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Rewriting the Myths

It has long disturbed me after my conversion to paganism that such intolerance was being preached from pulpits all over the world. A message of labeling people who did not believe as they believed as evil, people to be avoided, shunned or worse.

But I feel now that we as pagans have an awesome responcibility and opporitunity to re-write all of the old myths about our people and our path. We can show through our works and our love who we really are a people. Paganism is growing…


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This path has helped me have courage struggling with my disability

The last month has been a diffucult one, and now I'm having to use a walker temporarily...but what that does to your mind. I know that if I had not been on this wonderous path and completly trusting in the love and care of the Lord and Lady...I don't know what I would have done.

I am disabled yes...but I'm fighting it every step of the way and with the love of the Gods I know I will win! It easy to become depressed...I think of the love in the goddesses eyes.

It's easy…


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Looking for pagan who live in or near lake city, in north florida

Just wanted to do a quick post to see if there are any pagans living in north florida who would like to meet and share fellowship. I would really like to meet other friends in the area who share our spiritual path. I am a writer of pagan fiction and am animated films so I have a lot of neat stuff going

Well everyone have a beautiful day...and be excellent to each other!



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Back after a long break

Hello my fellow pagan adventurers!

I have had some health challenges recently and I am overcoming them little by little and I just wanted to say hello to everyone and to say how much I missed my extended pagan brothers and sisters!

I will be posting now content and sharing a lot more!

I have also started up a new website and I would really appreciate your

It is a site that I hope will open the eyes of…


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Just grateful for Pagan Space

I just wanted to post how grateful I am to have a facebook alternative like PaganSpace. We all know I'm sure of the nonsense going on on fb. But here we may not all agree but we are like family and our opinions are accepted, argued about, but respected. I myself have made a commitment to post at least three times a week to just keep in touch with everyone and to be a member among members.

But it's all of us that make a guys rock!

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Just an uplifting post of gratitude...

When a person finds their path and knows that they have finally found it, that has got to be one of the most joyous days we can have...if we are wise enough to recognize what ofter comes in strange containers. 

In finding your path I personally am so excited that this is all very real...not make believe. THis post is a big thank you to someone who has shown me what true paganism is, and that is my friend Jack Clemmons. Instead…


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Time to slow down and take some down time

Well, I am very pleased to announce that our friends won their battle with city hall and will be allowed to 

stay in business. Now it is time to chill out and perhaps work on not getting so ready to charge off to battle quite so quickly. I find that I do best when I am centered and earthed and staying earthed is one of the biggest challenges to me that I face. I don't know if it is the writer in me or what but I have to learn to think before I pick up the sword..LOL! 

And as I…


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Over Reacting

Just had to leave an apology to Wolfie and say yes I did over react to your comment and hey lets both move on. Your comment was your opinion and as I said I respect it. There is always a cool down period I believe before we fire off that blog post, especially  if we are still kinda emotional about whatever our situation may be. I didn't use that little bit of wisdom as I was still very evidently in the throes of strong emotions about my firends and I expressed myself perhaps with a emotional…


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