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I am who I am -he is who he is - end of story with the S word

This blog is dedicated to a few of my "favorites": Rev Blackheart, Rev Eric Fraize, Rev Bleach and Mizz Crowley among others who know who they are.

I get tired of saying it - I am not a Satanist. Never have been, never will be.

That being said, for some people online that automatically means I know nothing about Satanism. While arguable, I do not feel this is true. After you live with a Latino for a while, you learn how to speak Spanish. Comprende? Entiendo? Um...… Continue

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I am mad as Hell, and I don't even believe in Hell! - Legally Blonde, Disabled and Pagan Part 2

I know, I know, those are just words on a screen, but when you get flamed on an e-group, you feel burned.

Let me offer a little preamble before I go off on my rant. Being married to John, like anything in life, is both a blessing and a curse.

The problem is that if I go under the "Lillee" screen name, then inevitably, there I am on a "civilian" list and someone will write

"Are you related to that Lord Egan guy?" "Are you a Satanist too?" etc etc.. Sometimes I just want to be a… Continue

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