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So school is finally over! I am done for the semester! whoo hoo:)

next semester I am taking 6 classes though, it's gonna be nuts!

I am starting Raw foods again tomorrow, so I am excited about that

And I am using hypnosis to help me get over my fear of driving and also to help with Seasonal Depression!

Working some Magic in my life..For sure:)

I will have a little more time to be online for the next week or so till I leave for Disneyland!… Continue

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My god I have been a slacky friend

I am so sorry to anyone that feels ignored by me! I just realized I had messages and blog comments and all sorts of things I never noticed before, that and I have been really bad about logging on this week. School was a little hectic, had a huge Algebra exam ( I did get a A though ) whoo hoo:)

Anyways I will try to get caught up soon, I usually do check my myspace daily in the morning, I dont always have time to email but I atleast get messages

so if you want to add… Continue

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New Moon to New Moon Fast

Well I broke my Samhain to Yule fast, so I restarted, and am doing a 30 day fast, from yesterday to Dec 9th

New moon to a New moon:)

I will write more as a I go:)

Kinda tired tonight, been working on computer stuff all day!

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Well I missed the bus to school today so I had all day to stay home and think and ponder and research things for my woman's investment club tonight and while doing so I found some interesting shit out and got totally reconnected to my dreams and I feel great!

So it was good to miss the bus...lmao

I am working on starting a Pagan Investment group, no pressure to join but it is a great way to start putting away a little something for your retirement..

it's 50.00 a… Continue

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Happy Samhain everyone!

I am doing a small private ritual alone tonight, just really a reconnection ritual, I feel fairly connected to the *something* right now, but I know how easily it is for me to slip too:)

It's been a pretty quiet time for me, as far as spirit activity and the veil being thin, no fun stories to report on or anything:)

I havn't a lot of psychic activity either come to think of it, but it's still a nice Samhain even if it is a bit quiet:)

Nothing wrong with… Continue

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