I am who I am -he is who he is - end of story with the S word

This blog is dedicated to a few of my "favorites": Rev Blackheart, Rev Eric Fraize, Rev Bleach and Mizz Crowley among others who know who they are.

I get tired of saying it - I am not a Satanist. Never have been, never will be.
That being said, for some people online that automatically means I know nothing about Satanism. While arguable, I do not feel this is true. After you live with a Latino for a while, you learn how to speak Spanish. Comprende? Entiendo? Um... yo?

Now I have not one but two haunts on the internet. One who is still trying to misrepresent herself as me (Rev Setnakt has named her Mizz Looney Pine) and then we have the "suicidal Satanist." That is a misnomer in itself, but whatever.
Why do I work with Satanists? Let me offer this: I do not believe that the scientist who studies AIDS has to have AIDs to understand the disease in all its forms.
I do not believe that someone has had to have been an alcoholic to help alcoholics.
I do not think that a legal secretary has to have a law degree in order be able to do her job.
I do not think the gifted class teacher has to be gifted to teach a special class.
I do not think the Spanish history professor has to be Spanish or old, to teach effectively,
There is such a thing as the blind leading the blind. I would rather suggest a guide dog.

Now the issue is I have had the pleasure of being trained by three rather well known Satanists and one is now my husband. Why did I need to learn about Satanism? I can start by explaining it this way.
I am a Witch - I understand the forces of nature and why magic works. That being said I also understand the difference between the power of the media (LaVey) versus the power of the mind (Crowley) While both are very effective, I tend to go with the Crowley approach (though I am not an OTO or AA member) I am a Witch, it is as simply as that. My patron has been Anubis since I was a child, and anyone who knows me knows why.

I keep getting asked if this one or that one is a realio trulio Satanist. I accept these questions only to help people understand the philosophy and the beliefs. Working as personal assistant and high priestess to my high profile husband, I have had to learn a lot and I had to work with him a lot. I have had to be a bit more vocal and out there than I ever wanted to be. Recently, he and I were targeted in an anti-Ron Paul video on youtube as "Illuminati."
Sometimes you learn to laugh. It is certainly better than crying or getting anxious.

I will share with you ten commonalities of ALL Satanists that I know, have known and feel it is important to look at - and maybe one of the Revs that this is dedicated to, can help those who have further questions.

1. A Satanist has a healthy sense of self - that is healthy self esteem and not a falsely inflated ego.
This is seen in their approach with others, their own preservationist approaches to life, and willingness to accept responsibility for their actions, reactions and circumstances.
When I first met John, I called him "cocky, egotistical, and power hungry." That about says it all

2. A Satanist will always ask "Why not?" rather than "Why me?"
They already think it is all about them, and they never put themselves in the victim role.

3. A Satanist will rarely ask for advice, and will do anything to not appear desperate or needy.

4. A Satanist often will be willing to kill for their spouse, children and best friends. But will generally be unwilling to die just for someone else's cause.
As John said, and has been quoted so many times now "People ask me if I would die for my faith. I would. But I am far more interested in living for it which is much harder." A Satanist takes the philosophy with both hands and grabs without shame.

5.. A Satanist will not try to convert you - or try to sell you a laminated card to "make" you a member. Most often he or she will be quite happy being different than you are, and will remind you of this many a time.

6. A Satanist will take on few "students" to help get their lives in shape. You rarely will see a Satanist acting as a sheep or trying to be another Satanist's sheep or personal Jesus.
Again, they dont see the need to lead a sheep to a different bible.

7. A Satanist is not one to help just anyone. They will give a homeless man a sandwich rather than a dollar. They will encourage people to learn to love work, rather than shirk responsibility.If they see you as an attention whore, then that is the one thing they wont provide you with.

8. A Satanist is far from the wild sexual animal that people portray. He or she will love sex, but crave to have an equal partner. They will balance the thrill of debauchery with the idea of having someone who is equal to them in a relationship. Many Satanists are in healthy relationships with non-Satanists. Or let me rephrase, Many healthy Satanists are in healthy relationships with themselves and others.

9. A Satanist is active in his community, and successful in his/her career. Handouts, if gotten with cunning, are applauded. If are gotten out of pity, it is something not to publicize.

10. Sometimes the best Satanists are in your face, but many others you would never guess what their faith is, but you will wonder because they are successful on all planes and victorious on all playing fields, depending on the game, of course.

Now about author John DeVito:
I have gotten a few private IMs about John DeVito. I do not think that the book in any way cursed him, just as I do not think the Bell Jar cursed Sylvia Plath. However, the question remains in my mind as to whether the book did affect his marital relations at the time. When someone changes careers or writes something very controversial, it can affect what was a "normal" relationship.
I often keep his children in my thoughts.Please by the book and stop passing out a pdf on the net.
I think his children deserve to benefit from his legacy.
I think there has been enough chatter on how he died and what happened. .
To focus on his personal life is to only detract from the writing itself, which remains brilliant and original, not to mention thought provoking.
There are many books that I find amazing; that does not mean I believe in what is being offered.

I like Mark Twain too, by the way. I also like music by Rob Zombie... and Amy Grant.

When people continue to try to box you into a category, sometimes it is best to show them that you just don't fit (and we know what Johnny Cochran said)

Sometimes it's good to be the Bunny.

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Comment by Azael on October 16, 2008 at 1:02am
well said Bravo!

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