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Zombie Apocalypse

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One More Day Til The Weekend

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Close My Eyes

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& You Know

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No Retreat

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Breathe Tit Out Resist Ms Mans Foe

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A Dead Pipers Formless Myth Is. A Raveling Hews Virtually No? Tearing Swain?

A Kill Now Has Set Hit Brute Coot Dint Tithes Is Tray Leg.

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Fifteens Troth Between Ogres It Age Nag End.

Than College Able Odd Yogi Faded Inferno.

Enroll Truth Enroll Truth Bide Well Miss Denim Fry.

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Do you call out to your god/goddess

during sex? Or do you go something like, "Oh God, Oh God, Jeeeszzzus!" If so, is this evidence that you on a subconscious level are still very much trapped in the religion of your childhood?

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Chaldeans are likely being sent to their deaths.

Chaldeans(Christians) have always faced discrimination in Iraq, they recently faced genocide at the hands of the DAESH. Our big wonderful federal government, that so many of you are so fond of, is currently rounding of Chaldeans to be sent back to Iraq. Some of these people have been in the US their entire lives and only speak English. They will be sent to a part of the world where they can be possibly beheaded, crucified, raped and sold into slavery.…


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A step back.

The site no longer has the allure it once had. The forum for all purposes seems dead. Real conversation is dead. For the most part, we're all speaking English, but, not speaking the same language. What I once found attractive here was the sharing of beliefs. I like to learn what makes other people tick and exchange for that, I share a bit of my beliefs/ experiences. It just isn't happening anymore and between, trying to get my album released, mundane job and family, I haven't the time to…


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Jerry Tucker runs Richard Spencer out of Convention

Libertarians (myself included) will defend your freedom of speech, association and your right to live the lifestyle of your choice. We will defend your right to sell your body, abuse your body, take stuff out, put stuff in and alter it however you like. We also, defend property rights. So, I'll defend your right to say stupid shit, if that is your inclination, however, you won't be saying it from my front porch and you won't be identifying yourself as a part of what I do. Because, I will…


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When Discussions Lack Integrity

Over the years I've enjoyed coming to the forums here and participating in the conversation. Sometimes, I'd find everyone agreeable and sometimes well, we don't. I usually left the discussion feeling that while I may still not agree, I have come to understand the perspective of the other side of the argument a little better.

The discussions aren't always civil, I wish they were, but, they aren't. However, that is not what this discussion is going to be about. Sometimes…


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A Business License Isn't What You Think

It has been shown to me that not everyone understands what a business license is and that is understandable, being most don't want the burden of being in business for themselves. First off, if you do want to be in business for yourself, check local laws. A business license does not come from the Feds and who is required to get a business license varies from state to state. For example, in my state, a service is subject to the state sales tax, therefore, in the state of GA I wasn't required…


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Advice needed on water logged laptop...

Alright, we had a dishwasher go out yesterday and water went all over the kitchen. It seeped through the floors and soaked my laptop. Yes, the laptop that contains the recordings of the album I've been working on for the last year and a half. Yes, the same recordings that I was getting ready to master and make available for downloads.

It has been 24 hours since and the laptop will power up, but, the screen isn't showing anything. I need to know two things: 1. Is there a way to trouble…


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My endorsement for the 2016 Presidential Election goes to...

Gary Johnson. Here is his issues page. He is running for the Libertarian nomination.…


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Agorist Strategies for Causing Social Change

I'm not an Agorist. I do have many views in common with them though. I vote, it is a part of my strategy for causing change, they consider that to be an endorsement of the system... Philosophical differences aside, I do think some of their strategies have merit.


Agorism Info.

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A Girl Named Isis

Mrs. Wheelerton sat in her office watching the clock. She had just finished getting the last loan set up and it was a very difficult one to get approved. She had gone the extra mile for this couple, who she felt would be perfect lindies and was elated when she got their approval. Of course, her satisfaction quickly turned to melancholy when she looked at the photograph of her son, John.

While John was alive, many would say she worshipped the ground he walked on if it wasn't…


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