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So today I am working on my book of shadows...I've had one for a long time but I had made it with a simple three ring binder and labeled dividers inside, lined doesn't resonate with me! It doesn't feel like a book of shadows; it feels like a classroom binder. I want a nice thick leather one, with parchment paper only inside, that I can latch shut. However, they are all soooo expensive, I just can't afford it right now! I'm technically a single mom, I don't take advantage of my…


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Further Explanation....

Ok I have more room now to expand on my beliefs. I feel I fall under the Christian Witch catagory but I will normally just say I'm an ecclectic Wiccan. Here's why, true christians believe in Jesus Christ as their savior, I do not. I do not follow the christian bible. I do, however, believe there is only one God, and that we are made in his image.....which brings me to the Goddess....I believe in her too; I feel she is the feminine aspect of God. After all, if we are all made in his image…


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