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Ascending From My Hermitage (THE reason I've been...nowhere)

So Here We Go :)

It has now been nearly a month since the full onset of my Hermitage and I feel myself slowly coming out of it.

Being without my extra senses made me feel lopsided and deformed. 

And a few times it very nearly cost me dearly.

I ran into a "soul-less" person who tried to suck the life out of me…


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LMAO My hubby, the supposed contract killer

LMFAO! *hold sides* My husband was pulled over today at the library where he does all his meetings for the Census because someone called the cops thinking he was a contract killer. We have plastic in the trunk because it leaks when it rains and when they asked and he told em about that, they were like uber suspicious.

They had him handcuffed and everything. And it made it worse that the plastic got caught on the latch so when they opened it, it looked like it was being perfectly… Continue

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Haven't blogged in a while, not been much to blog about lol

I think the only update I have is that my hubby got hired with the Census Bureau. We are relieved for the moment. He should have around 8 weeks of work (depending on work availability which shouldn't be too hard in this area lol) The pay is awesome and he can work as much as 40hrs/wk but no less than 32 (i think) so that is freakn awesome for us lol.

I made a new friend locally who doesn't have any problems with how I am :D so that's pretty cool since I haven't made any since I got… Continue

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Surgery Update

We got there at 8:30 because they told us to be there at that time for my 10:30 surgery. Turned out it wasn't scheduled until 1:30. I didn't actually get into the OR until 3 because no one had thought to do a urine test during that WHOLE time to test for pregnancy (and they were supposed to). My nurse stuck the IV in the wrong spot and struck a nerve causing my lower arm/hand to go numb if I didn't hold it a certain way. I had to be stuck like 4 times cuz she didn't know what she was doing. Had… Continue

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this is so cool!

It's a website ( and you can sell and buy different kinds of work/jobs for $5. It's a set price and they go through paypal. People are selling/buying everything under the sun there. :D check it out y'all

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So, more shitskies our way, but at least some of it seems to be working out

My hubby had to quit his job cuz it turns out that the company was shamming people pretty hard and he couldn't live with that. He's thankful he only made one sale (didn't find out about the shamming till after the fact) He called in today and made it known to his boss.

Then, we've been calling the clinic that my husband goes to to get his synthroid (he has not thyroid) for about 2 weeks. He went there last month to get a refill on hi script and they wouldn't do it without bloodwork so… Continue

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So now I'M looking for a job lol

I FINALLY got my ID in today. So now it's my turn to look for a job....Which will be considerably harder than my husband doing so lol. Because I have to stay seated (unless i'm on crutches and only that for like 5 minutes maybe) my hubby's only off on Sundays and he works from around 1-9pm.

That and I don't have a high school diploma or a GED (looking to get one but have to get the money first AND their testing is from 48 pm)

So, I guess I am… Continue

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omg omg omg omg! My hubby got a job!

So last night I happened across this open interview ad on craigslist and showed it to my husband. He was going out near that area anyway today and said he would check it out. So we get there and he's only 1 of 2 guys that showed up today for it. The interview guy and my hubby talked about his work history, and he said that my hubby was one of very few clean cut young people who had applied. The guy was very impressed with him and told him he… Continue

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A Sort of Memorial to Lucian, my angel baby

Today is supposed to be a sad day I think, but I am not sad. Instead I reflect on that day, what I felt, what my husband went through, the months that followed in utter despair, sometimes not even realizing that that's where I was.

I think of how the small amount of time we shared…


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>:( Ruptured My Achilles Tendon Last Night

I was just walking along, getting ready to head for bed. My husband had about 10 minutes before the show he was watching with his dad was over. I kissed him and was walking back towards the stairs (no fancy steps, no twists, just regular walking) and POP! It felt like my bones shifted.

I thought "No, probably a muscle since that happens a lot in my right arm when I do a backhand in racquetball". I tried to keep walking and suddenly found myself… Continue

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Dream I had, not sure what it is, if anything

I dreamt I was in a very old style home, made of wood and kinda drafty. The owner was having a house sale and my younger sister and I were there. I think my mother was too but I couldn't make out the face well enough to tell definitively. I was very young (like maybe 6-7?) in this dream.

