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Muslims and the rest of the world

Its sad that the people going on as representatives are saying that the Muslim community should not be the only ones trying to combat extremism. (Recent interview). 

I guess everyone tries to combat it in their own way. As Americans, we started the fight I guess, but it remains that the extremists have decided to kill anyone that isn't…


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Muslims and our response...

I'm quite sure my topic wont be popular with some.

Even though most terrorist threats aren't from Muslims, they get all the press. 

So here are some statistics for those interested. Let’s start with Europe. Want to guess what percent of the terrorist attacks there were committed by Muslims over the past five years? Wrong. That is, unless you said …


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What is it like being an empath?

Growing up in a messed up household, may be normal for many here. But growing up as an Empath in a messed up household is different. Christian parents sometimes can be just fine. Mine weren't that horrible, pretty good for the most part. But the Idea of Empathy is a kind of crazy idea for those parents. 

For those parents, there is nothing but regular kids, the voice of God and the Bible. Nothing else. Anything else is from the Devil, and not being normal is…


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Things I've learned from watching Star Trek

It might seem initially geeky or fan, but in reality not at all.

I found personally, doing a marathon of Next Generation therapy is amazing.

It can realign your priorities, put things back in perspective. 

The kind, wisdom of Pacard, the beauty of Troy's insights to humanity, The strength of Worf's warrior aspect, the logic of Data and the intelligence of Jordi combined makes you look at yourself, study who you are and you just feel like a better person after a…


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Luke #26 Pay for spiritual help

Saw a post on this, but it disappeared before I could post on it.

Charging for your talents; Maybe you haven't even thought about it, but it might be a big deal.

The occasional $5 bucks for a palm reading is fun. Amaze friends, learn more about what you have a talent for.

Normally in situations its not a big deal unless you make it your business.

The difference is that most that charge for it are those that are also con…


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Luke # 25 Does any religion have the right to claim reality?

All religions use some deity. That is what makes a religion. its part of our DNA. Every country and every time has numerous ideas of what God or Gods are. 

To a lot of us, we see this as just numerous ways to explain what we couldn't explain before. To explain our feelings, our ideas, our thoughts. 

Now with science, we know finally understand that our feelings are chemical. Our thoughts are chemical. pretty everything that we think or know is in the brain. Even when we die, a…


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Luke #25 Been There, Done That...

yeah, at 50 and a musician all my life, with parents that were religious, with all the ups and downs, been there. Done that. 

Just for fun I'll run down the been there done that parts.

I am distilling all this. Down to its most basic parts. I have lots of stories that you would love to hear, but this is about basics.

Been there? yeah. Seen all the states except for Alaska and Hawaii. Been to Mexico, farther south than most Americans. Lived in so…


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#23 Luke...All about music

Opinions from a Musician

Lots of things.

First we have to define what a musician is. Sad but true. 

A musician is someone that plays music. Someone that knows an instrument and can play an instrument.

Not a singer nor someone else that has any relationship to music. A musician does just that. Makes music, in the area that they make it themselves. Plays some instrument.

There is leeway in the fact you Can say you are in…


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Its Halloween! Luke #22

The scariest things that have ever happened in my life; Its Halloween...

The first one happened to me! When I was young, I lived in a house that had four different major things happen. The first was that every night or so, all the water in the house would come on in the middle of the night. I've heard the explanations about it being water tests, where the pressure would cause it, but not only does that blow out the…


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LUKE# 21 chat room etiquette and what a mod should be

The difference  between an asshole and a mod stepping in

Its really interesting how different sites have different ideas of who is a troll and how is just an ass, and how they keep trolls sometimes, other times keep assholes and who they decide to ban or not. 

This post has nothing to do with this site in particular, lets make that clear. Its a combination of all sites I have visited over the last 10 years. 

Some sites have a clear idea…


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LUKE#20 Marriage and Attraction

This one will surely ruffle many feathers.

Let me make it clear from the start that I understand not everyone fits this particular bill. Not everyone needs the same things to keep a marriage together. This is my response to a lot of questions women have asked me, friends and others. I can't speak for every guy but I can speak for a majority of them.

That said, yes, there is a larger number of men who cheat in America than…


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Luke#17 Addiction


As we all know, there are many types of addiction. Not posting as an authority on the subject or as a professional. Simply as a person who's been seen that way at times.

Many of you know that I am disabled. Degenerative disc disease which means it hits the lower back first and slowly takes all the…


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Luke #17 The shooting in Tombstone, AZ in the gunfight

Some guy in the fake gunfights shot someone with real bullets, and a bystander. Here's what you really need to know:

First, blanks used are black powder, not what is used in real bullets. They give off a lot of black smoke to make it look more real.

Second, That powder is thicker grained and if shot right at someone, causes permanent skin damage. That black powder embeds itself in your skin and you can never get it out. 

Third, every gunfighter in Tombstone goes…


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Luke #16 Trolls before 7pm

Very short post. 

If you find mostly trolls on a chat room, come in an hour or two later.

If that doesn't work, try coming in late at night. Trolls usually are too fried to stay up too late.

And ALWAYS tell them to go to hell, then ignore them after. Its the only way to get rid of them.

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Luke. Why have I started with my name on titles?

Simple. Too few people blog here. I want you to get to know me. My name is Luke. I am a student of religion and atheism both. I have degrees in sociology and Psychology along with a healthy dose of Lying. I have no degrees other than the one for basic HTML.

I love the way people interact and communicate. I have a higher IQ than the trolls on chat. I love to give them a hard time. 

I am starting to use my name on titles just to differentiate myself from other posters. That way,…


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Luke# 14 Magical Focus

A really short post about using candles, crystals and other forms of magical focus.

They are useful. Any learning path starts and unfortunately ends with believing in physical things to either focus, harness or contain magical ideas. The truth is that none of those exist except in the minds of the people that follow those paths.

The truth is that all the energy comes from you. No magic has any start without you. Your will.

People need objects to learn to focus…


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Social Consciousness

Do you have a social conscience?

Below is a test to help you determine if you have one.

1. Do you stop if someone needs help? Or are to in too much of a hurry that is doesn't matter to you?

2. Do you change lanes if there is a car disabled in the right lane? Its actually the law.

3. Do you cut people off in traffic?

4. Do you cut in lines? Do you feel…


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Cooking...Chef Vs Cooks

How do every day cooks differ from chefs?

That might seem tough for some people at first to see. Chefs are trained and we are not. But if you look closer you might find some real differences way beyond where they wen't to school.

French cooks use lighter portions and expect you to love the food and the chef for the taste, when most of us just want a good meal. They consider themselves artists and get mad if you ask for…


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What would I do if I won the Lottery?

Somethings we all ask ourselves!

What WOULD you do if you won the lottery?

I've had 50 years now to think about it. OK, until I hit about ten years old I really didn't think of it, but after seeing the world for so many years, I have thought about it and have…


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Grammar Nazis

Grammar Nazis

What's the big deal?

Here's the deal. Of course, no one is perfect and I make my share of mistakes in both spelling and grammar. The difference is that I wan't to learn both better. We used to have Ebonics. Some tried to have it taught in schools. To be honest, its just a form of slang. 

Some people couldn't care less…


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