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Are Cats People?

Mother, another fine day you've got me into, Thanks!

I know some of you may very well say yes to the headline. If so, you will be in complete agreement with my SO. Now I'm not tryin to say that Cats are dumb or anything of that sort, but hey they are NOT people and they have their own ways eh. Here's the story: My SO spends all her…


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Occupy Wall Street

Mother the days have been filled with such beauty, Thank You.

Finally some folks have begun to stand up to the politicians and the rich! These folks have a legitimate set of gripes. The news media, controlled of course by the rich (who…


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What's Goin On Round These Parts

Mother it's hard to believe that there is global warming in progress. I'm freezin my ass off haha. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience this great event called Life.

Good things happenen in these parts: My walnut tree has produced a bumper crop of nuts this year. I park partially under this tree, not by choice but…


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Please Help!! I Think I've Gone Insane?

Mother you have given us another fine day {:o)

I have been sittin here for the past few years watchin things goin on around me in this country (U.S.) and I think I've lost it, or is it me? Here's just a few things that I've observed that makes me think there's either something wrong with me or the the country, you decide. A few years…


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A Fine Weekend

Well Mother you have come thru with the much needed rain in these parts, just don't overdo it ok.

Labor Day weekend is a bittersweet time for me. My eldest child was born on Labor Day, and she has grown up to be a beautiful and smart Lady. It is also a sad time for me, it marks the end of summer. I know in actuality summer ends about…


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Push, Push, Push!!

It's a beautiful day Mother, Thank You!

I was readin on one of my emails today about some Christian groups that are trying to pressure the VA (U.S.) into having Christian prayer recited at all Veteran Burial Ceremonies. This is regardless of whether the Vet was Christian or not and over the wishes of the Families involved. WTF? This…


Added by DarEpsilon on August 30, 2011 at 1:28pm — 1 Comment

The Week That Was, There's No Changin It

Mother you have created another wonderful day!

Wow, the stuff that goes on lately, this week so far has been quite active. I was watchin a program on the telly the other day and listened to a guy talk about a new way to elect the Pres (U.S.). It sounded very interestin so I went to the site AmericansElect.org and checked it out. It…


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It's Friday! ???????????? not?

It's gonna be a great day Mother, Thank You!

It's such a great day, I was thinkin it had to be Friday. So ya know the feelin eh. Yup you guessed it, been smokin that there green again. Yeah I can remember the first time I got stoned on some good Bud. I was workin a Walgreens Drug Store job. I was 16, had already quit school and was…


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Death? Respect?

Mother you have truly outdone yourself with this fine day. Thank You!

So last Friday I find out that my Mother's Brother has died, my Uncle eh? I find this out from my son, who finds out from his sister (my daughter haha), who finds out from their cousin (Uncles Daughter) via her facebook page. Whew thats a hard concept to describe…


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Where I Wish I Was

Mother, Thank You for the warm rain and the life in this body.

Have you ever yearned to be someplace back in time when life was quite a bit different than today? I would have and I yearn for a time in Northern Scotland, a time before the Celts and the Scandinavians. Of course I would have had to have been a lot smaller. If I wanted a…


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Speaking From Both Mouths (o:} {:o)

Mother you have a way of showing the Masses of your displeasure! Have pity, for they know not why they do it and Thank You for another day of cherished life.

Have you ever noticed how our governments speak about how they are out for our welfare and then punish us for listening? For instance (and I speak…


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What Me Worry?

A fine day, less sun, less heat, less humidity. Thanks Mother.

Now everybody knows from reading my previous blogs that I don't worry bout nothin! Haha, not. I worry constantly about everything, whats happenin to entitlements, my slipping from lower middle class to lower poor status. And especially what…


Added by DarEpsilon on July 13, 2011 at 9:45am — 1 Comment

Sittin Here Listening

Another hot one, Thanks Mother.

Sittin here listenin to the Pres (U.S.) talk about the debt ceiling. I find it horrific to believe that the lives and well being of so many Americans on entitlements, are under the control of folks that will never have a financial need to use them. But hey I bet they…


Added by DarEpsilon on July 11, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

Happy? Yup

Gonna Be a hot one! Thanks Mother.

Another fine day, not much to do but be friends w/my online socialites. Yep been smokin that there green stuff agin. This makes me happy {:o). If I'm not mistaken, in Europe somewhere, they had found the remnants of a 25,000 yr old dwelling. After diggin for a bit they…


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Relatively Speaking

It's a great day for a Birthday Party eh. Thanks Mother Earth and Uncle Sam!

Yeah I know I'm thanking the gov, and all my prior missives have been sorta anti opinionated. Still I was allowed to get my message out, w/out bein put in prison (altho I haven't checked the rules in this locale) yet anyway. I still have the opportunity to…


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Insanity Is Truely Spreading

It's gonna be a nice Sunny day today, Thanks Mother!

I'm sittin here listening to the radio as I usually do when online. I hear about many improbable things goin on in the country ( U.S.) and the world. Here at home "The Land Of The Free" I've heard that there are localities where the police can now arrest you for taking…


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Wrecking Our Society

A bit rainy here, Mother have pity on those in Minot and China, Thank You!

I'm trying to understand the logic of people throughout the world. They claim to have grave concerns about the future of their children but act in a self centered manner. For example:…


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Another Weekend Is Upon Us

Looks like another fine day, more hints of rain, Thanks Mother!

Yep another work week has come to an end with the close of business today. Some folks will do like me and vegitate for the duration. Some folks will do chores that are outstanding, some folks will pursue romantic inclinations. I guess I'm lucky in some respects, I'm…


Added by DarEpsilon on June 17, 2011 at 8:12am — 2 Comments

Spaghetti As Leftovers

A nice sunny and fairly warm day, Thanks Mother.

I am someone that loves Spaghetti, when it's freshly cooked. I pour plenny of crushed red pepper and parmesan on it and then it goes down with a salty mild burn, wunnerful! I make my own sauce using a variety of maters and spices and oibs. I usually eat until I can't down another…


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The Golden Calf

Tis another fine day today, with a hint of rain, Thanks Mother!

I've noticed that many Pagans are worried about the Christian radicals or as they put it Evangelists. I think that if they ever made a play to overtake our Constitutional rights as Americans it would be the end of them. I don't think there are many normal…


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