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Wandering Around Blindly in My Spiritual World

It's been quite some time that I've been around this site. Partially because I had some massive life-changing drama going on last year at this time, which if you really need to know about it, just ask me, but in all honesty I'm trying to steer my life in more positive direction which means no more playing the victim card, which I have found out after intensive therapy, that was what I was doing. Because feeling sorry for oneself often is a crutch to not move forward, but rather dwell on the…


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While I Was Away From Here, THIS is WHAT Happened....

First of all let me start this post by saying, I have missed the interesting dialog around here and the group activity in the groups I am in. Second, I probably still won't be here that often, because this site causes my very old and very slow computer to act crazy due to all the graphics and the "technological upgrades" it's gone through since my last visit.

I'm finally on my own. I have joint custody with my children's father and for the most part I'm happy. I'm still trying to make…


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A Few Tips For Those of You Wanting to Go Back To School(After more than 20 years that is...)

First off, let me start by saying it can be done. It isn't easy, but it can be done.


I was so excited when I got accepted to school back January. It seemed like it took forever for the first day of school to arrive although it was merely weeks away. The first day came and I was a nervous wreck. I felt like I did the first day of high school...absolutely mortified.…


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For Those of You Who Feel "Stuck", Let Go Of Excuses

I want to share some wisdom of mine, that I've acquired(finally after 41 years on this planet) which can hopefully save someone from from making the mistakes I've made.


Anyone who has read my blogs or knows me personally knows that drama seemed to follow me around like a bad penny. If you want to listen to all my blathering on about my drama…


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My New Beginnings...A Happy Chapter of My Life :)

Inspirational Comments

~Magickal Graphics~



Good Morning to friends and passers-by!


I'm very excited about the new direction my life is taking. It's been a long time coming but I feel the winds of change…


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I've Been Away a While....So much (good) stuff going on...

Well, I started out my holiday week by coloring my hair. I cut a few inches off of it too and gave myself some bangs. I got tired of pulling my hair back into a bun and ponytail with tons of forehead showing LOLLL 



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HELP!!! How do I get followers on Any tips?

If anyone can help me out here, I'd appreciate it.

I recently revamped my baking blog and I want to find more followers. I've joined others blogs, commented and although I wasn't active the past couple months on my blog when I had time I did comment. I have two friends on my blog that I know and that's it. I've posted my blog on FB and a friend of mine even…


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So Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going(Good Question LOL)?

I first of all want to say that I absolutely love being on Paganspace and have met a lot of amazing people via discussions and personal messages over the course of time I have been here. Don't worry I am not going anywhere...yet...although I have seriously thought of deleting my account here. It's nothing "personal" so to speak in reference to the site, just more or less the thought that "too much of a good thing" isn't really a good… Continue

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Deities...A Figment of Our Imagination??

Doubt many people will read this. The way I feel right now don't really care if you do or don't. It's my blog, so if it doesn't appeal to you move on (please and thank you).

I've had the last brick fall upon my head for the week. I don't think I can handle much more. I am surely ready to snap…

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I Lost My Holiday Spirit

Dark Christmas Comments

Magickal Graphics

I lost my holiday spirit.

As I posted on a discussion I replied to I feel like Peter Pan when he lost his shadow. LOL Here's the thing. For the…

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This is a poem I wrote last year some time and I had it posted on my profile, but the graphics that went with it are no longer available and since I was re-doing my profile for the holidays(in the hopes my holiday spirit will be found, not happening thus far though folks...sadly enough) I figured I'll just post it in my blogs for future reference.… Continue

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My Baby Girl is SIX Today!!!!

My youngest child(and only daughter) turned six today. They grow up so fast. I remember when she was just a little itty bitty baby and now she's a "big girl".

Today I made her chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter on top. I was so bummed because we ran out of syrup for the big…

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Tough Love Really Sucks

I'm sure a lot of you who are parents can relate to this blog.

I have a son who in just a month will be 19. I love him with everything in me. I worry about him a lot as he lives back in the midwest and I am here in the desert valley of Nevada. When we moved here, as I was packing boxes I came…

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My Thoughts on Voting(After the Replies to My Last Post)

I was going to post a disclaimer at the beginning of my post the other day, actually I did post a disclaimer at the beginning of my post stating "I am in no way bashing those who choose not to vote, this is solely my opinion and others may not agree with it".

I'm thinking I should have kept…

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Why I'm Voting and What I Think of Not Voting

This video sums up probably the thoughts of most individuals who don't vote:

Yes, I love George Carlin may he RIP, however, the fact that he says he isn't responsible for who was put in office, quite the contrary, he didn't vote and he (and the thousands of others who didn't/don't vote) ARE responsible, because YOU DIDN'T VOTE. In a perfect world where EVERYONE would vote, perhaps we might have a better…

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He Tried to Kiss Me

I'm still laughing about this today.

I couldn't stop laughing last night. Let me explain....

I managed to get this house spotless. It was…

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Yay for Exercise!!!

Okay, so I'm glad I got the icky blog out of the way yesterday. I am feeling a little better today. I think that blog was a manifestation of hidden realities I needed to deal with. I can say "I don't want a man in my life" all I want to, but in the very core of my being, I know that isn't true. I know what I WANT, but do I really need a man??…


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When Everyone Else Is Happy...

Yes, I know I know....I make my own happiness, I make my own choices, it falls upon me to make myself at peace. Yet somehow there are road blocks all over my life's highway. I did that "daily tarot" on Facebook, got the hanged man. Read the description, couldn't believe it...stagnant. That's what it said. It also said "continue to move forward" and used the word "circumspection" I had to look that one up, not too proud to admit I need a… Continue

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I Survived Moving Week

Amazing I survived it.

I will try to remember as best I could how the week went, bits and pieces flow through my head, most of it was a nightmare, but I'll do my best to recapture the "fun" I had last week with this whole me lee' of moving madness.…

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Disconnecting for the Weekend....maybe longer? LOL

This blog post is mainly for my friends here, I'm finally getting to move the computer after all the drama of last week. I will be so lost without my puter, what will I do???LOLLL I'm unhooking it after I make this post.

Anyway, just wanted to wish all my friends (and anyone else who may happen to "stop by" and read this a lovely fall weekend. Don't know when or if I'll hook my puter up right away as I have no desk at the moment for it.

Was going…

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