There were books EVERYWHERE, bookshelves made an odd pattern on the floor, just kind a scattered here and there. There were a lot of other odds and ends and clothes but the books grabbed my attention… Continue

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Excited! Very Awesome for my husband and I :D

Today, my husband and I were able to start setting up the room next to us for our practices :D. As long as we can quickly revert it to a spare room should the need arise, it is ours to do with what we like.

So, we go the altar set up, the incense/candle table set up, and the water-fountain set up. We have room arranged according to the compass directions (or nearest as we could tell anyway). At a later date, we will be setting up other shelves and things that we wish to be put in… Continue

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Healing, how emotions factor into healing (well mine anyway), and the energy system of the body.

I apologize for the colors, I have no idea where they came from as I cannot change the color of font from this page so I don't know how to change it back.

I read the book "The Healing Energy of Your Hands" by Michael Bradford. It was a very profound and powerful perspective…


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My take on the posts about good vs. evil, and right vs. wrong.

Let me say to begin with that I do not believe in a universal good or evil.

My concepts of both are based on the Jedi Code, Circle, and Rules of Behavior.

These I learned at the Jedi Academy Online(.com) (I am no longer training there at this time due to physical injury)

This is a real thing, in the Jedi Community we are known as Jedi Realists.

I will leave the entire explaining out and leave that to you to look up if you wish.

Anyway, what I am saying is that… Continue

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A Form of Spring Cleaning :)

So today it came to me as I was thinking of ways to "clean things up" on the inside, to draw my chakras as they are(were) and then as they should be(are now). I did so and came up with some pretty fucked up stuff as I focused on each on and drew the images that came to mind.

Then (obviously) after I had finished, I drew what I would like for them to look like. After doing both sets, I wrote down the prevailing feelings that I currently (had) and that I wanted to have… Continue

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Weird tingly thing at the base of my spine. Any input guys?

So for the past several days I have been researching a lot of things (for my own purposes obviously lol). But every time I stumble onto something that is just..."right" (for me) and I know it is, I get this big tingling/vibration at the base of my spine and it spreads out and out and feels very warm. The "color" varies ...between incredibly bright silver to incredibly bright gold.

The first was looking up the Grey School of Wizardry and it happened when I began reading about their… Continue

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Dream of a dead man...weirdness....

Dream of a dead man....weirdness

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

So last night I had a weird dream. The house I was in was an exact mirror of the house I am in now. There was a large dead man in our bathtub and for some reason he had been in there long enough to cause black stuff to appear on the tub.

My husband and I were trying to think of a way to get rid of it but couldn't come up with anything. I was standing by the tub with my hands on my hips telling him… Continue

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A Landbound mermaid ( a poem I wrote)

Pretty sure the grammatical aspect isn't all that great but I couldn't think of a different way to put it.

She walked alone on a full moon night, into the forest green.

And there she found a waterfall,

The most beautiful she’d ever seen.

She smiled and sighed contently

Promising she’d never tell of it

Lest those who heard thought it silly.

As she knelt near the water,

She saw and gathered a lily.

The biggest one ever she… Continue

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First Samhain :D very exciting for me

So this year is the first year I have ever celebrated Samhain. It was truly different from anything I have ever experienced.

It's also the first time I have ever carved a pumpkin. I have to say doing so was a rewarding, accomplished feeling for me lol. I gave the 'kin a big eye and a little eye so that it somewhat looked like it was winking. I also carved some runes into it (that, for some reason, gave me a feeling of power)

My husband had an idea and carved the names of loved ones… Continue

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Wolves and Protection (well they looked more like Lycans but I'll call em wolves)

So I feel into an incredibly deep sleep last night and had some awesome dreams, most of which I cannot recall lol. There is one that I had close to waking though that really sticks out in my mind. I was in car with some other people my hubby and a few I couldn't quiet make out.

We were at some kind of station, almost like a gas station but it wasn't? lol. Anyway, out of the blue a horde of people swarmed around the car and instantaneously turned into giant wolves (all but one) They… Continue

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