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Old Dream

I have been thinking lately of a dream I had many many years ago, somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9 or so. I have been thinking about the abilities of my "dream self", the origins of those abilities, and their symbolic meaning.

The most "important" ability to me in the dreamworld is the ability to fly. This ability is what I'll yammer on about for a bit in this blog posting.

I've been able to fly in my dreams since I was a young child, beginning with the dream I will… Continue

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I do not have nightmares often. So rare are they that they are worthy of great note, for me.

Now, I have bizarre and strange dreams all the time, touching on aspects of horror and terror, though very few actually frighten me -- in most dreams, it seems to just be a normal part. "Oh, there's a pile of bones and ashes over there and ceramic spirit-eyes of the dead" sort of thing: accepted, understood, not terrifying.

But in my… Continue

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Firstly, this is my first blog post here. I do not upkeep blogs very well, so this may be a rare occurrence.

Today, I graduated college! Wahoo!! *Celebrates for a moment*

I have done exceedingly well in my studies (for some anonymity's sake, I will not divulge what they are beyond healthcare related and social work related), and graduated with honors, and an overall course percentage of 97%... rather impressive!

As well as being in a very celebratory mood, I feel I should… Continue

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