

at 5 am this morning my boy Robert bacame a daddy ,His partner had a wee boy 4lb 11 the baby is also called Robert I am so happy .

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Top 100 wooohoooo

I am totaly addicted to this place so much so I have just noticed that I am in the top 100 of points wooohoooo , dont know how long I will be in the top 100 but I am feeling well pleased with myself.

thanks to all of you who comment on my page

The gods are with me tonight first the return of my dog and now this

wooohoooo again lol

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The Gods helped me tonight

I took my wee pup out tp the enclosed back yards of the houses tonght , I usualy do this around 10pm and have a wee ciggy while Gozmo ( my wee yorkshire terrier ) no sooner than I turned my back He had vannished into thin air , wouldent answer his calls , so I was jumping over fences , torch in hand no sign of him , I searched for 20 minutes before i decided to search the local park where I usually walk him - still no sighn of the wee rascle . after an hour and a half of saerching without any… Continue

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Hope you all have a blessed Autumn Equniox / mabon

Medrry meet my friends ,

I hope you all have a blessed Autumn Equniox / mabon


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International Day of Peace, September 21


The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982.

In 2002 the… Continue

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Happy full moon

Its 15th of September and full moon toaday , I would just like to wish everyone a Happy full moon


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not been feeling well

well its been a bit of a downer week for me , I have had a bit of food poisoning so the last few days have been spent rushing form one loo to another lol I only hope it sorts itself out sooner rather than later on the Upside I am managing to get to sleep earlier than i use to so not the usual 4/5 am getting to sleep its more like 2 am wooohooo

I passed my latest exam at magickaschool although I only got one question wrong I am happy but a little dissapointed at the same… Continue

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new layout

I am not very computer savy ( ie - Thick Scotsman lol ) but 4 hours of trial and error I managed to make a new layout/ Background for my page . I hope you like it -please leave a comment on what you think of my layout / background , good , bad or indiffrent .

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First week at paganspace

Hu and nerry meet

It is coming up for my first week here at paganspace and I am so thankfull that I found this place . Everyone here is so friendly , welcoming and helpfull . Thankkyou to all that sent me very nice welcome messages they brighten up my day . I am still learning the ropes and tonight I finaly mastered how to add pictues to my site whoooo hooo lol the next task is figuring how to add a back graphics and possibly music

I dont know how often I will post in this… Continue

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