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Eastern versus Western and SAVED??? Religious versus Spiritual thoughts... in progress....

Saved???What is the difference if all is to be a path to enlightenment; where do the roads split into the fork. Why is there such discrepency with such nice and good fluffy morals and ideals... and then why are some exhalted over the others???

Was Mohamed Islamic? Was Jesus a Christian??? I was watching the History Channell this AM (their classroom show was so interesting) Eastern philosophies.

When Buddha was dying, some one asked him what… Continue

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From Midnight Espresso - Gift of an Affirmation....

Days Of Affirmation. Sending Love Ahead To Your Day. Upon waking, many people consider the coming day with trepidation. Because of the natural human tendency to focus on what we fear or dislike, it is easy to unwittingly send a message of unease into the future that negatively impacts the quality of your day. However, while our lives are busy and frequently replete with challenges, they are also rich with joy and experiences worth savoring. We can… Continue

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Wheel, (Post in Progress)

I always find this a useful tool for meditations, smudging, protection, guidance... it was curious today how many cultures use this as a tool, portal, device.

Posting from Bnet: (A friend had an experience that needed cleansing as did I around the same time; we always seem to be connected even though so new and far away; there are always thoughts or messages sent between that seem to hit… Continue

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