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Something isn't right. I don't think we belong here.

There were days where I loved to hear controversial topics and when I finally spoke, the room became quieted and others actually took a moment to process my words and nod their heads. In this day of age humans only listen to reply. I myself, could only repeat what I knew to make sense. Humans and their thought process, believing they are separate from nature. Higher beings, but willing to claim obedience to a god as a virtue. And for what purpose? Creating law, creating a sense of belonging…


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Names and faces seem not to matter anymore

So many times I've heard that all are one. No one calls to me. No one shows their face(s) to me. The wind blows and the eerie silence seems to be the answer every time. Going through an existential crisis was something strange to me, and it all seemed so pointless. All we have to learn is we are a part of nature & not separate. The art of living itself is a joke. 

There is always the art of following your roots for a small piece of enlightenment. Sad to say, all roots are…


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The Mother

Mother.....she takes, she gives, she multiplies as does the universe. For she is such. She is our world and more. She will either decide or dictate what is best for us all, fight until the last breath or readily hand us over to the wolves to see whether we will perish or return leading the pack. The well known, but so inexperienced each lifetime over. A nurturing being, and a vicious species. She is all, but in the end she is nothing. As long as the young live on, her snarl…


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The Tradition of the Blackbird (Druid Dhubh)

         One of the Gaelic names for the blackbird, Druid Dhubh, means the Black Druid. Druid Dhubh is a bird which sings beautifully and melodiously at twilight, and even later. Twilight is the shimmering time-a time of transition between one reality and the next. Such in-between times are considered especially significant in the Druid tradition. The blackbird sings to us as the world changes around us-as the time of daylight and consciousness and the concrete world gives way to the…


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The Bright Knowledge

            Druidry recognizes that knowledge is neutral. It is how we use it that makes it good or bad, helpful or harmful. The Cauldron of Inspiration in Druidry provides both Bright Knowledge and Baleful Knowledge. It is our responsibility to use the knowledge we gain in creative, positive ways. This applies to all the knowledge we acquire-including that which comes from the use of an oracle. 

             Ovates, who are trainee Druids specializing in healing and working with the…


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Peer often deep within the pool of Fec

           The Waters of Time

Life has often been compared to a river, whose flowing water represents the flowing of our lives toward an ocean of Oneness and Bliss. Using an oracle we attempt to look beneath the surface of the water, the surface of our lives, to observe its undercurrents, its depths, its hidden secrets. There we may be lucky enough to find the salmon of wisdom who can show us the truth that time is not linear. It feels as if we are all…


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Inner Animals, Power Animals, Totem Guides

            Working with the Animal Oracle can put us in touch with four different types of animal. First, it can open us to the beauty of the animal in the physical world, leading us to discover more about its life and ways. Secondly, it can put us in touch with our own "inner animals." Somehow animals act as ideal symbols or images of our deepest fears and urges, or of those parts of our psyche which have been denied or repressed or simply neglected. By welcoming and loving the animals…


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Shamanism and Animal Powers

        Working with animal powers is a central feature of shamanism, and we can find many shamanic elements woven into the philosophy and practice of Druidry. Michael Harner, a world authority on shamanism, speaks of the shamanic way as one which is best defined as a method to open a door and enter a different reality. Much Druid ceremony and meditation has as its goal journeying into other realities, and the word "Druid" is related to words meaning both "oak" and "door"-with the symbol of…


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Rooted In Time

           A reverence for animals and an awareness of them as teachers and guides is as old as humanity itself. The Drachenloch caves in Switzerland reveal altars dedicated to the Bear that are 70,000 years old. In the Lascaux caves in France, the extraordinary animal paintings and ceremonial bear's body statue are over 19,000 years old. Clearly animals were at the center of religious practice from the very earliest of times. In Britain, antlers nearly 10,000 years old, adapted for use as…


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Our Animal Teachers

Our Animal Teachers

       Our ancestors revered every aspect of the natural world and considered each part of this world capable of being an ally, guide, and teacher. The Druid of today is able to draw inspiration, direction, and assistance from each realm of the natural world, but in the old days it was perhaps easier and less unusual-there were fewer "things" between us and the world of Nature, and the prevailing world-view saw every part of it infused…


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Introduction to the Druid Animal Oracle

Fruitful glen of fish-filled pools

Beautiful your rounded hills of wheat;

Remembering you causes me great distress,…


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Heh...the, out of order rhyme

Shared something with a good friend last night that I never thought I would, with anyone, and i'm surprised at my reaction today. I'm feeling light hearted once more, and i'm even allowing the sun to keep my skin warm instead of shutting the blinds. A blessed Beltane, it is. 

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Rapture babble

Due to past associations, I've trained myself to tune out babble of everyday life. Today, while awaiting for my father to come out of surgery, I decided to read an old book I found in my closet. Some time later, I noticed two women speaking louder & louder by the sentence. Then I realize that they're speaking about the rapture that will befall on us all. 

What do I do? Quietly giggle to myself as I continue to read. Next thing I know, I've directed their focus on me. And…


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